Ireland, Casualties of WWI

If you have military ancestors who were born or lived in Ireland, and who died in WWI, searching our Ireland, Casualities of WWI collection can help you discover more about their lives.

The collection lists over 49,000 soldiers who died and is the only publication to bring all of these names together in one place.

What can I find in this collection?

When you search our Ireland, Casualties of WWI records, you can discover basic information, such as name, rank and regiment.

Many entries, however, contain a whole host of additional information such as age, how the soldier died and other facts.

When you view the original records, you will also be able to see decorations and artwork from the original volumes, which were designed by Irish artists like Harry Clarke, who was renowned for his work in stained glass.

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A brief history of Ireland’s Memorial Records

In the early 1920s, £5,000 of the National War Memorial funds were spent collecting the records of all those who had fallen in WWI and publishing them in Ireland’s Memorial Records.

Featuring artwork from some of Ireland’s best artists, Ireland, Casualties of WWI lists over 49,000 Irish soldiers who died, and is the only publication to bring all of these names together in one beautifully decorated and bound volume.

How do I search this collection?

As well as searching by personal information like name, date of birth or residence, you can also search by rank, regiment or regimental number. The more information you have, the more accurate your search results.


If you can’t find your ancestors here (or if you’ve made a match but want to discover more), you can search our other WWI records — like the British Army Pension Records, British Army Service Records or Medal Rolls Index. Or to look for family members closer to home, search the WWII British Army Roll of Honour and WWII British Army Prisoner of War Records.

What's my next step?

Once you find a match, save it to your family tree — that way you can easily share your discoveries with your family, and quickly find the historical record again later. You can then search other record collections to discover more about your military ancestors.

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