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Name: Willie H Stine

Birth: abt 1908 West Virginia

Death: 16 March 1965 Montgomery, Fayette County, West Virginia, United States of America

Father: John Ralph Stine

Mother: Carrie Z. Halstead

Name: maud irene stine

Birth: Mar. 3, 1873 Evergreen, Montcalm, Michigan, United States

Death: 3 apr 1921 Wessington, Beadle, SD

Father: David L Stine

Mother: Almira A Dibble

Name: James R. Stine

Birth: abt 1868 Pennsylvania

Death: 08 OCT 1957 Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Father: George Washington Stein

Mother: Caroline Henry Rauch

Name: Daniel D. Stine

Birth: 1862 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 25 Dec 1957 Florida

Father: David Stine

Mother: Margaret Hamilton Bratton

Name: Abraham (Abrahm) Stine

Birth: abt 1842 Pennsylvania

Death: 8 Sept 1908 Bloomburg, Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George Stine

Mother: Sarah A Honabach*


Birth: 29 Aug 1898 26 Jul 1898 Alexander, North Carolina,

Death: 11 Apr 1975 Huntersville, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

Father: William W Stine

Mother: Sarah Ellen Palmer ( Stine )

Name: Sarah Stine

Birth: 26 Jan 1861 Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Feb 1938 Wilmerding, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Johann Stein

Mother: Dorothea Hensel

Name: Caroline Stine

Birth: 19 Jun 1864 Clarke County, Virginia, United States of America

Death: 21 Apr 1952 Shenandoah Caverns, Shenandoah, Virginia, USA

Father: Franklin Stine

Mother: Margaret Swartz

Name: David Henry Stine

Birth: 5 Mar 1856 Greenfield, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 19 Aug 1934 Greenfield, Blair, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: David Stine

Mother: Catherine Dively

Name: Sarah W. Stine

Birth: 1831 Ohio, USA

Death: 4 Feb.1921 Jefferson, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry Stine

Mother: Catherine Talkington

Name: John Ambrose STINE

Birth: Sept. 26, 1833 Montgomery, twp, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Aug. 13, 1916 Mercersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Jacob Luther Stine (Stone)

Mother: Nancy M Starliper

Name: Franklin Harry STINE

Birth: 12 Oct 1885 Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Feb 1964 Franklin Co Pennsylvania

Father: Edward E Stine

Mother: Anna Whitmore

Name: Elsie M Stine

Birth: 1884 Oregon

Death: 12 Jan 1966 Sonoma

Father: George Marcellus Stine

Mother: Rosa Ada Sweeney

Name: Charles M Stine

Birth: 26 Dec 1859 Ohio

Death: 16 May 1930 Perry, Ohio

Father: William D Stine

Mother: Nancy Kintz

Name: Addison Don Stine

Birth: 6 Jun 1892 Charlotte, Eaton, Michigan, USA

Death: JUN 1966 Jackson, Jackson, MI

Father: Henry James Stine

Mother: Mary A. Roe (aka-Rowe)

Name: Andrew Johnston Stine

Birth: 27 Aug 1866 Indiana County, Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Feb 1946 New Alexandria, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Andrew J. Stine

Mother: Elizabeth Jones

Name: Harriet Cazetta Stine

Birth: 3 October 1855 Fulton, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 22 September 1940 Madison, Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Jacob Stine

Mother: Margaret Jane Yingling

Name: Helen L Stine

Birth: 24 Mar 1919 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 04 Jan 1996 Dphne Baldwin Alabama

Father: Archie Frank Stine

Mother: Cynthia Iva Mundorff

Name: Ila May STINE

Birth: 9 Apr 1883 Saybrook, Illinois

Death: 24 FEB 1942 Harrison, Ohio

Father: James Monroe Stine

Mother: Margaret Jane Lemon

Name: Roscoe Stine

Birth: 25 Aug 1896 Shelby, Richland, Ohio, United States

Death: 3 Nov 1986 Ventura

Father: Isaac Monroe Stine

Mother: Ida Ann Miller

Name: Samuel Edward STINE

Birth: 24 Apr 1897 Montgomery Twp, Montgomery, PA

Death: 11 Aug 1979 Saint Patrick, Kent, OH

Father: Samuel Webster Stine

Mother: Mary Catharine Straley

Name: William F Stine

Birth: abt 1862 Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Oct 1942 Seneca County, Ohio

Father: John P. Stein

Mother: Elizabeth Croft

Name: John Stine

Birth: Apr 1840 Cayuga, Ohio, United States,

Death: 13 Jan 1905 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Leonard Henry Stine

Mother: Sylvia Ann Brown

Name: Matthew (Roy) Stine

Birth: abt 1902 Wisconsin

Death: 22 DEC 1981 Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Father: Mathias Stine

Mother: Nellie Mae Gibbs

Name: Vincent Dye Stine

Birth: 14 Dec 1844 Monroe, Ohio, USA

Death: 3 Nov 1891 Henrietta, Clay County, Texas

Father: Isaac Jacob Stine

Mother: Nancy Dye

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