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Results for "volk"

Name: Rosanna Volk

Birth: Sep 1852 Westfield, Clark, Illinois, United States

Death: After 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado

Father: Thomas W Darnall

Mother: Ann Johnson

Name: Ferdinand Sebastian Volk

Birth: 28 June 1870 Enochsburg, Franklin County, Indiana, United States of America

Death: 25 January 1952 Batesville, Ripley County, Indiana, United States of America

Father: Johannes Volk

Mother: Magdelina Fanny Aug

Name: Virgil J Volk

Birth: 19 August 1912 Oklahoma

Death: 8 August 2003 Eldorado, Butler, Kansas

Father: Frank Joseph Volk

Mother: Lucy Webster

Name: George Sebastian Volk

Birth: 10/1869 Germany

Death: 2/26/1924 Jackson, Jackson, Michigan, USA

Father: Philip Volk

Mother: Anna Beaury

Name: Matthew Volk

Birth: Jul 1885 Germany

Death: 20 Dec 1960 Lebanon, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Michael Volk

Mother: Theresa Volk

Name: Christianna Volk

Birth: 29 Dec 1831 New Jersey

Death: Feb 1912 New Jersey, USA

Father: John Volk

Mother: Rebecca Bennet

Name: Emma Volk

Birth: 10 Apr 1867 Marion Township, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Death: 24 Aug 1894 Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Peter Volk

Mother: Anna Elisabetha Fornof

Name: Bernadette Genevieve Volk

Birth: 2/10/1914 Minnesota

Death: 27 Jan 1996 St Paul, Dakota, Minnesota, USA

Father: Bernard Volk

Mother: Anna Clara Dussl

Name: Paul M Volk

Birth: 1899 Pennsylvania

Death: 6 MAR 1958 Charleroi, Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Leo Volk

Mother: Eva Virginia Hall

Name: Anna J. Volk

Birth: 1907 Pierce County, North Dakota, USA

Death: 26 Mar 1972 Rugby, Pierce, North Dakota, USA

Father: Johannes John Volk

Mother: Dorothy Lorenz


Birth: 13 Aug 1906 Minonk, Woodford, Illinois, USA

Death: 3 Aug 1949 Bloomigton, McClean, Illinois, USA

Father: Charles Volk

Mother: Maria Grebner

Name: Ralph Jacob Volk

Birth: 6 Dec 1902 Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Death: 02 Nov 1994 Jeanette, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Peter Volk

Mother: Elizabeth Raehouse

Name: Ruth Edith Volk

Birth: 10 Nov 1908 Manhattan, New York, USA

Death: 4 Nov 1980 Wichita Falls, Wichita, Texas, USA

Father: Abraham Volk

Mother: Elizabeth Leon

Name: Lillian Volk

Birth: 13 Mar 1924 Java, Walworth, South Dakota

Death: 15 Jul 2011 Linton, Emmons, North Dakota

Father: Fred C Wolff

Mother: Magdalena Goehring

Name: Rose Mary Volk

Birth: 27 Dec 1931 Monco, Ripley, Indiana, USA

Death: 15 Feb 2009 Batesville, Franklin, Indiana, USA

Father: Elmer C Volk

Mother: Vay Doyle

Name: Peter S Volk

Birth: 05.08.1908 McHenry, North Dakota, USA

Death: 11.05.1974 Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA

Father: George Jacob Volk

Mother: Veronica Bossert

Name: John Charles Volk

Birth: 7 Jul 1815 Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 16 Dec 1891 Philadelphia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: frederick volk

Mother: Catharina Friederica Zillinger

Name: Wilbert Volk

Birth: 13 Jan 1911 Dimock, Hutchinson, South Dakota, United States

Death: Sept. 21, 1983 Ethan, Davison, South Dakota, United States

Father: Frank Adam Volk

Mother: Clara Reinsbach

Name: Margaretha Volk

Birth: 24 Jun 1843 Elsass,Kutschurgan,South Russia

Death: 13 Jul 1931 Collyer, Trego, KS

Father: Mathias Volk

Mother: Margaretha Silbernagel

Name: Albert Jacob Volk

Birth: Mar 1859 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Death: 27 August 1923 Rochester, Monroe, New York

Father: jacob Volk

Mother: Maria Agnes Salzer

Name: Christ Volk

Birth: about 1903 Dayton, Ohio, USA

Death: about 1972 Dayton, Ohio, USA

Father: Conrad Volk

Mother: Kathryn Dessecker

Name: P Volk

Birth: abt 1904 New York

Death: March 1957 Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Father: Casper Volk

Mother: Elizabeth C Harter

Name: William Jerome Volk

Birth: 09 November 1895 , New York

Death: 08 February 1955 at home; Buffalo, Erie County New York

Father: Charles J Volk

Mother: Martha M Ward

Name: Amandos Volk

Birth: September 13, 1926 North Dakota

Death: 21 Mar 2016 Mandan North Dakota

Father: Elias Volk

Mother: Agnes Braun

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