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Name: Amelia "Emilie" RUDOLF

Birth: Jan 1863 Giessen, Giessen, Hessen, Germany

Death: 23 October 1930 Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Wilhelm Rudolf

Mother: Louise Buss

Name: Robert C Rudolf

Birth: Mar 1890 New York

Death: 3 Apr 1957 Sheridan, Sheridan, Wyoming, USA

Father: John Albert Rudolf

Mother: Jennie E. Taff

Name: Eda L Rudolf

Birth: 26 Apr 1876 Minnesota

Death: 23 Apr 1962 Waseca, Minnesota

Father: Carl Rudolph

Mother: Amelia Ernestina Krassin

Name: Mary A Rudolf

Birth: 26 Nov 1853 Wisconsin

Death: 8 November 1925 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Alexander Rudolf

Mother: Elizabeth Anne McAleavey

Name: Jeannette Rudolf

Birth: 19 Feb 1929 Wishek, McIntosh, North Dakota, USA

Death: 23 Jun 2009 Renton, King, Washington, USA

Father: Jacob (Krein) Rudolf

Mother: Anna (Annie) Eisenbeis

Name: Minnie L Rudolf

Birth: 6 SEP 1905 Palmer, Merrick, Nebraska

Death: 28 MAR 1990 Grand Island, Hall, Nebraska

Father: William Carl Rudolf

Mother: Anna Marie Muchow

Name: Louise "Lizzie" Rudolf

Birth: 28 Jul 1868 , , , Germany

Death: 13 May 1931 Merrick County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Friederich Wilhelm Rudolf

Mother: Henriette M Buss

Name: Charles R. Rudolf

Birth: 1880 Italy

Death: Oct 1973 Marcus Hook, Delaware, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Anthony Rudolf

Mother: Anna Crudo

Name: Elizabeth Rudolf

Birth: 26 Mar 1910 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: June 2, 1987 Akron, Summitt County, Ohio, USA

Father: George Rudolf

Mother: Elizabeth Weil, Rudolf

Name: Louise Rudolf

Birth: Jan. 10, 1866 Dearborn County, Indiana, USA

Death: 1925 Deaborn County, Indiana, United States

Father: John Frederick Rudolph

Mother: Florentine Maria Nölker

Name: William Eugene Rudolf

Birth: abt 1920 Iowa

Death: 05 Jul 2018 Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa, USA

Father: John Frederick Rudolf

Mother: Nancy Elizabeth Harrison

Name: Johann Michael Rudolf

Birth: 12 Jul 1808 Plobsheim, Arr. Erstein, Alsace, France

Death: 10 Mar 1892 St. Clair Co., Illinois

Father: Andreas Rudolf

Mother: Anna Maria Kapp

Name: Bertha Helen Rudolf

Birth: 29 May 1872 Leipzig, Sachsen, Germany

Death: 23 May 1952 Colorado City, Mitchell, Texas, USA

Father: Florian Rudolph

Mother: Hanna Noack

Name: George T Rudolf

Birth: 21 Jun 1903 Manchester Dist? (Alleg) Pa

Death: Aft. 1972 Pa ?

Father: Allen Roland Rudolph

Mother: Georgene Thompson

Name: Joseph F Rudolf

Birth: 18 Aug 1908 Oldenburg Indiana

Death: 23 OCT 1995 Melbourne, Brevard County, Florida

Father: Michael Rudolf

Mother: Josephine M Lamping

Name: Gardner William Rudolf

Birth: 27 Jul 1916 Pennsylvania

Death: 6 May 1998 Ellicott City, Howard County, Maryland, United States of America

Father: Paul Martin Rudolf

Mother: Sara McGowan Byers

Name: Sarah J. Rudolf

Birth: 15 February 1863 Wisconsin, United States of America

Death: 21 Oct 1916 Ellsworth Wisc

Father: Alexander Rudolf

Mother: Elizabeth Anne McAleavey

Name: Catherine Angela Rudolf

Birth: 23 Feb 1919 Lake, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 31 Dec 1991 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Joseph Andrew rudolf

Mother: Catherine Schladweiler

Name: Arthur RUDOLF

Birth: 3 FEB 1907 North Dakota, United States

Death: 25 Jul 1973 Eureka SD

Father: August L Rudolf

Mother: Elizabeth Maier

Name: John Rudolf

Birth: 28 Oct 1836 Alsace, France

Death: 12 Dec 1918 Ray twp, Franklin, Indiana

Father: George M Rudolf

Mother: Mary Elizabeth Mueller

Name: John Hieranym Rudolf

Birth: 3 Mar 1871 Oldenburg, Franklin, Indiana, USA

Death: 29 Apr 1932 Hamilton, Ohio, USA

Father: John Rudolf

Mother: Mary Volz

Name: Andreas G. Rudolf

Birth: 28 JUL 1905 McIntosh County, North Dakota USA

Death: 27 DEC 1950 Wishek, McIntosh County, North Dakota USA

Father: George Rudolf

Mother: Karoline Krein

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