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Name: Wiley Ponder Self

Birth: 14 Sep 1906 Fisher, Louisiana

Death: 20 May 1962 Lufkin, Angelina, Texas, USA

Father: James Charlie Self

Mother: Addie L Cook

Name: James P Self

Birth: Nov 23, 1882 Jefferson County, AL

Death: 8 Jan 1968 Morris, Jefferson, Alabama, United States of America

Father: John Wesley Self

Mother: Gemima Elizabeth Hall

Name: Thomas Self

Birth: 5 Feb 1870 Mississippi

Death: 15 Nov 1903 Louisiana, United States,

Father: James I Self

Mother: Matilda Elizabeth Largent

Name: Paul Thomas Self

Birth: 24 Nov 1953 Harris, Texas

Death: 20 Mar 2006 Cleveland, Liberty, Texas, USA

Father: Barney Paul Self

Mother: Bonnie Faye Casanover

Name: Pascal Ralph Self

Birth: 04/28/1914 Borie, Laramie, WY, USA

Death: 01/10/1993 Laramie, Albany, Wyoming, USA

Father: Francis Edward Self

Mother: Dorothea Ethel Partridge

Name: Belle Lisa Self

Birth: 1 December 1882 Franklin Co. Ohio

Death: 07/12/1979 Madison County Hospital, Ohio, USA

Father: Closson Self

Mother: Flora Rella Wheeler

Name: Musettia Self

Birth: 12 May 1875 Texas

Death: 16 Jun 1912 Richmond, Fort Bend, Texas, USA

Father: John Wesley Norcross

Mother: Anne Haseltina Alderman

Name: Carrie Myrtle Self

Birth: 15 Mar 1899 Fannin, Texas, USA

Death: 4 November 1974 Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas, USA

Father: John Henry Self

Mother: Sallie Jones

Name: Abraham Pickney Self

Birth: 28 Jan 1811 Rutherford, Tennessee, United States

Death: 4 Feb 1867 Fannin, Goliad, Texas, United States

Father: Melchezedec Self

Mother: Catherine Moore

Name: Annie Self

Birth: 8 Jun 1904 Roger Mills, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 30 Mar 1986 Fort Morgan, Morgan, Colorado, United States

Father: John Thomas Self

Mother: Maud Isabell Skaggs

Name: Margaret Self

Birth: 1878 Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA

Death: may 27, 1948 Anacoco, Vernon, Louisiana, USA

Father: Albert Clay Self,

Mother: Ceclia Dixon

Name: Arthur M Self

Birth: 17 Feb 1902 Sans Bois, Haskell, Oklahoma

Death: 29 Oct 1983 Sonoma

Father: James Franklin Self

Mother: Anna Susan Morse

Name: Charles J Self

Birth: 28 Mar 1881 Coquille, Coos, Oregon

Death: 1938 Butte County, California, United States of America

Father: Green Berry Self

Mother: Maggie N Bloom

Name: Mary E Self

Birth: 7 Sep 1913 Meriwether County, Georgia USA

Death: 1982 Columbus, Georgia USA

Father: Willis Columbus SELF Sr (1879-)

Mother: Ruby Frances Blakeley

Name: Otis Garland Self

Birth: 2 June 1904 Catoosa County, Georgia, USA

Death: 15 Jun 1974 McDonald, Bradley, Tennessee, USA

Father: William Franklin Self

Mother: Harriet Coleman

Name: Clarence "Eugene" Self

Birth: 29 Oct 1928 North Carolina

Death: 26 Oct. 2001 Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina, USA

Father: Clarence Clifton Self

Mother: Celia Champion

Name: Charles self

Birth: 15 Feb 1910 Forman, Grant County, West Virginia

Death: 18 September 1956 Ridgeley, Mineral County, West Virginia

Father: John Albertus Self

Mother: Rachel Ann Keplinger

Name: Lena Getrude Self

Birth: 1873 Alabama, USA

Death: 14 Jan 1936 San Saba, San Saba, Texas, United States

Father: Wightmon R Self

Mother: Barbara Alice Richards

Name: Clyde Elbert Self

Birth: 24 Jun 1910 Pike City, Pike, Arkansas, USA

Death: 24 Jan 1981 Englewood, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: James Michael Self

Mother: Charity Matilda Cox Self

Name: Lester Marvin Self

Birth: 16 March 1913 West Virginia

Death: 22 August 1985 West Virginia, USA

Father: John Thomas Self

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Shirk

Name: Charles Branson SELF

Birth: 3 Sep 1868 Georgia, United States

Death: 30 Apr 1953 Bradenton, Manatee, Florida, USA

Father: William Joseph SELF

Mother: ELIZABETH Jane Whitney

Name: John Harris Self

Birth: 10 Nov 1852 Elkhart, Elkhart, Indiana, United States

Death: 27 Nov 1922 Hillsdale, Vermillion, Indiana, United States

Father: Harris Kilm Self

Mother: Thirza A Shrigley

Name: James Self

Birth: 5 January 1883 Texas, USA

Death: 8 January 1963 USA

Father: Rollie Clack Self

Mother: Martha Adeline McRae

Name: Sophia Sofronia Self

Birth: 15 Feb 1887 Honey Grove, Fannin, Texas, USA

Death: 31 Jan 1962 Los Angeles

Father: Richard Francis Self

Mother: Samuella Brown Self

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