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Results for "zion"

Name: Wayne Milton Zion

Birth: 1916/09/14 Colorado

Death: 1987/01 Independence, Jackson, Missouri, United States of America

Father: John Milton Zion

Mother: Verna Melinda Willoughby

Name: Oscar Perlin Zion

Birth: 1879 , Wells, Indiana, USA

Death: 1957 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Thomas Jefferson Zion

Mother: Mary Adeline Ellsworth

Name: Jonathan ZION

Birth: 14 Jul 1814 Washington, Virginia, USA

Death: 30 Nov 1885 Sperry, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Father: Jacob Ceon Zion

Mother: Catherine Fleenor

Name: Anne Belle Zion

Birth: Mar 1855 Indiana

Death: Before 1930 California, USA

Father: John Perry ZION

Mother: Nancy Grismore

Name: George Zion

Birth: 9 Jul 1927 Lafayette, Allen, Indiana, USA

Death: 3 Oct 2009 Yoder, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: William Zion

Mother: Addie Lillian Middaugh

Name: Abraham D Zion

Birth: 26 JAN 1817 Lee Co, VA

Death: 25 Aug 1886 Pennington Gap, Lee, Virginia, United States

Father: John W Zion

Mother: Susannah Davis

Name: Joe Zion

Birth: 19 Nov 1922 Craig, Moffat, Colorado

Death: 29 Dec 1993 Winlock, Lewis, Washington, USA

Father: Perry Glenn Zion

Mother: Alta Louisa Hall

Name: Melvin Zion

Birth: 27 Jun 1929 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Jan 2011 Garnett Valley, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jacob Zion

Mother: Rose Kahn

Name: Cleo Zion

Birth: 15 Aug 1903 Matoy, I.T., (OK)

Death: 19 May 1982 Caney, Atoka, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Henry Wilson Zion

Mother: Ora M Matoy

Name: William Early Zion

Birth: 15 Aug 1872 Sherman, Grayson County, Texas

Death: 30 Nov 1955 Matoy, Bryan, Oklahoma, United States

Father: Harvey Zion

Mother: Mary Elmira Kirk

Name: Ralph Joseph Zion

Birth: 4 May 1890 Nebraska

Death: 1 JUL 1944 Independence, Jackson Co., MO

Father: Joseph Milton Zion

Mother: Anna Dorothy Sterett

Name: Susan R. Zion

Birth: abt 1835 Virginia

Death: 25 Mar 1921 Lee, Virginia, United States

Father: John W Zion

Mother: Susannah Davis

Name: Jacqualine Sue Zion

Birth: 22 Aug 1934 Allen County, Indiana, USA

Death: 21 September 1970 Catoosa, Georgia, USA

Father: Earl Jasper Zion

Mother: Velma Lovey Bumgardner

Name: Paul M ZION

Birth: 26 Dec 1904 Roanoke, Indiana

Death: 26 JAN 1942 of, Allen , Indiana, United States

Father: Perlin Oscar Zion

Mother: Thurza T Baker

Name: Earl Owen Zion

Birth: 21 May 1896 Indiana

Death: Jan 1981 Phoenix, Arizona

Father: Noah Edward Zion

Mother: Luetta Woods

Name: McCormic Zion

Birth: 22 Jan 1795 North Fork Holstein River, Washington, Virginia, USA

Death: 26 Dec 1863 Decatur City, Decatur, Iowa, United States

Father: John W Zion

Mother: Lucy McCormick

Name: Theordore L Zion

Birth: 18 Aug 1844 Indiana

Death: 05 Aug 1919 Lynn Haven, Bay, Florida, USA

Father: William Zion

Mother: Amelia Russell Sims

Name: Susannah Newhouse Zion

Birth: 16 SEP 1815 Lee Co., Virginia

Death: 16 Oct 1905 Jacktown, Delaware, Indiana, USA

Father: George Zion

Mother: Nancy R. Wallace

Name: Walter D Zion

Birth: 10 Mar 1930 Indiana

Death: 5 Jul 2004 Palos Heights, Cook, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Frederick Zion

Mother: Effie Alma HAMILTON ZION

Name: William Zion

Birth: 10 Mar 1916 Matoy, Bryan Co., OK

Death: 26 Feb 1986 Fort Morgan, Morgan, Colorado, United States

Father: William Early Zion

Mother: Ida Belle Boydston

Name: Ethel Minerva Zion

Birth: 14 Nov 1925 Fruita, Mesa, Colorado, United States

Death: 04 Sep 2007 Plattsmith, Nebraska

Father: Peter L Zion

Mother: Sophronia Jane Wilkinson Watson

Name: Anna ZION

Birth: 26 July 1893 Lamoni, Decatur, Iowa, United States

Death: 21 Jan 1972 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, United States

Father: Jonathan Adam Zion

Mother: Rachel Anna MILLSAP

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