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Name: Della (Swaantje) WIEGMANN

Birth: 2/11/1869 Ostfriesland, Germany

Death: 2//4//1959 Hancock,,MN,US

Father: Eilt Hinderks Wiegmanns

Mother: Janna Hinderks Bosma

Name: Matilda J Wiegmann

Birth: Nov 1863 Ohio

Death: 29 Dec 1943 ,Crawford,Ohio

Father: Johann Adam Lutz

Mother: Mary Ann Jacob

Name: Louisa Wiegmann

Birth: abt 1888 South Dakota

Death: 23 May 1975 Allison, Butler County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Henry Wiegman

Mother: Louise Reinking Botterbrodt

Name: Caroline Wilhelmine Wiegmann

Birth: 1 Oct 1853 Hoagland, Allen, Indiana, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1922 Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Christian Wiegmann

Mother: Elisabeth Lisette Hilcker

Name: William Wiegmann

Birth: Sep 30 1861 Allegheny (Northside, Pittsburgh)

Death: 3 Dec 1937 Avella, Independence Twp, Washington Co., Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Georg Ludwig Wiegmann

Mother: Marie Vegeler Voedecker Boedecker

Name: Blossom R Wiegmann

Birth: Mar 1881 Illinois

Death: 1955 Freeport, Stephenson, Illinois, United States

Father: John Phillips

Mother: Alma Fox

Name: Louisa Wiegmann

Birth: 26 Jun 1859 Westphalia, Germany

Death: 25 July 1931 Bristow, Butler, Iowa, United States

Father: Heinrich BOTTERBRODT

Mother: Sophie REINKING

Name: Minnie Wiegmann

Birth: Jul 1873 New York

Death: 9/17/1933 Lafayette, Dutchess County, New York, United States of America

Father: Henry Wiegmann

Mother: Sophia Fieler

Name: Minnie Wiegmann

Birth: 7 August 1888 White Lake, Aurora, South Dakota, USA

Death: 1969 Emmetsburg, Iowa. USA

Father: Conrad Carl Wiegmann

Mother: Wilhelmine Conradi

Name: Genevieve G Wiegmann

Birth: 09 Jan 1923 Cear Falls, Black Hawk, Iowa, USA

Death: 3 Feb 2014 Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA

Father: Louis Arthur GRASSLEY

Mother: Ruth Genevieve Corwin

Name: Louise Wiegmann

Birth: abt 1871 North Rhine-Westphalia, Minden-Lubbecke, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Death: 4 Jul 1948 Manhattan, New York, USA



Name: Elizabeth Wiegmann

Birth: 30 May 1898 Graettinger, Palo Alto, Iowa, USA

Death: 16 Nov 1990 Westminster, CA

Father: Conrad Carl Wiegmann

Mother: Wilhelmine Conradi

Name: Friedrick WIEGMANN

Birth: 1879 germany

Death: 22 Apr 1929 BEFORE 1930

Father: Diedrich Wiegmann

Mother: Caroline Emme

Name: Orville Alfred Wiegmann

Birth: 26 Nov 1899 Allen County, Indiana, USA

Death: 6 Apr 1962 Los Angeles County, California, USA

Father: Fredrick Henry Wiegmann

Mother: Mary C Bleeke

Name: Fred Wiegmann

Birth: 16 July 1870 Gasconade County, Missouri, United States of America

Death: 1 February 1933 Albion, Nebraska

Father: Fredrich Wiegmann

Mother: Dorothea Lee Bradehorst

Name: Henry W Wiegmann

Birth: 19 Sep 1875 Joliet, Will, Illinois, USA

Death: 16 Jan 1916 Will, Illinois

Father: Bernard G Wiegmann

Mother: Margaret M Eilers

Name: Harry C Wiegmann

Birth: 6 Feb 1916 Missouri

Death: 24 October 1996 Florissant, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

Father: Harry Edwin Wiegmann

Mother: Louise J Emde

Name: George Wiegmann

Birth: Dec 1883 Illinois

Death: Jul 1973 Fox Lake, Lake, Illinois, USA

Father: Friedrich Wiegman

Mother: Carolina Wiegmann

Name: Johann Wiegmann

Birth: 04 Nov 1824 Hannover

Death: 19 Feb 1884 Sinsinawa, Grant, Wisconsin, United States

Father: Johan Bernard Wiegmann

Mother: Maria Agnes Wöbkenberg (Wiechtmann)

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