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Name: Emma Sole

Birth: 1848 DISS Norfolk England

Death: Mar 1929 Smallburgh, Norfolk, England

Father: John Ellis

Mother: Rebecca Jolly

Name: Eliza Sole

Birth: abt 1829 Kelshall, Herefordshire, England

Death: July 1869 Royston, Hertfordshire, England

Father: Stephen Sole

Mother: Louisa Jayne Sole

Name: Emily Ann Sole

Birth: 1875 Orwell, Cambridgeshire, England

Death: 9 Aug 1942 Tottenham Hertfordshire, England

Father: Henry Sole

Mother: Sarah Pratt

Name: Clarence Sole

Birth: 13 Nov 1888 Earnshaw, West Virginia, United States

Death: 13 Nov 1964 Fairmont, Marion County, West Virginia

Father: George Washington Sole

Mother: Mary Murphy

Name: Justina Sole

Birth: 12 Sep 1865 Whitechapel, London, England

Death: 15 Jan 1953 Norbury, Surrey, England

Father: James Sole

Mother: Winifred Mary Devereux

Name: Melvin Alva Sole

Birth: 20 Oct 1889 Wetzel, West Virginia, USA

Death: 29 Jun 1989 Clearwater, Pinellas, Florida, USA

Father: James Oliver Sole

Mother: Annie M Cunningham

Name: Frederic Arthur Sole

Birth: 11 Jan 1875 Stodmarsh, Kent, England

Death: Dec 1960 Bridge, Kent, England

Father: Albert Sole

Mother: Louisa Daniels

Name: Goodman Sole

Birth: Apr 1850 Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England

Death: JUN 1926 Kelshall, Hertfordshire.

Father: John Sole

Mother: Eliza Ann Lawman

Name: Edward Sole

Birth: abt 1801 Herne, Kent, England

Death: 16 Dec 1890 Eastry, Kent- 2a 596

Father: William Sole

Mother: Sarah Holman

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Sole

Birth: 10 October 1870 Ohio

Death: 3 May 1938 Ohio, USA

Father: Isaac Sole

Mother: Marinda E. Shreves

Name: howard sole

Birth: 16 Oct 1898 Bethel, Monroe, Ohio, United States

Death: 1980 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Father: Jacob W Sole

Mother: Rebecca Miller

Name: Frederick Sole

Birth: January 1846 Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 1925 Royston, Hertfordshire, , England

Father: Stephen Sole

Mother: Louisa Jayne Sole

Name: Alfred Wise Sole

Birth: October 1857 Faversham, Kent, England

Death: Sep 1934 Blean, Kent, England

Father: William Sole

Mother: Catherine Wise

Name: Julia Ann Sole

Birth: Jun 1846 Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 27 Sep 1927 Royston Union, Cambridgeshire, , England

Father: Thomas Sole

Mother: Hester Esther Jones

Name: Hannah Sole

Birth: 5 Apr 1838 West Virginia, United States

Death: 5 Feb 1911 Hundred, Wetzel, West Virginia, United States

Father: Peter Sole

Mother: Sarah Church

Name: Ada Nadine Sole

Birth: 4 Aug 1882 Belton, Cass, Missouri

Death: 1 Jan 1951 Sacramento

Father: Luther Jefferson Willis

Mother: Bettie M Fitch

Name: Paul Sole

Birth: 20 Apr 1927 Sistersville, Tyler, West Virginia, USA

Death: 24 Nov 2003 Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA

Father: Grover Cleveland Sole

Mother: Helen Naomi Ice

Name: Michelle Sole

Birth: 20 Feb 1896 Borgetto, Italy

Death: 23 Feb 1991 Holiday, Pasco, Florida, United States of America

Father: Antonino Sole

Mother: Maria Conicotti

Name: Emily Ann Sole

Birth: 27 Nov 1867 Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England

Death: 14 AUG 1945 Lambeth, Greater London, England

Father: Thomas Sole

Mother: Julia Ann Jones

Name: Floyd L. Sole

Birth: 1897 West Virginia

Death: 24 Oct 1985 Middlebourne, Tyler, West Virginia, USA

Father: John Sole

Mother: Rebecca Bell

Name: Ruth Sole

Birth: 22 Sep 1851 Clinton, Ohio, United States

Death: 10 January 1903 Madison County, Iowa USA

Father: Eli Cox

Mother: Mary "Nancy" Mills

Name: Frederick Geo Sole

Birth: July 1894 England

Death: 8 September 1958 Fulton, Georgia, USA

Father: Frederick Sole

Mother: Sophia Case

Name: Sarah Jane Sole

Birth: abt 1813 Kelshall

Death: 31 May 1888 Ashwell, Hertfordshire, , England

Father: Richard Sole

Mother: Sarah Berry

Name: Joseph Sole

Birth: abt 1904 Italy

Death: 9 Dec 1962 New York, New York, USA

Father: Raffaele Sole

Mother: Anna Ferrigno

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