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Helen on L Jean and friend Joan Brown (Portrait)
This taken at the cottage in Victoria Harbour. Joan's Mother used to camp there every summer. Jean visited there and t...
Jean Esther McIlveen (born 1913)
Helen and Jean in their new fur coats (Portrait)
Jean Esther McIlveen (born 1913)
Grandma Crossen Wright And Grands (Portrait)
Jean at back Helen front R
Jean Esther McIlveen (born 1913)
Jean at the cottage (Portrait)
Jean Esther McIlveen (born 1913)
Helen and Jean (Portrait)
Jean Esther McIlveen (born 1913)
Bert mcIlveen at his beloved cottage about 1934 (Portrait)
William Bert Ethelbert Mcilveen (born 1880)
FrankMcIlvanna (Portrait)
Obit photo, 24 Jan 1989Former Principle, Collegelands Primary School
Francis "Frank" Mcilvanna (born 1930)
WGMc (Other)
Wilbert Guy McIlveen (born 1889)
WGMc (Other)
Wilbert Guy McIlveen (born 1889)
Mcilveen Mar 1907 (Portrait)
Marjorie Grace McILVEEN (born 1907)
PA Death Certificate for Lulu McIlvenny (Portrait)
Lulu Mcilvany (born 1882)
Mary Ethyl McIlveene Age 14 15 (Other)
Mary Ethel McIlveene (born 1889)
Leonard McIlveen Sarah Catherine Rushton McIlveene Bonnie Mary Ethyl Olin (Other)
John Leonard McIlveene (born 1869)
McIlveene (Other) Date: December 2009 Location: Campbell, Hunt, Texas
Doile Hampton McIlveene (born 1918)
Eliza McIlveen Harvey Beville Death Certificate 1932 (Document) Date: 13 Oct 1932 Location: Office of City Clerk, Lynn, Essex, Mass.
Elizabeth McIlveen (born 1851)
Sarah A. McIlveen (Other) Date: 26 Jun 1877 Location: Saint John, New Brunswick, Cananda
Saint John Globe
Sarah A. McIlveen (born 1850)
Charles Burton McIlvene (Portrait)
Charles Burton McIlvene
Charles Burton McIlvene (born 1896)
James McIlvenie and Margaret Munro (Portrait) Date: About 1879 Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Possible wedding photo taken by Turnbull and Sons Photographer, Jamaica St, Glasgow
James McIlvenie (born 1856)
Greta McIlvenie (Portrait)
Greta Edith McILVENIE (born 1924)
Mavis McIlvenie (Portrait)
Mavis McIlvenie (born 1913)
Raymond McIlvenie (Portrait) Date: 1967 Location: Cessnock NSW
At brother Jim's Wedding
Raymond Andrew McIlvenie (born 1926)
William & Sarah (McIlvenen) McLaughlin grave (Portrait)
Sarah McIlvenen (born 1822)
Death, Will Calendar Index (Portrait) Date: December 7, 1871
John Allen McIlveen (born 1782)
Last Will and Testament page 2 (Portrait)
Allen McIlveen (born 1824)
IMG_1445.JPG (Portrait) Location: Chico, Butte, California, USA
Bob McIlveen (born 1952)
IMG_1613.JPG (Portrait) Location: Chico, Butte, California, USA
Charles A McIlveen (born 1924)
JHBallinger_MEMcIlvena_Wedding (Other)
Charles Robert George McIlvena (born 1905)
IMG_8172.JPG (Portrait) Date: 6 Nov 2019
Charles A McIlveen (born 1924)
Mary Grace McIlveene late 1940s (Other)
Mary Grace McIlveene (born 1915)
Mary Grace McIlveene (Other)
Mary Grace McIlveene (born 1915)
John McIlveene and Eoline DeLoach her obit pic (Other)
John Hampton McIlveene (born 1890)
Android Photo (Portrait) Date: 27 Aug 2017
Joseph Mcilveen (born 1869)
FB_IMG_1551009314831 (Other)
Sarah Jane McIlveen (born 1883)
_20190727_002413 (Other)
John McIlveen (born 1877)
Marie Evangeline McIlvena (Other)
Marie Evangeline McIlvena (born 1919)
McIlveen Alexander & Margaret grave 2 (Portrait)
Grave for Alexander McIlveen 1826-1904 and Margaret McIlveen nee Mulligan 1926-1897-Inverell Cemetery NSW Australia. Pho...
Alexander McIlveen (born 1826)
Arthur W McIlveen P02727 (Portrait) Location: Australia War Memorial
ID number P02727.006 PhotographerUnknown- Place made Syria: North Syria Date made c1941 Portrait of Salvation Army Mi...
Arthur William McIlveen (born 1886)
William McIlvenie (Other) Date: 1923
Cessnock at his wedding to Violet Callaghan
William McIlvenie (born 1881)
John & Agnes McDowall (Other)
Agnes McIlveen (born 1898)
Grandma McIlveen (Other)
Douglas Mcilveen (born 1926)
McIlveen (Other)
Douglas Mcilveen (born 1926)
Uncle Richard (Other)
Richard Lee McIlveen (born 1951)
percy gladstone mcliveen (Other)
Percy Gladstone McIlveen (born 1889)
IMG_3839.JPG (Portrait) Date: 12 Apr 2017
Nathaniel Conway (Nat) McIlveen (born 1940)
IMG_3837.JPG (Portrait) Date: 12 Apr 2017
Nathaniel Conway (Nat) McIlveen (born 1940)
Esther McIlveen (Portrait)
Esther "Essie" McIlveen (born 1868)
1919 Mcilveen John McLean Annie 644_07_0053Z (Document)
John McIlveen (born 1888)
1901 Census Lambhill 622 01 001 L 021 (Document)
Elizabeth McIlveen (born 1887)
Marriage Record for James Cleland Edgar and Jane McIlveen (Document) Date: 14 Apr 1920 Location: Dundonald, Down, Northern Ireland
Jane McIlveen (born 1897)
Birth Record for James McIlveen, 1902 (Document) Date: 17 Sep 1902 Location: Comber, Down, Northern Ireland
James McIlveen (born 1902)