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Results for "woulfe"

Name: Nellie Marie Woulfe

Birth: 28 Sep 1898 Listowel, Ireland

Death: 08 OCT 1964 Kansas City, Missouri

Father: Michael Kearney

Mother: Mary Ann McElligott

Name: Patrick J Woulfe

Birth: 1/28/1878 Ireland

Death: 1959 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Patrick Woulfe

Mother: Catherine Dillane

Name: Maurice Woulfe

Birth: 18 Dec 1909 Ireland

Death: 15 May 1951 Kansas City, Missouri

Father: Maurice Patrick Woulfe

Mother: Catherine "Kate" O'Sullivan

Name: Mary Catherine Woulfe

Birth: 12 Apr 1919 Kansas City, Missouri

Death: 05/07/2002 Leavenworth, Kansas

Father: Richard Joseph Woulfe

Mother: Ellie Maria Kearney

Name: James P Woulfe

Birth: 06 Jul 1885 Binghamton, New York, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1953 Binghamton, Broome, New York, USA

Father: John Woulfe

Mother: Bridget Lynch

Name: Helen Woulfe

Birth: Feb 1892 Maryland

Death: 15 Jun 1977 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Father: James J Woulfe

Mother: Johanna Roche

Name: Richard(Dick) Joseph Woulfe

Birth: 18 May 1928 St Paul, Dakota, Minnesota, USA

Death: 23 Dec 2009 White Bear Lake, MN

Father: Michael John Woulfe

Mother: Ethel Marie Schaffner

Name: Grace J. Woulfe

Birth: Jun 1894 Kansas

Death: 27 Apr 1971 Newton, Harvey, Kansas, United States

Father: William Woulfe

Mother: Belinda Catherine Johnson

Name: William Woulfe

Birth: 12 Nov 1881 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 29 Sep 1951 River Grove, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Wenzel Steinbach

Mother: Katherine Christoff Steinbach

Name: Thomas WOULFE

Birth: 23 Aug 1909 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Death: Feb 1972 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Patrick Henry Woulfe

Mother: Ellen Toolan

Name: Henry W Woulfe

Birth: 6 Oct 1902 Illinois, USA

Death: Dec 1971 Peoria, Peoria, Illinois, USA

Father: Patrick J. Woulfe

Mother: Bertha "Bridget" McGuire

Name: Mary M. Woulfe

Birth: 13 Nov 1912 Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Death: 1994 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Father: Francis "Frank" Woulfe

Mother: Mary A Byrnes

Name: James Woulfe

Birth: abt 1937 Minnesota

Death: 1999 Fort Collins, Larimer, Colorado, United States of America

Father: Patrick James Woulfe

Mother: Helen Myrtle Schwope

Name: Robert Arthur Woulfe

Birth: 4 Aug 1923 Rhode Island

Death: 4 May 1974 New Orleans, Louisiana

Father: Frank H Woulfe

Mother: Mary E Cunneen

Name: Thomas Anthony Woulfe

Birth: 22 AUG 1930 Harvey, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 13 January 2012 Jacksonville,, United States

Father: Joseph Leo Woulfe

Mother: Hendrika van Helsdingen

Name: Nora Mary Woulfe

Birth: Abt. 1906 Minnesota

Death: 2 Jul 2002 Hastings, Dakota, Minnesota

Father: Maurice Patrick Woulfe

Mother: Bridget O'Donnell

Name: Catherine Woulfe

Birth: abt 1908 Pennsylvania

Death: Mar 1981 Clifton Heights, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Patrick Joseph Woulfe

Mother: Bridget Delia Weir

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