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Name: Joseph Wools

Birth: Aug 1880 Indiana

Death: Jan 1941 Trinidad, Colorado, USA

Father: James Harvey Wools

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Wools

Name: Isador F Wools

Birth: 31 Mar 1886 Clay County, Indiana

Death: 25 AUG 1968 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Elijah Daniel Wools

Mother: Delaney Eckels Wools

Name: Fernando Curtis Wools

Birth: 29 NOV 1867 Posey Co, IN

Death: 7 Mar 1952 Seeleyville, Vigo Co, IN

Father: William Joshua Wools

Mother: Frances "Fanny" Burger

Name: Edmund WOOLS

Birth: 24 Jan 1815 Montgomery County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 18 November 1879 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: Daniel Wools

Mother: Elizabeth Butts

Name: John L Wools

Birth: 13 Jan 1893 Alexandria, Alexandria City, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 19 Feb 1964 Alexandria, Alexandria City, Virginia, USA

Father: Stephen Francis Woolls

Mother: Mary Jane McCuen

Name: Emma Wools

Birth: 1 MAY 1875 Clay County, Indiana

Death: 13 SEP 1933 Jackson, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: John Daniel Wools

Mother: Florinda Anne SHORT

Name: Thelma Wools

Birth: 1909 Kansas

Death: 06 Jun 1949 Topeka, Kansas

Father: Lawrence Ransom Wools

Mother: Iva Jane Carson

Name: Ruth Ellen WOOLS

Birth: 25 Feb 1896 Indiana

Death: 28 May 1975 Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana, United States

Father: Jacob Wools

Mother: Burrilla Emaline Bryan

Name: Frances "Edith" Wools

Birth: 3 August 1899 Clay County, Indiana, USA

Death: 24 August 1975 Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana, USA

Father: Cora Wools

Mother: Joanna Boyd

Name: Irmal Ruth Wools

Birth: 12 Feb 1919 Indiana, USA

Death: May 2008 Greenwood, Johnson, Indiana, USA

Father: Robert Woodruff

Mother: Carrie Ernestine Beck

Name: Melinda J Wools

Birth: 04 Jan 1852 Clay, Indiana, USA

Death: Mar 05, 1916 Clay County

Father: Edmond/Edmund Wools

Mother: Eliza Botts

Name: Amos Wools

Birth: 28 May 1820 Montgomery County, Kentucky, USA

Death: 19 Jun 1890 Posey, Clay, Indiana, United States

Father: Daniel Wools

Mother: Elizabeth Butts

Name: Rinaldo (Nick) Wools

Birth: 28 Dec 1876 Brazil, Clay, IN

Death: 02 Feb 1963 Dugger, Sullivan, Indiana, USA

Father: Elijah Daniel Wools

Mother: Delaney Eckels Wools

Name: Delores Wools

Birth: 12 JUL 1888 Green County, Indiana

Death: 14 Sep 1983 Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana, USA

Father: Elijah Daniel Wools

Mother: Delaney Eckels Wools

Name: Thomas D Wools

Birth: 10 JAN 1909 In.

Death: 18 FEB 1980 Jefferson, Greene Co., In.

Father: Homer Leslie Wools

Mother: Mabel Angeline Herron Wools Brooks Thomas

Name: Mary E Wools

Birth: 7 Aug 1854 OH, USA

Death: 27 Mar 1942 Rural, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: Franz Hirt

Mother: Mary Hirt

Name: LeeRoy Wools

Birth: 21 May 1876 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, USA

Death: 28 May 1951 Spokane, Spokane, Washington, USA

Father: Ransom Wools

Mother: Alice Goodin

Name: Ransom Wools

Birth: Oct 1846 Indiana, USA

Death: 4//9//1925 Virgil, Greenwood, Kansas, USA

Father: Amos Wools

Mother: Gilly Ann Wood

Name: Osa Garold Wools

Birth: February 13 1917 Greene County, Indiana

Death: 11 NOV 1996 Sullivan Twp., Sullivan, Indiana

Father: Rinaldo 'Nick' Wools

Mother: Vianna Borders

Name: Calvin Earl Wools

Birth: 26 August 1908 Linton, Indiana, USA

Death: 29 Apr 2003 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, USA

Father: Freeman Isador Wools

Mother: Anna Imo Norris

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