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Name: Thinh Duc Vu

Birth: 10 May 1921 Nam Dinh, Republic of Vietnam

Death: 11 Nov 2002 Arlington, Arlington, Virginia, USA

Father: Thinh D Vu

Mother: Thon T Hoang

Name: Trang Thi Vu

Birth: Abt. 1896 Cự Đà, Thanh Oai, Hanoi, Vietnam

Death: 1 Feb 1980 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Father: Tuyen Van Vu

Mother: Sinh Thi Doan

Name: Mau Thi Vu

Birth: 1910 Thai Binh, Vietnam

Death: 25 Sep 2005 Vietnam

Father: Truc Khac Vu

Mother: Cuc Thi Vu

Name: Tu Vu

Birth: 28 Dec 1923 Vietnam

Death: 22 Aug 2009

Father: Hinh Duc Vu

Mother: Thin Thi Tran

Name: élise vu

Birth: 28 avril 1862 Raimbeaucourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Death: 14 octobre 1890 Raimbeaucourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Father: louis florimond vu

Mother: henriette begard

Name: louis florimond vu

Birth: 1 juin 1836 Raimbeaucourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Death: 22 mai 1877 Raimbeaucourt, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Father: louis auguste vu

Mother: angélique blondeau

Name: Steven vu

Birth: july 21 1962 ba ria, vietnam

Death: none None,

Father: Minh vu

Mother: thoa phi nguyen

Name: Dawn Vu

Birth: 10Jan1950 Vietnam

Death: 08Apr2015 Shawnee, Johnson, Kansas, USA

Father: Van Trinh Vu

Mother: Thi Thu Nguyen

Name: Hien thi Vu

Birth: 08 10 1943 Vietnam

Death: 08 01 1986 Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, USA

Father: Chang Vu

Mother: Dieu Thi Pham

Name: Ky Thi Vu

Birth: 1 Jan 1902 Hanoi, Vietnam

Death: Jul 1989 San Diego, CA

Father: Lieu D Vu

Mother: Lien T Vu

Name: Cuc Vu

Birth: 2 Jul 1919 Vietnam

Death: 7 Feb 1993 Houston, Harris, Texas, United States of America

Father: Chuc V Vu

Mother: Guot T Tran

Name: Hien Vu

Birth: 1911 Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Death: 2003 Ha Noi, Vietnam

Father: Tước Vũ

Mother: Sung Thị Tạ

Name: Vien dinh Vu

Birth: 1930 Vietnam

Death: 9/2011 USA

Father: Cu Vu

Mother: Hong Tran

Name: Stacy Wilson Vu

Birth: 30 Jul 1968 Houston, TX

Death: 18 Jul 2013 San Luis Obispo, CA

Father: Billy Wilson

Mother: Ann Karen Bailey

Name: Vong Vu

Birth: 1924 Vietnam

Death: February 28, 2013 Oregon

Father: Sang Vu

Mother: Hoa Pham

Name: Yua Yia Vu

Birth: Not Available Lao People's Democratic Republic

Death: 14 January 2005 Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Father: Blia Yang Vu

Mother: Chao Thao

Name: Thieu Van Vu

Birth: 8 Apr 1923 Vietnam

Death: 28 Oct 2004 California, USA

Father: Thi V Vu

Mother: Kiem T Nguyen

Name: Đức Lưỡng Vu

Birth: 1937 Bình, Giang, Hải Dương, Hai Duong, Vietnam

Death: 04 tháng 1 năm 1969 Bình Phước, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Father: Đức Lực Vu

Mother: Tuý Vu Thi

Name: Louis François VU

Birth: 3 MAR 1770 Raimbeaucourt,59,Nord,,FRANCE,

Death: Not Available

Father: Pierre Philippe VU

Mother: Marie Thérèse DAPVRIL

Name: Trieu Dinh Vu

Birth: 15 Jun 1915 Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Death: 16 Apr 2007 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Rien Vu

Mother: Ninh T Le

Name: Trinh Quoc Vu

Birth: 20 Apr 1920 Vietnam

Death: 15 Feb 1996 Fullerton, Orange, California, United States of America

Father: Phu V Vu

Mother: Lon T Nguyen

Name: Hoa Thien Vu

Birth: 5 Feb 1915 Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Death: 1 Nov 2009 Virginia Beach, Independent Cities, Virginia, USA

Father: Seng Vu

Mother: Shi Fane

Name: Van Chan VU

Birth: 22 SEP 1888 Phong-Tho Vietnam; - -; -; VIE; -; VIE; -; VIE; -; VIE; -; VIE

Death: 7 FEB 1981 Saigon; -; -

Father: Van Nhi VU

Mother: Private

Name: Augustino Te Vu

Birth: 29 Oct 1929 Kien An, Hai Phong, Vietnam

Death: 5 Mar 2019 Bethlehelm, Pennsylvania

Father: Private

Mother: Private

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