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Name: Helena “Lena” Sohl

Birth: 15 Mar 1858 Hördt, Germersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 8/20/1930 Lake Katrine, Ulster, New York, USA


Mother: Catharinam Adrian

Name: John Sohl

Birth: 9 Apr 1897 Charleston S C

Death: May 1968 Tampa, Hillsborough, Florida, United States of America

Father: Henry Sohl

Mother: Rebecca Maria Meyer

Name: Valentine Sohl

Birth: 2/22/1830 Herxheim-Landau Germany

Death: 23 Sep 1913 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States

Father: Johann Stephan Sohl

Mother: Helena Koch

Name: Marvin SOHL

Birth: 18 Sept 1922 Nebraska

Death: Nov 1985 Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: Roy Joseph Sohl

Mother: Olive Victoria Best

Name: Kenneth Sohl

Birth: 07 Feb 1908 Nebraska

Death: Jul 1981 Hooper, Dodge, Nebraska

Father: Amos John Sohl

Mother: Nora L Sohl

Name: Walter E SOHL

Birth: 2 Mar 1879 Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana, USA

Death: 6 Nov 1945 Noblesville, Hamilton, Indiana, USA

Father: Aaron John Sohl

Mother: Lydia Gascho

Name: Clara Sohl

Birth: 28 March 1915 Breckinridge, Garfield, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 14 March 2010 Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA

Father: Friedrich Sohl

Mother: Emilie Marie Heitfeld

Name: Walter H. Sohl

Birth: 22 AUG 1917 Breckinridge, OK

Death: 11 Jun 2002 Enid, Garfield, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Friedrich Sohl

Mother: Emilie Marie Heitfeld

Name: Hans Sohl

Birth: 5 Dec 1895 Leigh, Nebraska, USA

Death: 17 Apr 1933 Norfolk, Madison, Nebraska, USA

Father: Heinrich 'Henry' Sohl

Mother: Eva Ehlers

Name: William A Sohl

Birth: 15 Jun 1911 Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia, USA

Death: 30 January 1976 Capitola, Santa Cruz County, California, USA

Father: Gustave A Sohl

Mother: Cassie Ann Sparrow

Name: Roy Sohl

Birth: 1 April 1891 Ashland, Saunders, Nebraska, USA

Death: 1976 Lincoln County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Conrad Sohl

Mother: Katherine Donscheski

Name: James Sohl

Birth: 14 Dec 1829 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 June 1909 Berks Co PA

Father: John Sohl

Mother: Eleanora Fisher

Name: Dora "Doris" Sohl

Birth: 25 Dec 1878 Millard, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Death: 1929 Olathe Memorial cemetary, Kansas

Father: Conrad Sohl

Mother: Catherine (Katherine) Blumenauer

Name: Jacob Francis Sohl

Birth: 8 Sept. 1859 Hördt, Germersheim, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 23 Apr 1941 Livingston, Park, Montana, USA


Mother: Catharinam Adrian

Name: Mary Sohl

Birth: 02/27/1900 Richmond County, New York

Death: Aug 1970 Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey, United States

Father: John Frederick Sohl

Mother: Mary Isabella Burke

Name: Nora L Sohl

Birth: 2 May 1887 Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Death: 12 May 1962 Nebraska

Father: Peter Heinrich Lüninghöner

Mother: Anne Monke

Name: arthur sohl

Birth: abt 1888 Louisiana

Death: Aug 1970 New Orleans, Orleans, LA USA

Father: John Soehl

Mother: Josephine Elizabeth Lorentz

Name: Raymond C Sohl

Birth: 05 JUL 1890 Hammond, Lake County, IN

Death: 1944 Tampa

Father: Ernst William Sohl

Mother: Clara Aluria Irish

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