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Results for "raber"

Name: Jos Raber

Birth: 22 Jul 1842 Switzerland

Death: 3 Feb 1912 Manzanita, Kitsap, Washington

Father: Joseph Raber

Mother: Anna Miller

Name: Marion RABER

Birth: 17 Oct 1919 Nescopeck Conyngham Tsp, Luzerne, PA, USA

Death: 23 Aug 1989 PA

Father: William Andrew RABER

Mother: Mary Rebecca Shadle

Name: Catherine M Raber

Birth: Jun 1874 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA

Death: 5 February 1953 Brooklyn, Buried in Holy Cross

Father: John/Johannes Raber

Mother: Christina Hendel

Name: Evelyn Betty Raber

Birth: 30 Jun 1908 San Franscisco, California

Death: 12 Aug 1974 San Jose, California

Father: John Leonard Raber

Mother: Mary Empire Rich

Name: Edith M Raber

Birth: May 1894 Iowa

Death: 1962 , Plymouth, Iowa, USA

Father: Frederick John Raber

Mother: Anna Barbara Reiser

Name: Chauncy Charles Raber

Birth: 09/27/1920 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 Mar 2002 Canton, Stark, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles Tilghman Raber

Mother: Sadie (Reber) Koch

Name: Silence J Raber

Birth: 17 OCT 1846 Marshall County, IN

Death: 5 DEC 1926 Mentone, Kosciuko County, Indiana

Father: Jacob Raber

Mother: Eliza Turner

Name: Marie E Raber

Birth: abt 1881 Illinois

Death: 1965 Kansas City, Mo

Father: Eli Martin Cress

Mother: Mahala L. Hinton

Name: Charles N. Raber

Birth: 24 November 1857 Illinois

Death: 8 June 1938 Keokuk, Lee County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Christian Raber

Mother: Barbara Lauterbach

Name: Nettie Hundt Raber

Birth: 30 June 1862 Franklin, Lee County, Iowa, USA

Death: 28 September 1908 Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa, USA

Father: Henry Hundt

Mother: Anna Heiser

Name: Louis Charles Raber

Birth: June 11, 1862 Sweetwine, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Death: May 17, 1944 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co. Ohio

Father: George S. Raber

Mother: Appolonia Riegler

Name: Le Roy RABER

Birth: 18 May 1892 Bancroft, Cuming, Nebraska, USA

Death: 25 Dec 1955 Randolph, Cedar, Nebraska, USA

Father: Daniel Raber

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Blankenship

Name: Franklin Lex Raber

Birth: 12 Jun 1896 Campbell, Franklin, Nebraska, USA

Death: 02 Nov 1957 Iowa, USA

Father: George Clinton Raber

Mother: Mary THORNTON

Name: Patricia Ann Raber

Birth: 12 Oct 1930 Danbury, Woodbury, Iowa, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1993 Ames, Story, Iowa, USA

Father: Harold Godfrey Raber

Mother: Edith Esmerelda Towers (Raber)(Kelter)

Name: ADAMISSA Raber

Birth: MAR 14 1875 NEWSIDE ( NEFF'S ) PA.

Death: OCT 18 1957 ALLENTOWN, PA.

Father: Amandus Raber


Name: Agnes Louise Raber

Birth: 14 January 1926 Altoona, PA

Death: 02 Feb 2007 Durham, Durham, North Carolina, USA

Father: George Dewey Raber

Mother: Agnes Ellen Little

Name: Virginia May Raber

Birth: 04 Mar 1890 Harrisville, Ritchie Co, WV

Death: 27 Sep 1978 Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio, USA

Father: Jacob Raber

Mother: Sarah Rebecca Gardner

Name: Norman Dayton Raber

Birth: 3 Sep 1872 Green, Summit, Ohio

Death: 13 Sep 1957 Trumbull, Ohio, United States

Father: Henry Raber

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Benner

Name: Cora Raver Raber

Birth: abt 1890 Indiana

Death: 10/8/1962 Wells County, Indiana, USA

Father: John Raber

Mother: Maria Lucabaugh

Name: Clarence A Raber


Death: 20 may 1971 chewelah, wa.

Father: John Raber

Mother: Sylvia Mae Boundinier

Name: Arnold Raber

Birth: 3 Oct 1888 Washington

Death: 19 DEC 1985 Poulsbo, WA

Father: Joseph Henry Raber

Mother: Catherine Marie Backus

Name: Louisa Raber

Birth: 4 March 1859 Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio, USA

Death: 17 December 1941 Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio, USA

Father: Samuel Raber

Mother: Mary Weber

Name: Ida S Raber

Birth: 18 Jan 1900 Baltic, Tuscarawas, Ohio, USA

Death: 13 Jan 1949 Charm, OH

Father: Samuel J Raber

Mother: Elmina Miller

Name: Martin Sneft Raber

Birth: 2 September 1883 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 5 December 1918 York County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Martin Raber

Mother: Catherine Senft

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