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Celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

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The Diamond Jubilee is the perfect time to celebrate your British family history. Our nation has a great and varied past, and every one of your ancestors played their part. We’ve collected together all our most important British records to help you discover their stories.

  • Census records

    Queen Victoria is the longest reigning British monarch, and the only previous one to enjoy a Diamond Jubilee. Follow our census records back through her reign, and discover how your family coped with its unprecedented changes. Start by searching for more recent relatives in the new 1911 Census.

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  • Occupation records

    Throughout history, Britain’s unsung heroes have been the millions of workers who laid the foundations of the nation. Find records of some our most crucial occupations, from the railway workers who made the Industrial Revolution possible, to the postmen who spread the word of change.

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  • Immigration records

    Many of Britain’s most emotive stories begin overseas. Discover the millions of arrivals who have combined to form our multicultural nation in our immigration records. Start your search for your family’s migrants in our UK Incoming Passenger Lists.

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  • Military records

    Millions of Britons have fought and died for their country as part of the Armed Forces. From the French Revolutionary Wars to both World Wars, remember their bravery with our military records. The service and medal records from World War I are the best place to start.

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  • Parish records

    Britain’s history goes back further than virtually any other nation. Trace your family’s story through the days of the Empire, the Civil War and even Tudor times with our oldest records. Use our map to find the records for your ancestors’ regions.

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