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Name: Margaret Anna Wolfe

Birth: 8 October 1870 Indiana

Death: 1957/06/22 Cass Co. Ind.

Father: George Isaac Wolf

Mother: Margaret Tolen

Name: Oka Wolfe

Birth: 30 Apr 1883 Bethel, Miami, Ohio, United States

Death: 15 Jul 1962 Long-Term Care Facilities

Father: Hanson Wolfe Wolff

Mother: Anna Hannah McAfee

Name: Cal M Wolfe

Birth: 24 Jun 1902 Madison, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1 Feb 1990 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Craig Wolfe

Mother: Grace Elizabeth Turner

Name: John A. Wolfe

Birth: abt 1830 New Jersey

Death: 12 Dec 1913 Mt. Olive, Morris, New Jersey

Father: Jacob Wolfe

Mother: Esther Sharp

Name: Fanklin Wolfe

Birth: 27 Feb 1915 Texas

Death: 28 May 1996 Navarro County, Texas, USA

Father: Pearl Calhoun Wolfe

Mother: Grace Lillian Hurst

Name: George Edward Wolfe

Birth: 4 Aug 1912 Harris County, Texas, USA

Death: 15 JUL 1985 Georgetown, Williamson, Texas, United States

Father: George Edward Wolfe

Mother: Carrie Lourena Yerkes

Name: Samuel Asbury WOLFE

Birth: abt 1857 Illinois

Death: 6 Jun 1930 West A - street

Father: William Huff Wolfe

Mother: Nancy Jane Taylor

Name: Chauncy Byron Wolfe

Birth: 20 May 1882 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Dec 1956 Ridgway, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Wesley Wolff

Mother: Lydia A KUNSELMAN

Name: John C. Wolfe

Birth: 22 Dec 1837 Hocking, Ohio, United States

Death: 7 MAY 1903 Hocking, Ohio, USA

Father: Frederick Wolf

Mother: Rebecca Chilcote

Name: William L Wolfe

Birth: 05 Nov 1872 Booneville, Clinton, PA

Death: 11 Jan 1925 Clinton County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel Wolfe

Mother: Sarah Anna Frank

Name: P Clifford Wolfe

Birth: 14 Feb 1880 Erie County, Pennsylvania

Death: 25 Oct 1955 Albion, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Wolfe

Mother: Catherine (Kate) O'Brien

Name: Lula Mae Wolfe

Birth: abt 1898 Virginia

Death: JUN 1985 Abingdon, Washington, Virginia, United States

Father: William Frank Wolfe

Mother: Laura Virginia Nunley

Name: Joseph H Wolfe

Birth: 25 Jun 1866 Ohio, United States

Death: 3 March 1931 Mercer, Highland County, Ohio, USA

Father: Russell Bigelow Wolfe

Mother: Melissa Ann Copen

Name: Walter Henry Wolfe

Birth: 17 Oct 1886 Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Death: 2 Nov 1972 Plant City, Hillsborough, Florida, USA

Father: George Wolf

Mother: Anna Sophia Moll

Name: Nola E Wolfe

Birth: November 6, 1872 North Carolina

Death: Feb 1974 Stillwater, Payne, Oklahoma, USA

Father: John Andrew Wolfe

Mother: Sarah Jane Hunter

Name: Henry Wolfe

Birth: Dec 1877 Galt, (Cambridge), Ontario, Canada

Death: 1971 waterloo co. ontario

Father: Paul Wolfe

Mother: Lenora Thoms

Name: Dalbert F Wolfe

Birth: 28 Feb 1862 Union City, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Death: 3 Feb 1922 Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

Father: Garrick Mallery Wolfe

Mother: Rebecca McGill Wolfe (w/o Mallory Wolfe 159)

Name: Almira Wolfe

Birth: 27 Dec 1868 Iowa, USA

Death: 03 Mar 1946 Frankville, Winneshiek, Iowa, USA

Father: Ammi W Smith

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Davis

Name: Daniel Wolfe

Birth: 06 Mar 1874 Indiana

Death: 29 Jun 1942 Attica, Fountain, Indiana, USA

Father: George Joshua Wolf

Mother: Mary Charlotte Leif

Name: John Robert Wolfe

Birth: 9 Aug 1933 Staten Island, Richmond, New York, United States

Death: 27 Jun 2002 Albany, Albany, New York, USA

Father: William F Wolfe

Mother: Mary Lee Russ

Name: Wm Wolfe

Birth: 2 Aug 1862 Armstrong, Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Dec 1941 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Daniel David Wolfe (s/o David Wolfe/Mary 'Polly' MNU)

Mother: Eliza Kilgore

Name: Charles A Wolfe

Birth: February 01, 1877 Streator, La Salle, Illinois

Death: October 26, 1925 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota

Father: Richard J. Woulfe

Mother: Catherine 'Kate' Maher

Name: Josephine Lamad Wolfe

Birth: Feb 1872 Fayette Co., PA

Death: 7 Jul 1950 Virginia, United States

Father: George W Wolfe

Mother: Martha Maria Winnett

Name: Dixie Wolfe

Birth: 1883 Hardy County, West Virginia

Death: 18 June 1952 Wardensville, Hardy, West Virginia

Father: George Washington Wolfe

Mother: Francelia Selia Whetzel

Name: Walter Baker Wolfe

Birth: abt 1835 New Jersey

Death: 26 Sep 1898 Burlington, Camden, New Jersey

Father: Daniel Riall Wolfe

Mother: Mary Schenck Logan

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