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Name: Emma x Wold

Birth: Apr 1872 St Olaf, Clayton, Iowa, United States

Death: 8 May 1950 St Olaf, Clayton, Iowa, United States

Father: Ole Wold

Mother: Karen (Carrie) Olson

Name: Obeline Tilford Wold

Birth: 7 October 1897 Mabel, Fillmore, Minnesota, USA

Death: 4 January 1980 Amery, Polk, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Ole Wold

Mother: Tilla Olsdatter Tollefsrud

Name: Mabel E. Wold

Birth: 1896 South Dakota

Death: 2 Feb 1969 Huron, Beadle, South Dakota, United States

Father: Johan Peter Wold

Mother: Sigri Spilde

Name: Andrew Albert Wold

Birth: 2 Jan 1859 Christiania, Norway

Death: 28 May 1946 Barron County, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Andreas Larsen

Mother: Karen Hansdatter

Name: Cora Wold

Birth: 7 May 1901 Minnesota

Death: 22 Nov 1992 Fillmore, Minnesota

Father: Ole Wold

Mother: Tilla Olsdatter Tollefsrud

Name: Dina Louise Wold

Birth: 27 February 1901 Baltic, Minnehaha, South Dakota, USA

Death: 24 July 1996 Dell Rapids, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, United States of America

Father: Ole Wold

Mother: Marit Brende

Name: John Wold

Birth: 29 Nov 1921 , , North Dakota, USA

Death: 5 Jan 2000 Salem, Marion, Oregon, USA

Father: Haakon Simonson Wold

Mother: Ingeborg Claudine Kristoffersen Wang

Name: Ole Wold

Birth: Mar 1859 Norway

Death: 12 Jul 1934 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Father: Ole Larsen Sölvhullet

Mother: Anne Olsdatter Egbraaten

Name: Andrew Wold

Birth: 31 Jan 1885 Washington

Death: 6 OCT 1972 Issaquah, King, Washington; Certificate: 025562

Father: Lars Arntsen Wold

Mother: Henriette Frederikke Walter

Name: Harold Julius Wold

Birth: 12 Dec 1907 Barron County, Wisconsin

Death: 27 Jan 1977 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Father: Mathias Wold

Mother: Marie Larson

Name: Herman H Wold

Birth: 29 May 1909 Wisconsin

Death: Dec 1980 Seattle, King, Washington, USA

Father: Henrik Wold

Mother: Aslaug Mia Knudtson

Name: Clara Ovidia Wold

Birth: 7 February 1896 Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 12 December 1986 Eau Claire, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Christian Wold

Mother: Marit Jonsdatter Rogneslien

Name: Archie C Wold

Birth: 30 Dec 1888 Iowa

Death: 4 Nov 1959 San Diego

Father: Andrew O Wold Wald

Mother: Clara Feraine Hanson

Name: Hans Hanson Wold

Birth: 22 Mar 1848 Levanger, Nord-Trondelag, Norway

Death: 6 Sep 1927 Prairie Farm, Barron, Wisconsin

Father: Bersvend Nilsen

Mother: Marit Wold

Name: Ingolf Wold

Birth: 30 Nov 1875 Trondhejm, Norway

Death: 30 March 1968 Hinckley, Pine County, Minnesota

Father: Nicolai Jonassen Wold

Mother: Grethe Pedersdr Hellem

Name: Andrew O Wold

Birth: 1831 Norway

Death: 1893 Barron, Barron, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Ole Andersen\Skagnes

Mother: Barbro Halvorsdatter\Tosseviken

Name: Ella Johnson Wold

Birth: 4 AUG 1861 Hesper, IA

Death: 15 MAR 1916 Highlandville, IA

Father: Jens Jensen Wold

Mother: Birthe Turine Myre Ellingsdatter

Name: Albert Wold

Birth: Sep 1888 North Dakota

Death: 26 Dec 1959 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Nels H. Wold

Mother: Ingeborg Trulsdatter Enderud (Andrew)

Name: Clifford Wold

Birth: 1917 Washington

Death: 7 Feb 1985 Everett, Snohomish, Washington, USA

Father: Jorgen Hans Wold

Mother: Clarra G Carlson

Name: Arthur Teleford Wold

Birth: abt 1915 Iowa

Death: 19 Jan 1995 Olmsted, Minnesota

Father: Theodore Johnson Wold

Mother: Anne Bassol

Name: Pearl Violet Wold

Birth: 31 Jan 1920 San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA

Death: 1/12/2012 Pittsburg, Contra Costa, California, USA

Father: John Alfred Wold

Mother: Anna C Copnik

Name: Louis C Wold

Birth: 06 Aug 1887 Michigan, USA

Death: Jun 1970 Biloxi, Harrison, Mississippi, USA

Father: Peter Wold (Kommandantvold)

Mother: Christofina Erickson

Name: Donald Edward Wold

Birth: 1 Jul 1914 Rochester, Olmsted Co, Minnesota

Death: 20 Aug 2003 Herndon, Fairfax Co, Virginia-buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Plot: Section 70-Site 422, Arlington, Arlington Co, Virginia

Father: Edward Wold

Mother: Edna Highland

Name: John J Wold

Birth: abt 1876 Russia

Death: 1927 Saskatchewan, Canada

Father: Franz Wald

Mother: Rosina Reiter

Name: Olga E Wold

Birth: 10 Jul 1904 Noble, Cass, ND

Death: 19 Jun 1986 Alameda

Father: Ole Evenson Wold

Mother: Clara Wold

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