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Name: Walter Wolff

Birth: Abt. 1892 Wisconsin

Death: 23 Dec 1954 Clintonville, Waupaca, Wisconsin, USA

Father: William Wolff

Mother: Matilda P Pooch

Name: Revertje Wolff

Birth: abt 1872 Iowa

Death: 15 AUG 1945 Schoon's Hospital, Iowa

Father: Rewert Jakobs Wolff

Mother: Gretje Haien Hayenga

Name: Hugo WOLFF

Birth: 9 MAR 1893 Colgate, Wisconsin

Death: 8 FEB 1983 Grenada Hills, California

Father: Fredrick Wolff

Mother: Margaretha L. Lied

Name: Joseph F Wolff

Birth: 1890 Missouri

Death: 8 JUN 1968 Loose Creek, Osage, Missouri

Father: Heinrich Wolfe

Mother: Gertrude Krautz

Name: Donald Howard Wolff

Birth: 22 Aug 1930 Washington F, Missouri

Death: 19 Feb 1993 Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama, USA

Father: Rudolph L. Wolf

Mother: Pearl Violet Henderson

Name: Mary S. Wolff

Birth: 1 Jun 1917 Pine Grove, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 12 Jul 2002 Tremont, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Elmer Wolf

Mother: Mamie E Croll

Name: Edward A Wolff

Birth: 1881 Germany

Death: 1944 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Father: Carl Wolff

Mother: Emma Juhre (Yuhre)

Name: Phillip Truman Wolff

Birth: abt 1852 Preston, West Virginia, USA

Death: Oct 7 1897 Pittsboro, Chatham, North Carolina, United States

Father: Andrew Augustine Wolfe

Mother: Susannah Wolf

Name: William Wolff

Birth: 27 Dec 1874 Wentworth, Ontario, Canada

Death: 27 Jul 1940 Grayling, Crawford, Michigan

Father: Henry Wolffe

Mother: Julia Sophia Vale

Name: Edward A. Wolff

Birth: 9 December 1923 Meadow, Perkins, South Dakota, USA

Death: 11 December 2007 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA

Father: Edward Christ Wolff

Mother: Louise Seidel

Name: Philip Wolff

Birth: abt 1890 South Dakota

Death: 10 Aug 1949 Minidoka, ID

Father: Christian Wolff

Mother: Magdelena S Frey

Name: Lillian E. Wolff

Birth: 06 JAN 1903 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 14 NOV 1982 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Barnard/Bernard Wolff

Mother: Christina Rossmen Tormey

Name: Rosina Wolff

Birth: 4 August 1884 Odessa, Odes'ka, Ukraine

Death: 24 Feb 1959 Caldwell, Canyon, Idaho, USA

Father: Jakob Mathias Wolff

Mother: Karolina Trefz

Name: Robert Daniel Wolff

Birth: 24 Mar 1945 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana, USA

Death: 11 Jun 2007 Union, Boone, Kentucky, USA

Father: Robert Frederick Wolff

Mother: Mary Ethelreda Vessels

Name: Addie Matilda WOLFF

Birth: 25 Nov 1861 Racine, Meigs, Ohio, USA

Death: 03 Aug 1946 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, USA

Father: William Booth Wolfe

Mother: Nancy Inman

Name: John Christopher Wolff

Birth: 14 Sep 1843 Prussia

Death: 25 Oct 1913 Walkerton, St Joseph, Indiana, United States


Mother: Maria Bohnsack

Name: Fred W Wolff

Birth: 10 Jul 1878 Texas, United States

Death: 02 Jun 1951 Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas

Father: Gottlob Wolff

Mother: Rhoda Taylor

Name: stephan f wolff

Birth: 22 MAY 1859 Neurhede, Emsland, Lower Saxony, Germany

Death: 15 Mar 1927 Bridgeport, Wise County, Texas, USA

Father: August Wolff

Mother: Antonie Plasihke

Name: Miriam "May" WOLFF

Birth: Mar 1885 Washington, St Landry, Lousiana, USA

Death: 10 October 1968 East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, USA

Father: Leon Wolff

Mother: Lena Heymann

Name: Samuel W Wolff

Birth: 31 Mar 1898 Saint Louis, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Death: Apr 1969 Saint Louis, Saint Louis City, Missouri, USA

Father: Abraham Wolff

Mother: Adeline "Addie" Batavia

Name: Armand Thompson Wolff

Birth: 23 Jun 1899 Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Death: 1971/06/18 Waterbury,,Connecticut,USA

Father: Alfred Jules Wolff

Mother: Mary Ann Thompson

Name: John William Wolff

Birth: 29 Mar 1919 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 04 Nov 1955 Madison, Dane, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John Peter Wolff

Mother: Emma Mary Pyfferoen

Name: Christina Carolina Wolff

Birth: abt 1888 Ohio

Death: 3 Aug 1933 Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota

Father: George Wolf

Mother: Katharina RAUKOPF

Name: Martin Bernard Wolff

Birth: 20 Aug 1897 Fischbach, Bavaria, Germany

Death: 15 Sep 1968 Ft Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA

Father: Stephan F Wolff

Mother: Ernestine Marie Seidel

Name: Robert Wolff

Birth: 23 Mar 1914 New Mexico

Death: 12 December 2001 Burleson, Johnson, Texas, USA

Father: Fred Wolff

Mother: Elise Hermine Rodenburg

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