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Likely offspring based on death record (Other)
James McIlveen (born 1942)
Verified birth, marriage and death (Other)
William McIlveen (born 1908)
Alfred Alexander Munro McIlvenie (Portrait)
Alfred Alexander Munro McILVENIE (born 1918)
Mavis Mcilvenie (Portrait) Date: 1929 Location: Newcastle NSW
At William Downie and Mary McIlvenie's wedding.
Mavis McIlvenie (born 1913)
Geoff McIlvenie (Portrait)
Geoffrey Thomas McILVENIE (born 1929)
William McIlvenie and Matilda Newey Newey. (Portrait) Date: About 1909
Left to right.Laurence, Matilda holding Royal, William McIlvenie Senior, William Junior and Jessie.
Jessie Elizabeth Margaret Mcilvenie (born 1906)
William McIlvenie and Matilda Newey. (Portrait) Date: About 1909
Left to right.Laurence, Matilda holding Royal, William McIlvenie Senior, William Junior, Jessie.
Laurence McIlvenie (born 1905)
Royal Frank McIlvenie and Doris Knott's Wedding. (Portrait) Date: 1929 Location: Darlinghurst NSW
Royal Frank McIlvenie (born 1908)
Francis McIlveen (Headstone)
Concession 3, Lot 25 Hullett Township Huron County Municipality of Central Huron Section C
Francis McIlveen (born 1855)
Old Irish Flag (Portrait)
John R Mcilvenen (born 1800)
Cullybackey (Portrait) Date: 15 Dec 2013
John R Mcilvenen (born 1800)
Margaret and Stephen Ross (Other)
Margaret Ann McIlveen (born 1894)
Mabel O Weigand Social Secruity Card (Document)
Sadie May (Mabel O) McIlveene (born 1900)
Margaret Olive Mensch - 1974 (Portrait) Date: 1974 Location: Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA
Margaret Olive McIlveen (born 1917)
Marie and Anne Hynes (Portrait)
Anne Elizabeth McIlveen (born 1897)
Katherine McIlveen (Portrait)
Catherine Rose Mcilveen (born 1922)
Catherine McIlveen Bissonette (Portrait)
Katherine F McIlveen (born 1912)
Florence Premo 1956 (Other)
Florence Ellen McIlveen (born 1895)
McIlveen-Huffman (Portrait) Location: Orillia, Ontario, Canada
St Andrew's St James' Cemetery
Gilbert Forbes McIlveen (born 1888)
Lily Lind McIlvaney (Other) Date: 2/24/2016 8:51:48 Am
Lily Lind McIlvaney (born 1858)
Mary Susan McIlvaney (Other) Date: 8/2/2019 10:24:16 Am
Mary Susan McIlvaney (born 1862)
James McIlveen on the farm (Portrait)
from Effie Brown (his niece)'s scrapbook
James McIlveen (born 1869)
john mcilvanny (Document) Date: 25 Jan 1908
John McIlvaney (born 1908)
Madison Soldiers Indian Wars (Portrait)
Margaret Pamelia McIlveen (born 1811)
(32) Minnie Isabel Bryant (nee McIlveen) (Other)
Minnie Isabel McILVEEN (born 1879)
(34) Minnie Isabel Bryant (Nee McIlveen) 1956 (Other)
Minnie Isabel McILVEEN (born 1879)
(57) George Alwyn McIlveen (Other)
George Alwyn McILVEEN (born 1893)
(8) William McIlveen 3a (Portrait)
William McILVEEN (born 1850)
Perry Margaret Pamelia McIlveen Headstone (Other) Date: 4/18/2014 9:37:56 Am
Margaret Pamela McIlveen (born 1811)
McIlveen, James 1908 Birth Info (Other) Date: 3/26/2019 1:01:07 Pm
James McIlveen (born 1908)
Lorraine Holmes (Other)
Ada Lorraine McIlveen (born 1927)
Visit of Brigadier McIlveen (Other)
Daily Examiner (Grafton), 5 April 1944
Arthur William McIlveen (born 1886)
Garbraid Primary School (Portrait)
Jemima Craig McIlvennie (born 1934)
106 Maryhill rd 1934 (Portrait)
James McIlvennie (born 1845)
Charles Gibson McIlveen (Portrait)
picture my grandmother Jane Bell had on her side board of her brother Charles.
Charles Gibson McIlveen (born 1914)
War Memorial picture (Portrait) Location: Tower Hill London
Charles Gibson McIlveen (born 1914)
Mr (Other) Date: 3/2/15, 12:31:06 Pm
Malvin Olin McIlveene (born 1916)
ScotlandsPeople_D1858_622_01_0043Z (1) (Other)
Annie McIlvennie (born 1857)
ScotlandsPeople_D1907_479_00_0168Z (Other)
Mary Jane Mcilvanna (born 1874)
10351404_612886088823251_2891505161061864710_n (Other)
Jemima Craig McIlvennie (born 1934)
photo (Other)
Robert (Bob) Kane McIlveen (born 1915)
photo (Portrait)
Robert (Bob) Kane McIlveen (born 1915)
photo (Portrait)
Robert (Bob) Kane McIlveen (born 1915)
photo (Other)
Robert (Bob) Kane McIlveen (born 1915)
Samuel, John, Ellen and Emily (Portrait) Location: Ireland
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)
photo (Portrait)
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)
Samuel Patton McIlveen (Other) Date: About 1930 Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)
Canada Packers (Other) Date: 3 June, 1925 Location: St Boniface, Manitoba, Canada
Hec. McKinnon between railsSP McIlveen running pile driver in bottom of ditch by log piles putting in stakes for next pi...
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)
Samuel Ellen and Aunt Em (Portrait) Location: Killarney, Ireland
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)
Samuel and John? (Portrait)
Samuel Patton McIlveen (born 1885)