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Name: Alexander Sigman

Birth: Sep 1864 Illinois

Death: 05 Jul 1911 Byesville, Guernsey, Ohio, USA

Father: Rawleigh "Rolla" Sigman

Mother: Susannah "Susan" Sines

Name: Lavere Lee Sigman

Birth: 10 Sept 1928 Texas County, Cass, Missouri SS # 498-28-2418

Death: 2 February 1994 Los Angeles

Father: Leonard Lee Sigman

Mother: Blanche Sigman

Name: Harvey Watson Sigman

Birth: 1 OCT 1881 Cambridge, Ohio

Death: 12 Jun 1970 Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio, United States

Father: Josiah Cyrus Sigman

Mother: Mary Catherine Wilson

Name: Hester Anna Sigman

Birth: Aug 1859 Missouri, USA

Death: 27 Sep 1885 Cooper County, Missouri, USA

Father: David Robertson

Mother: Mary Jane Berkly

Name: Susan M. Sigman

Birth: 18 Nov 1840 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Death: 17 June 1935 Mountville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Father: David Sigman

Mother: Susan Miller


Birth: September 17, 1922 Hancock County, Ga. Sparta

Death: 23 Jan 2006 Sparta, Hancock Co, Georgia-buried in Sparta Cemetery, Sparta, Hancock Co, Georgia

Father: Grover Middlebrooks Sigman

Mother: Ruth Colley Hight

Name: James Sylvester Sigman

Birth: 3 Jun 1851 Floyd Twsp., Warren Co., IL

Death: 01 Feb 1927 Ohiowa, Fillmore County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Isaac Sigman

Mother: Elizabeth Pratt

Name: Tate Marshall Sigman

Birth: 16 Jan 1894 Catawba, North Carolina

Death: 1 Mar 1977 Hickory, Catawba, North Carolina

Father: Maxwell Lafayette Sigmon

Mother: Alice Brown

Name: George MARCUS Sigman

Birth: 24 MAY 1864 Rockcastle, Kentucky, USA

Death: 22 Feb 1950 Rockcastle, Kentucky, USA

Father: Barnett Lafayette Sigmon

Mother: Elizabeth Berry

Name: Alma G Sigman

Birth: 31 May 1896 West Virginia

Death: Nov 1979 Nitro Kanawha County, West Virginia

Father: William D. Sigmon

Mother: Lenora Gibson

Name: Joel Sigman

Birth: 5 Apr 1816 North Carolina, Lincolnshire, England

Death: 18 Dec 1888 Elk Creek, Texas, Missouri, United States

Father: John Sigman

Mother: Catherine Trefenstat Sigman

Name: Lucinda Sigman

Birth: 1838 Guernsey, Ohio

Death: 1915 Warren, Illinois, United States

Father: Isaac Sigman


Name: Nora Sigman

Birth: Oct 1887 Texas, United States

Death: 9 May 1971 Corning, Clay, Arkansas, USA

Father: Joseph Brewer

Mother: Margaret V Looney

Name: Rolla Weldon Sigman

Birth: 20 Oct 1845 Cambridge, Guernsey County, Ohio

Death: 23 Jan 1915 Guernsey, Ohio

Father: William Sigman

Mother: Margaret LaFollette

Name: Donald E Sigman

Birth: 4 Mar 1931 Indiana

Death: 24 Apr 2000 Tippecanoe, Indiana, United States

Father: Raymond Mearl Sigman

Mother: Rowena Hazel Lucy

Name: William Blanton Sigman

Birth: 1 Dec 1886 Holly Springs, Marshall, Mississippi, USA

Death: 18 Sep 1918 Marshall County, Mississippi, USA

Father: Julius Algernon Sigmin

Mother: Virginia Lumpkin

Name: Oscar Sigman

Birth: 19 Jun 1891 Greenfield, Calhoun, Iowa, USA

Death: 25 September 1971 Minot, Ward, North Dakota, USA

Father: Caleb SIGMAN

Mother: Mary Francis SEGER

Name: William Sigman

Birth: 16 Nov 1889 Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA

Death: 24 Apr 1941 Kanawha County, West Virginia, USA

Father: Shields Floyd Sigmon

Mother: Margaret Harper

Name: James Sigman

Birth: 19 JUL 1817 Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio, United States

Death: 1900 Byesville,Guernsey Co.,OH

Father: Luke Sigman

Mother: Annabelle Margaret Arbuckle

Name: Mary Lydia Sigman

Birth: 15 Jun 1915 Texas

Death: 16 Apr 1997 Archer, Alachua, Florida, USA

Father: Robert Benton Anderson

Mother: Ada Mae Cathey

Name: Ural Manford Sigman

Birth: 26 Sep 1884 Texas, USA

Death: 1943 Clay, Texas, United States

Father: Hosea Sigman

Mother: Mary Linda Lattin (Welch)

Name: Irene Mattie Sigman

Birth: 19 Jul 1904 Bluefield, Tazewell, Virginia, USA

Death: 11 Jun 1972 Englewood, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: William Sigman

Mother: Laura Alice Deyerle

Name: Leonard Charles Sigman

Birth: 4 Sep1916 Kansas City, Platte, Missouri, USA

Death: 15 Jan2001 Cole Camp, Benton, Missouri, USA

Father: George Washington Sigman

Mother: Minnie Schneider

Name: Edith Evelyn Sigman

Birth: 30 Aug 1905 Goodwins Ferry, Giles, VA, USA

Death: Jul 1987 Clinton, Clinton, Iowa, USA

Father: Mathew James Sigmon

Mother: Dova Dean Vaught

Name: Melvin Sigman

Birth: May 1870 Locust Twp, Christian, Illinois

Death: 4 Aug 1940 Wasco

Father: Richard G Sigman

Mother: Mary (Sigman) Ward

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