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Name: Mike A. Simone

Birth: 28 September 1923 Weir, Cherokee, Kansas, United States

Death: 25 June 2001 Pittsburg, Crawford County, Kansas, United States of America

Father: Ignazio Simone

Mother: Okla J Simone

Name: Rose Simone

Birth: abt 1892 Italy

Death: 1945 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA

Father: Seeo Seno

Mother: Lucia Perfilia

Name: Elisabetta Simone

Birth: 9 Mar 1882 Lapio, Avellino, Campania, Italy

Death: 1965 Boston, Massachusetts

Father: Giuseppe Simone

Mother: Conchetta Trodella

Name: Antionette Simone

Birth: abt 1895 New York

Death: 17 JAN 1971 Tucson, Pima Co, AZ

Father: Pasquale Simone

Mother: Rosa Funaro

Name: Frank L Simone

Birth: 1911 Cortlandt , Westchester, New York, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1995 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

Father: Francesco Simione

Mother: Carmela Amato

Name: Bernard Samuel Simone

Birth: 5/22/1935 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 4/12/2003 Naples, Collier, Florida, USA

Father: Samuel Albert Simone

Mother: Josephine Spearline


Birth: 6 May 1925 Coury Courey, Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Mar 2000 Nashville TN

Father: Alfonso SIMONE

Mother: Susie Simone

Name: Mary SIMONE

Birth: 10 OCT 1920 Mocanaqua, Luzerne, PA

Death: 28 SEP 2003 Wilkes-Barre, PA

Father: Michael Simone

Mother: Anna Catherine Racioppa

Name: Joseph Francis Simone

Birth: 6 Nov 1894 Santo Stefano, Italy

Death: 4 Mar 1966 Hallandale, Broward, Florida, United States

Father: Domnick Simone

Mother: Madaline Sunone

Name: Michael Joseph Simone

Birth: 11 Nov 1914 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Death: 28 Oct 1994 Silver Spring, Montgomery, Maryland, United States of America

Father: Domenico 'Dominick' Simone

Mother: Anella Palmer (Palma) Simone

Name: Priscilla Jean Simone

Birth: 4 Sep 1941 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 12 Aug 2018 Punta Gorda Beach, Charlotte, Florida, USA

Father: Alman Simone

Mother: Gertrude Henrietta Kane

Name: Dominico Simone

Birth: abt 1890 Rhode Island

Death: Mar 1966 Providence, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Father: Antonio Iasimone Simone

Mother: Teresa Arcieri Caggiano

Name: Joseph Simone

Birth: abt 1901 Italy

Death: 25 Mar 1967 Franklin, Southampton, Virginia, USA

Father: Felice DeSimone

Mother: Concetta Desimone

Name: Arther Simone

Birth: abt 1907 Illinois

Death: 03 Jan 1989 Fort Wayne, Allen, Indiana, USA

Father: Michele Simone

Mother: Maria Mary DePaola

Name: Joseph Presti Simone

Birth: 1 Nov 1876 Louisiana, USA

Death: 24 Jan 1971 New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana USA

Father: Salvatore Alfonso Prestisimone

Mother: Josephine Rizzo

Name: James Simone

Birth: 21 January 1929 Winnebago, Illinois, United States

Death: 27 Aug 2014 Zephyrhills, Pasco, Florida, USA

Father: James Lorenzo Simone

Mother: Darlene Anthony

Name: Thomas Simone

Birth: August 25, 1920 Pittsburgh, PA

Death: March 23, 2010 Boca Raton, FL

Father: Nicolo Simone

Mother: Rosaria Mangieri

Name: Carmen Michael Simone

Birth: 2 Nov 1897 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 31 august 1977 Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Pasqual Simone

Mother: Gaetana (Ida) Carbone

Name: James Simone

Birth: Oct. 4, 1930 St. Paul Minn. U.S.A.

Death: March 2008 Streamwood, Illinois, USA

Father: Vincenzo (James) Simone

Mother: Maria Parente


Birth: 15 Jun 1883 Italy

Death: 11 FEB 1937 New York USA

Father: Vito Rocco Simone

Mother: Maria Fanelli

Name: Louisa Charlotte simone

Birth: 28 Jul 1861 Saxony, German

Death: 01/1949 Oakland, Alameda, California, USA

Father: Jacob Simon

Mother: Maria Anna Simon

Name: Catherine B Simone

Birth: 1907 New York

Death: April 18, 1999 Springfield, Henry, Missouri, USA

Father: Antonio Vincent Simone

Mother: Victoria Maria Scorza

Name: Nicholas John Simone

Birth: 16 Mar 1925 New York, USA

Death: 28 Aug 2007 Iron Mountain, Dickinson, Michigan, USA

Father: Antonio Simone

Mother: Mary Bartilucci

Name: James P. Simone

Birth: 12 Apr 1919 Sunnyside Utah US

Death: 14 Oct 2008 Price, Carbon, Utah, USA

Father: Angelo Michele DeSimone

Mother: Angelina Degracia

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