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Name: Lagarda E Sion

Birth: July 24 1919 North Collins, Erie, New York

Death: 10 Apr 2005 Springville, Erie, New York

Father: John Sion

Mother: Agatha L Spengler

Name: William M. Sion

Birth: abt 1863 Millard, Utah, USA

Death: 3 Nov 1928 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: Frederick Sion

Mother: Ellen Hill

Name: John Sion

Birth: Nov 7 1883 North Collins NY

Death: 19 Dec 1946 North Collins, Erie, New York

Father: John SION

Mother: Susanna Ahles

Name: Katherine Sion

Birth: 29 November 1901 St Landry, Louisiana, USA

Death: 25 September 1986 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Martin Sion

Mother: Coralie Saillant

Name: Mona Glay Sion

Birth: 12 Feb 1917 Perry, Oregon

Death: 18 Aug 1989 Tulare, Tulare, California, USA

Father: Raymond Arthur Sion

Mother: Anna Margaret Oswald

Name: John Nicholas Sion

Birth: 22 February 1908 Atchinson, Kansas

Death: 10 January 1963 Victoria, Victoria, Texas, USA

Father: Gerhard Sion

Mother: Sylvia Reichel

Name: Donald Wright Sion

Birth: 18 Jul 1937 Victoria, Texas

Death: 04/09/2011 Victoria, Victoria, Texas, United States of America

Father: John Nicholas Sion

Mother: Ellen Virginia Wright

Name: Antonio Sion

Birth: abt 1907 Rhode Island

Death: 5 Nov 1981 Cranston, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Vincenzo (James) Sion

Mother: Immacolata Ritacco

Name: Ethel L Sion

Birth: Oct 1899 Virginia, USA

Death: 14 Nov 1978 Salem, Marion, Oregon, USA

Father: William J Hyatt

Mother: Lucy Crumpler

Name: Max Sion

Birth: 03 Jan 1896 Solonika, Greece

Death: Oct 1969 Caldwell, Essex, New Jersey, USA

Father: Yakov (Jacob) Sion

Mother: Hanna Chanoch

Name: Lorraine Flora Sion

Birth: 28 Sep 1928 Seattle, Washington

Death: 6 May 1980 Eugene, Lane, Oregon, USA

Father: Leighton W Sion

Mother: Flora Louise Lewis

Name: Mordo Sion

Birth: 26 April 1911 Greece

Death: 6 June 1975 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Lee Sion

Mother: Flora Levy

Name: Katherine Sion

Birth: 29 Dec 1842 Walsdorf, Daun, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Death: 6 Dec 1914 Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois, USA

Father: Joannes Sion

Mother: (Marie) Catherine Hentges sion

Name: Elsie M Sion

Birth: Apr 1900 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Bet. 1911–1983

Father: Robert J Siar

Mother: Clara Elsie Gieselman


Birth: abt 1913 New York

Death: 13 Jul 1978 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Father: Leza Sion

Mother: Anna Abaluf (Allaluf)

Name: Cecelia Sion

Birth: abt 1889 Louisana, USA

Death: Oct 01, 1992 Little Rock (Pulaski) Arkansas

Father: Alexander Sion

Mother: Leocard Beol

Name: Alvin P Sion

Birth: 3 Mar 1917 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Death: 24 Apr 1980 Costa Mesa, Orange, California, USA

Father: Alvin Sion

Mother: Nellie Mae Turk Bradshaw

Name: Dora Sion

Birth: 1903 Greece

Death: Mar 1969 Bronx, Bronx, New York, USA

Father: Aaron Sion

Mother: Julia Levy

Name: S Sion

Birth: 1 Oct 1877 Jerjouah, Syria

Death: 30 Jul 1943 Shenandoah, Schuylkill, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Elias Sion

Mother: Mart Anna Sion

Name: Frederick Sion

Birth: Jul 1814 Croydon, Surrey, England

Death: September 13 1903

Father: Joseph Sion

Mother: Elizabeth Wickham

Name: Acher Sion

Birth: 22 Aug 1895 Salomitz??

Death: Feb 1983 Flushing, Queens, New York, United States of America

Father: Great Grandfather Sion

Mother: Great-Granmother Freiman

Name: Monica Sion

Birth: 5 Sep 1907 San Fernando, Philippines

Death: 2 Feb 1995 Gardena, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Timoteo D Guerrero

Mother: Dionisio M Amadeo

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