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Results for "vovk"

Name: Robert H VOVK

Birth: 1 Jan 1924 Ohio, United States

Death: 24 October 1987 Euclid, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Josep Vovk

Mother: Rose Jerse

Name: France Vovk

Birth: 10 Jan 1896 Sp Slivinica, Austria

Death: 28 May 1973 Sp Slivnica, Yugoslavia

Father: Franc Vovk

Mother: Ursula Janezic

Name: Lovrenc Vovk

Birth: 4 AUG 1885 Vrba

Death: .__.1962 ____

Father: Jožef Vovk

Mother: Maria Debeljak

Name: Franc Vovk

Birth: 7 Jun 1906 Glince 183, Podutik, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Death: 1998 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Father: Franc Vovk

Mother: Frančiška Kočar

Name: Ana Vovk

Birth: 22 OKT 1919 Gornje Brezovo

Death: 21 DEC 1992 Celje

Father: Jože Vouk

Mother: Neža Teraž

Name: Marija Vovk

Birth: 02.07.1830 Brda 4

Death: .__.____ ____

Father: Luka Volk

Mother: Katarina Prešeren

Name: Mina Vovk

Birth: 03 Dec 1767 Grad 46, Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia

Death: 10 Mar 1839 Rečica 29, Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia

Father: Matija Vovk

Mother: Maria Primožič

Name: Neža Vovk

Birth: .__.1843 Brda 4

Death: .__.____ Brda 4

Father: Luka Volk

Mother: Katarina Prešeren

Name: Justina Vovk

Birth: 23 SEP 1919 ____

Death: 2 JAN 2002 ____

Father: Lovrenc Vovk

Mother: Ivana Svetina

Name: Ivana Vovk

Birth: 10 May 1888 Češnjica 5, Železniki, Slovenia

Death: 19 Apr 1934

Father: Gašper Vovk

Mother: Maria Rant

Name: Franc Vovk

Birth: 17 Feb 1882 Ljubljana-Vič, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Death: 1919

Father: Anton Vovk

Mother: Jera(Mahkovic) Mahkovic

Name: Matija Vovk

Birth: 5 Mar 1841 Lesce 3, Radovljica, Slovenia

Death: Not Available Salzburg, Austria

Father: Anton Vovk

Mother: Agnes Vidic

Name: Helena Vovk

Birth: 04 May 1814 Črnivec 3, Brezje, Radovljica, Slovenia

Death: Not Available Breg 4, Radovljica, Slovenia

Father: Simon Vovk

Mother: Uršula Vovk

Name: Anton Vovk

Birth: 01 Jun 1792 Grad 46, Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia

Death: Not Available Grad, Bled, Radovljica, Slovenia

Father: Mihael Vovk

Mother: Helena Stroj

Name: Mina Marija Vovk

Birth: 23 Jan 1836 Vrba 1, Slovenia

Death: 3 Feb 1878 Mošnje

Father: Jožef Vovk

Mother: Mina Prešeren

Name: Katarina Vovk

Birth: 1828 Lesce 22, Radovljica, Slovenia

Death: Not Available Kapucinsko predmestje 13, Škofja Loka Slovenia

Father: Jožef Vovk

Mother: Mina Hrovat

Name: Frank vovk

Birth: Not Available Slovenia

Death: Not Available USA

Father: Janez VOVK (Slovenian for Wolf)

Mother: Neza Mede

Name: Utsula Vovk

Birth: 16 Oct 1840 Marijina vas 4, parish JurklošterYurkloster, Yugoslavia

Death: Not Available

Father: Mihael VOVK

Mother: Jera Sluga

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