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Name: Ellwin Salway

Birth: abt 1909 New York

Death: Jun 1981 Batavia, Genesee, New York, USA

Father: Sidney Salway

Mother: Harriett Angeline Schlick

Name: Jane Salway

Birth: 24 Sep 1840 Pitney, Langport, Somerset, England

Death: Mar 1915 Avon, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom



Name: Clement Salway

Birth: 1 Jun 1926 Pine Ridge, Oglala Lakota, South Dakota, USA

Death: 22 Nov 1991 Whitehall, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Theodore Salway

Mother: Winnie Janis

Name: Bert E. Salway

Birth: 3 JUN 1886 Jonesville, Hillsdale, Michigan, United States

Death: 13 March 1947 Jonesville, Hillsdale County, Michigan, USA

Father: Hugo Salway

Mother: Elizabeth Blewitt Salway

Name: Orville Salway

Birth: 23 October 1923 Whiteclay, Sheridan County, Nebraska, United States of America

Death: 10 Nov 2005 Keystone, South Dakota, USA

Father: William Theodore Salway

Mother: Winnie Janis

Name: Ernest Clifford Salway

Birth: 30 Jun 1898 Curry Rivel, Langport, Somerset, England

Death: 28 Apr 1980 Curry Rivel, Somerset, England

Father: Henry John Salway

Mother: Lucy Ann Millard

Name: Hannah Salway

Birth: abt 1853 Ottery, Devon, England

Death: Oct/Dec 1900 1652399, Somerset, England

Father: Benjaman Bakehouse

Mother: Mary Ann Mitchell

Name: William J Salway

Birth: Sep 1851 Taunton, Somerset

Death: Mar 1924 Taunton, Somerset, England

Father: John Salway

Mother: Emma Cook

Name: Stacy William Salway

Birth: 01 Jul 1918 South Dakota, United States

Death: 12Sep1968 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: William Theodore Salway

Mother: Winnie Janis

Name: Philip E Salway

Birth: 26 May 1878 Othery, Bridgwater area, Somerset, England

Death: 16 Jan 1978 Michigan, USA

Father: Edwin SALWAY

Mother: Virginia SPARKS

Name: isaac Salway

Birth: 1834 Somerset, England

Death: Jul 1905 London, United Kingdom

Father: James Salway

Mother: Mary Toleman

Name: Gertrude L Salway

Birth: 1910 New York

Death: Jun 1984 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA

Father: George Augustus Craig

Mother: Louise Pauline Ortman

Name: harriott Salway

Birth: Abt. 1837 North Curry, Somerset, England

Death: Apr 1909 Somerset, United Kingdom

Father: James Salway

Mother: Mary Toleman

Name: Samuel Salway

Birth: 21 Oct 1859 Russia

Death: 8 Jun 1923 Manhattan, New York

Father: Moses Salway

Mother: Minny Kaplan

Name: Nelson Rockford Salway

Birth: 16 Sep., 1935 Mesopotamia, Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Death: 28 MAY 2005 Cortland, Trumbull, Ohio, United States

Father: Charles Irwin Salway

Mother: Nina Belle Gardner

Name: Alice Salway

Birth: abt 1870 Langport, Somerset

Death: Mar 1968 Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

Father: Frederick Salway

Mother: Elizabeth Perriam

Name: John SALWAY

Birth: Apr 1872 West Chinnock, Somerset, England

Death: 2 Dec 1946 Yeovil, Somerset, England

Father: Job Salway

Mother: Jane Meecham

Name: Mary Ann Salway

Birth: 21 Apr 1859 Southleigh, Devon, England

Death: 01 Mar 1922 Kent, England

Father: Samuel Salway

Mother: Elizabeth 'Eliza' Griffiths

Name: Ernest Edwin SALWAY

Birth: 4 Nov 1874 Othery, Bridgwater area, Somerset, England

Death: 22 mar. 1964 Haileybury, Ontario, Canada

Father: Edwin SALWAY

Mother: Virginia SPARKS

Name: Lavina Salway

Birth: Nov 2, 1852 OH

Death: 27 Dec 1935 Dixon, Van Wert County, Ohio, USA

Father: Robert Myton

Mother: Rhoda Homan

Name: Adolphus Salway

Birth: 1869 Canada

Death: 29 May 1943 New Hampshire, United States of America

Father: Louis Saluet Salway

Mother: Clarissa E Houle

Name: James E Salway

Birth: 19 Apr 1898 Shannon Co, SD

Death: 22 June 1966 Edgemont, Fall River, South Dakota, United States of America

Father: Alexander Salway

Mother: Millie Saunders

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