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Name: Richard Winch

Birth: abt 1800 London, England

Death: 10 Oct 1873 Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Father: James Winch

Mother: Susannah Winch

Name: Lamanzo Rosco Winch

Birth: 5 Apr 1886 Minnesota

Death: 26 Apr 1961 Ramsey, Minnesota

Father: Moses Franklin Winch

Mother: Ellen Jane Schott

Name: Eva Myrtle Winch

Birth: 30 Jul 1912 Sterling, Blue Earth, Minnesota, USA

Death: 23 Jul 1991 Stearns County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Delbert B. Masters

Mother: Anna Marie Manke

Name: Susan Winch

Birth: January 1874 Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Death: Dec 1954 Luton Bedfordshire

Father: Thomas Winch


Name: Harvey Winch

Birth: abt 1879 Massachusetts, USA

Death: February 12, 1944 Templeton, Worcester, MA

Father: James Orville Winch

Mother: Amanda Ruthanna Winch

Name: Violia Winch

Birth: About 1854 Erie

Death: 1936 Atchison, Atchison, Kansas, USA

Father: Calvin Winch

Mother: Louisa Flood

Name: Webster D. Winch

Birth: Oct 1869 Ohio

Death: 20 Jun 1956 Ohio, United States

Father: Francis Friedrich Winch

Mother: Marietta Rider

Name: Washington E Winch

Birth: 26 Jun 1863 Elderslie Township, Bruce County

Death: 2 Mar 1913 Ontario, Canada

Father: Samuel Winch

Mother: Ann Williams

Name: Frederick WINCH

Birth: 11 Apr 1824 St Brides, London, England

Death: Jan 1892 Islington, London

Father: John Winch

Mother: Dinah Cambers

Name: Ruth Leta winch

Birth: 26 September 1912 Bloomingdale, Essex, New York, USA

Death: 6 January 2000 Queensbury, Warren County, New York, USA

Father: Oliver Wayland Winch

Mother: Leta Winch

Name: Claude Calvin Winch

Birth: 18 Jan 1929 Minnesota, United States

Death: 2000 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Father: Herbert Elmer Winch

Mother: Lottie Viola Garrison

Name: Winch

Birth: 1906 Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin, USA

Death: Nov 1963 Monroe, Florida, United States

Father: Samuel Howard Winch

Mother: Ruby Margaret Riggs

Name: Harriet W Winch

Birth: Dec 1870 Minnesota

Death: 9 Jan 1960 Pines, Washington, United States

Father: Asahel Winch

Mother: Elizabeth English

Name: John Wesley Winch

Birth: 7 Mar 1888 Fredericktown, Madison County, Missouri, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1954 Ste Genevieve, Sainte Genevieve, Missouri, USA

Father: George Adam Winch

Mother: Miss Pritchell

Name: Caroline Winch

Birth: 24 March 1844 Foulness Island, Rochford District, Essex, England

Death: 01 Nov 1920 Henry, Ohio, USA

Father: Isaiah Ducker

Mother: Elizabeth Fitch

Name: Carl F Winch

Birth: 4 Aug 1901 Roden, Saarlouis, Saarland, Deutschland

Death: Dez 1965 Broward, Florida, United States

Father: Nicolaus Wünsch

Mother: Barbara Weber

Name: Thomas {1729} WINCH

Birth: 1729 Stanford in the Vale Berkshire

Death: 1797 Stanford-in-The-Vale, Berkshire

Father: William Winch

Mother: Susanna New

Name: Thomas WINCH

Birth: 25 Sep 1632 Aston, Hertfordshire, , England

Death: Unknown Hertfordshire, England

Father: Robert WINCH


Name: Raymond Alphonse Winch

Birth: May 26, 1910 New York

Death: January 2, 1983 St Patrick Java Center NY

Father: Andrew Winch

Mother: Frances Marzolf

Name: Herman Lewis Winch

Birth: 1916 Oct 10 Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Death: 1985 Mar 31 Volusia County, Florida, USA

Father: Herman Louis Winch

Mother: Edith Varney Thompson

Name: Eugene Riggs Winch

Birth: May 15, 1936 Glascow, Montana

Death: January 2002 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Father: Eli Eugene Winch

Mother: Ella Groseth

Name: Winch

Birth: 6 April 1832 East Gwillimbury, York, Ontario, Canada

Death: 8 May 1917 Port Huron, St Clair, Michigan, USA

Father: Samuel Winch

Mother: Elizabeth Betsy Mountenay

Name: Williard E Winch

Birth: abt 1858 Indiana

Death: 8 Oct 1930 Glendale, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Calvin Joseph Winch

Mother: Phoebe C. Dorwin

Name: Ethel Mary Winch

Birth: Dec 1869 Lee, Kent, England

Death: 29 Jan 1953 Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, England

Father: Richard Winch

Mother: Rebecca Emily Payn

Name: Eleanora Winch

Birth: 14 July 1880 New York

Death: 04 Oct 1948 Sheldon, Wyoming Co, NY

Father: Martin L. WINCH

Mother: Magdalena Tharnish

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