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Results for "quintana"

Name: Altagracia Quintana

Birth: Mar 5, 1891 New Mexico Territory, USA

Death: December 1976 Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, United States

Father: Jesus Maria Quintana

Mother: Maria Martinez

Name: Domingo Quintana

Birth: abt 1889 New Mexico

Death: 27 May 1943 New Mexico

Father: Albino Quintana

Mother: Maria Filomena Gallegos

Name: Carmelita S Quintana

Birth: 1888 New Mexico

Death: 1935 Bernalillo, Sandoval, New Mexico, USA

Father: Ezequiel Guiterrez Sandoval

Mother: Victoriana Encinias

Name: Carmen Quintana

Birth: Aug 1870 New Mexico

Death: 5/23/1930 Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Father: Manuel Quintana

Mother: Guadalupe Vigil

Name: Jose Luciano Quintana

Birth: Jun 1865 San Miguel County, New Mexico, USA

Death: 6 Jan 1926 New Mexico

Father: José Fernando Quintana

Mother: María Gertrudis Martín

Name: Elvira Quintana

Birth: 12 Apr 1899 Antonito, Mogote County, Colorado, USA

Death: 18 Dec 1928 San Antonio, Colorado, USA

Father: Apolonio Quintana

Mother: Maria Garcia

Name: Eloy Quintana

Birth: 9 Nov 1918 New Mexico, USA

Death: 22 September 2009 New Mexico, USA

Father: Jose Presentacion Quintana

Mother: Delfina Lujan

Name: Marta Quintana

Birth: 1 Jan 1885 Colton, San Bernardino, California, United States

Death: 4 Jun 1945 San Bernardino

Father: Jose Gregorio Quintana

Mother: Maria Guarduno

Name: Jose Quintana

Birth: 1871 New Mexico, United States

Death: 1948 Wagon Mound , Mora, New Mexico, USA

Father: Jose David Quintana

Mother: Juanita Martinez

Name: Refugia Quintana

Birth: 6 Jan 1865 Texas, USA

Death: 26 Jun 1935 San Antonio, Bexar, Texas, USA

Father: Jose FLORES

Mother: Maria Antonia Munos

Name: Maria Magdalena Quintana

Birth: abt 1901 New Mexico

Death: 15 Dec 1983 New Mexico

Father: Pedro QUINTANA

Mother: Maria Juana Lucero

Name: Estanislad Tanislado Quintana

Birth: 15 Jul 1920 Agua Negra, Mora, New Mexico Territory

Death: 12 January 1998 New Mexico, United States of America

Father: Faustin Quintana

Mother: Adelina Gonzales

Name: Lucia Quintana

Birth: 16 June 1903 Colorado

Death: 2 April 1977 La Jara, Colorado, USA

Father: Apolonio Quintana

Mother: Maria Garcia

Name: Ray Quintana

Birth: abt 1902 New Mexico

Death: Mar 1981 Denver, Adams, Colorado, USA

Father: Luciano Quintanna

Mother: Refugio Trujillo

Name: Helen Quintana

Birth: abt 1921 New Mexico

Death: 10 Apr 1995 Las Vegas, San Miguel, New Mexico, USA

Father: Benigno Quintana

Mother: Rita Garcia

Name: Andres Quintana

Birth: 20 Oct 1908 New Mexico

Death: 15 Sept 1974 New Mexico

Father: Benigno Quintana

Mother: Rita Garcia

Name: Michel Quintana

Birth: 5/08/1909 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho, USA

Death: 8 May 1981 Homedale, Owyhee, Idaho, USA

Father: Emeterio Quintana

Mother: Sabina Aspiri

Name: Adela Quintana

Birth: 1915 El Paso, El Paso, Texas, USA

Death: 15 Aug 2008 Whittier, California, USA

Father: Francisco Quintana

Mother: Maria Margarita Lopez

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