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Name: Jacob Schier

Birth: 1841 Zillingen, Lorraine, France

Death: 2 October 1900 Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada

Father: Jacob SCHIER

Mother: Elizabeth Marzloff

Name: William Schier

Birth: abt 1879 Wisconsin

Death: 4 November 1957 Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Ludwig Schier

Mother: Maria Kostlan

Name: Thelma Schier

Birth: Feb 13,1914 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Death: 2009 Lexington, Fayette, Kentucky, USA

Father: George H Schier

Mother: Anna E Schneider

Name: Kornelia Schier

Birth: 18 FEB 1850 Krabbendijke

Death: 1920 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: Huibrecht Schrier

Mother: Jannetje Van Houte

Name: Conrad George Schier

Birth: 31 Aug 1838 Delbrueck, Westphalen, Germany

Death: 26 Oct 1929 Lee, Iowa, USA

Father: Heinrich Schier

Mother: Anna Maria Rueting

Name: Mary Elizabeth Schier

Birth: 4 Apr 1899 Hackensack B, New Jersey

Death: Jan 1977 Alexandria, Virginia, USA

Father: Fredrich C. Schier

Mother: Sophie Elise Beckey

Name: Anna Angela Schier

Birth: 1821/04/10 Delbough, Germany

Death: 1896/03/25 West Point, IA

Father: Casp. Henrich Schiermeyer

Mother: Anna WITTLING

Name: Martha Schier

Birth: 31 Aug 1893 La Salle County, Illinois, USA

Death: 12 May 1990 Davenport, Scott, Iowa, USA

Father: Charles Schier

Mother: Marie Wrona

Name: Minna Louise Schier

Birth: 17 AUG 1862 Germany

Death: 4 AUG 1916 Vernon, Wilbarger County, Texas

Father: Wilhelm Schier

Mother: Christianne Wegner

Name: Bertha Schier

Birth: 18 Feb 1896 New York

Death: Sep 1983 Beacon, Dutchess, NY

Father: Conrad Schier

Mother: Harriet Lewis

Name: Joseph Schier

Birth: 26 MAR 1865 Zell-Merl, Kreis Cochem-Zell, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

Death: 1900 New York, USA

Father: Franz Schier

Mother: Catharina Andres

Name: Mary Schier

Birth: 1893 New York

Death: 29 Dec 1919 Batavia, Genesee, New York, USA

Father: PETER John SCHiER

Mother: Julia Halligan

Name: Henry Schier

Birth: abt 1888 Wisconsin

Death: 22 Dec 1947 Lynn, Clark, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John A Schier

Mother: Mary Lehrman

Name: John Schier

Birth: 3 Apr 1870 Illinois

Death: 15 Mar 1947 Oregon, Ogle County, Illinois, USA

Father: Opts Schier

Mother: Martje "Martha" Engelkes Schier

Name: Anna Mary Schier

Birth: 22 Mar 1871 Tell, Rheinprovinz, Prussia

Death: 22 January 1918 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Father: Emmerich Scheer

Mother: Anna Mary Jenkensen

Name: Dorris Ruth Schier

Birth: 22 Aug 1934 Austin, Texas, USA

Death: 12 Jan 2015 Bellville, Austin, Texas, USA

Father: Elmore Schier

Mother: Ruth Hood

Name: John Schier

Birth: 10 Dec 1882 Maryland

Death: 10 Jun 1939 Baltimore, Maryland

Father: George Schier

Mother: Catherine Ulrick

Name: Robert David Schier

Birth: 9 May 1888 Buffalo, Erie, New York, United States

Death: 5 Feb 1970 Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan, United States

Father: Ludwig Bries

Mother: Otillia T Schneider

Name: Augusta Schier

Birth: 4 JAN 1897 Texas, USA

Death: 3 November 1990 Taylor, Williamson County, Texas, United States of America

Father: Friedrich Schier

Mother: Auguste Dossmann

Name: George J Schier

Birth: 6 Apr 1894 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 13 Dec 1974 Miami, Florida, USA

Father: Abraham Schier

Mother: Sara Kern

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