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Name: Susanna Katharine Sell

Birth: 23 Aug 1909 Blair Co., Pennsylvania

Death: 25 Apr 2000 Altoona, Blair Co., Pa.

Father: Daniel Monroe Sell

Mother: Susannah Dilling

Name: Mary Ann Sell

Birth: 24 Sep 1858 At a farm near Klaar, Pa.

Death: 09 January 1940 Freedom Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania,United States of America

Father: Jonathan Joshua Benton

Mother: Elizabeth Claar / Benton

Name: Ann Sell

Birth: 23 March 1760 Blofield, Norfolk

Death: 1835 UK

Father: Thomas Sell

Mother: Susanna Sell

Name: Minerva Estel Sell

Birth: 20 Dec 1863 Randolph Co., Indiana

Death: 2 Dec 1919 Anderson, Madison, Indiana, USA

Father: George Washington Sell

Mother: Margaret Lambert

Name: Harry Craig Sell

Birth: 15 SEP 1885 Pennsylvania

Death: Aug 1949 Westmoreland, Co. Pa

Father: William Farren Sell

Mother: Effie Jane Craig

Name: Michael Sell

Birth: abt 1857 Germany

Death: 21 Mar 1891 Dunkirk, Chautauqua, New York, USA

Father: Friedrich Sell

Mother: Mary Krupdowski

Name: William T. Sell

Birth: 11/11/1920 Lincoln, Kewaunee, Wisconsin, United States

Death: 29 Aug 1997 Appleton, Outagamie, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Henry William Sell

Mother: Anna Hafeman

Name: Alma Mae Sell

Birth: 28 September 1915 Timken, Rush County, Kansas, USA

Death: 7 October 1993 Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

Father: Jacob Eugene Sell

Mother: Mayme Richter

Name: Conrad William SELL

Birth: 20 Nov 1841 Saxe, Weimar, Thueringen, Germany

Death: 11 Mar 1906 Winfield, Butler, Pa

Father: John Sell

Mother: Anna Martha Hartung

Name: Simon Corenelius Sell

Birth: 28 Jun 1851 Union City, Preston, West Virginia, USA

Death: 25 Apr 1920 Parsons, Tucker, West Virginia, USA

Father: Enos Sell

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Smith

Name: Simon O. Sell

Birth: 11 Mar 1873 Newry, Blair, Pennsylvania

Death: 7 September 1921 Johnstown, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Brice SELL

Mother: Elizabeth Ann Burns

Name: Franklin A. Sell

Birth: Jun 20, 1917 Milwaukee Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: Mar 27, 2002 Plover, Portage, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Arthur Sell

Mother: Hattie Van Altena

Name: Franklin Sell

Birth: 9/22/1914 Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 2/11/1995 Quakertown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Oscar O. Sell

Mother: Alice Salome Watts

Name: John Wesley Sell

Birth: 15 Dec 1867 Ohio, Indiana, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1945 Mo, Henry, Alabama, United States

Father: Isaac Newton Sell

Mother: Emaline McQueen

Name: Eliza Ruth Sell

Birth: 17 Jan 1878 Indiana

Death: 03 Dec 1938 Meyers Falls, Stevens, Washington

Father: Jacob Sell

Mother: Susan Evaline Agnew

Name: Nancy Nannie Sell

Birth: Nov 1892 East Taylor, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1976 East Wheatfield, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel G Selis


Name: Delores Sell

Birth: 04 MAY 1912 South Dakota

Death: 20 OCT 1993 Olympia, Thurston, Washington, USA

Father: John W Sell

Mother: Mathilde E Einrem

Name: william addison sell

Birth: 1886 Towanda, Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Death: 1938 Trenton, Mercer County, New Jersey

Father: Phaon Joseph Sell

Mother: Edith Estella Van Sice

Name: Arvilla Mae Sell

Birth: 6 Dec 1899 Martinsburg, Woodbury Blair, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: oct 8 1927 Blair County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Stephen Howard SELL

Mother: Barbara Ellen Metzker

Name: Jacob B Sell

Birth: 1867 Stark County, Ohio, USA

Death: 15 May 1930 East Canton, Stark, Ohio, USA

Father: Lewis Sell

Mother: Mary Gehman

Name: Orrin Walter Sell

Birth: 2 January 1921 Iowa

Death: 19 Sep 1976 Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa, USA

Father: Walter Frederick Sell

Mother: Edna Hazel Strong

Name: Morris Weidenhammer Sell

Birth: 17 May 1873 Richmond Twp., Berks Co., PA

Death: 1959 Berks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Reuben D Sell

Mother: Sarah S Weidenhamer

Name: Sarah Sell

Birth: 23 Jan 1871 Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Mar 1933 Armstrong Twp., Indiana Co., Pennsylvania, United States

Father: William Sell

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Buckley (Sell)

Name: Andrew Amos Sell

Birth: 1 January 1847 Jonesborough, Washington, Tennessee USA

Death: Mar 16 1916 , Washington, Tennessee (Virginia) USA

Father: Johnathan W. Sells

Mother: Rebecca Bond

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