Collection Information

These collections are searchable by ship name. The records in New York Port, Ship Images, 1851-1891 are linked to some of the ship passenger lists on and can be searched by passenger name as well. Be aware that this database does not contain all of the names that are included in the passenger list collections; only those on ships that are linked to photographs are included.

Photographs add another dimension to our family history.

In this collection you may be able to find a photograph of the ship your ancestor took as he sailed to America. Some entries have descriptions of the ships as well, listing the type of ship, shipping line, builder, tonnage, dimensions, number of masts and funnels, ship history, and years in service.

Sample Images

Search Tips

  • Search by ship name, and be aware that you may get multiple ships with the same name. It will help to know when your ancestor sailed on the ship so you can locate the correct image.
  • These collections can also be browsed by date and ship name. When you browse you’ll be taken directly to the image. To get more descriptive information, go back to the search box and type in the name of the ship and then click on the name of the ship in the results.