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Results for "quine"

Name: Bernice J Quine

Birth: 21 Jan 1901 Painesville Lake Co OH

Death: 2 Sept 1965 Lake County Memorial Hosp-East

Father: Chalmers Lamar Quine

Mother: Helen Hovey

Name: John Quine

Birth: 16 DEC 1798 Arderry, East Baldwin, Braddan, Isle Of Man

Death: 27 JUL 1888 Surby, Port Erin, Isle of Man

Father: John Quine

Mother: Mary CRELLIN Quine

Name: Bonnie Cleora Quine

Birth: 20 Aug 1901 Arkansas

Death: 25 Mar 1988 Pine Bluff, Jefferson Co. AR

Father: Lot Larbert Quinn

Mother: Sarah Alice Worthen

Name: Cloyd R Quine

Birth: 6 November 1881 Akron, Ohio

Death: Feb 1967 Summit, Akron, Ohio, USA

Father: Robert Stanford Quine

Mother: Katherine Motz

Name: Harry Hartwell QUINE

Birth: January 29, 1883 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Death: 20 Mar 1928 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Thomas Quine

Mother: Emily Margaret Cubbon

Name: George F. Quine

Birth: abt 1887 Minnesota

Death: 23 JUN 1958 Wilkin County, Minnesota, USA

Father: William Richard Quine

Mother: Catherine Craig

Name: Thomas Quine

Birth: Nov 1851 Scotland

Death: 8 October 1931 Coal Creek, Fremont, Colorado, USA

Father: Richard Quine

Mother: Margaret Faragher

Name: Richard wight Quine

Birth: 15 July 1908 Denver, Colorado, USA

Death: 23 Sep 1975 Orange, California, USA

Father: Harry Hartwell Quine

Mother: May Wight

Name: Mary An Quine

Birth: 1838 Maughold, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Death: March 1893 Lonan, Isle of Man

Father: John Corkill

Mother: Margaret Corlett

Name: john Quine

Birth: abt 1818 Conchan, Isle of Man, Isle of Man

Death: Sep 1899 Conrhenny, Onchan, Garff, Isle of Man

Father: John Quine

Mother: Mary Gelling

Name: John QUINE

Birth: Bef. 01 May 1796 Arbory, Rushen, Isle of Man

Death: Bef. Jul 03, 1839 Grenaby, Rushen, Isle of Man

Father: Henry Quine

Mother: Margaret Elizabeth Clucas

Name: Amanda M Quine

Birth: 1840 Missouri

Death: 1874 Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri, USA

Father: William Goolsby QUINE

Mother: Lucy Roberts

Name: Hildegard M Quine

Birth: Jul 1891 Ohio

Death: Aug 1987 Roseburg, Douglas, Oregon, USA

Father: George Albert Brown

Mother: Mary Ellen Hinkle

Name: Thomas Quine

Birth: 6 Mar 1835 Ohio, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1929 Painesville, Lake, Ohio, United States

Father: James QUINE

Mother: Jane Ferris Gawne

Name: F Morgan Quine

Birth: abt 1894 Louisiana

Death: 8 Jan 1975 Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

Father: Reuben Denham Quine

Mother: Ida Hamilton

Name: Edith Mae Quine

Birth: 15 September 1910 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, USA

Death: 8 March 1973 Gardena, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: Claude Quine

Mother: Jewell Nix

Name: Elizabeth Quine

Birth: 4 Apr 1797 Mann, Bedford, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1854/03/16 Nauvoo,Hancock,Illinois,USA

Father: John Quine

Mother: Mary CRELLIN Quine

Name: James S. Quine

Birth: 9 Oct. 1831 Malew Landward, Rushen, Isle of Man

Death: 08 Oct 1893 Little Falls, Morrison County, Minnesota, USA

Father: John Quine

Mother: Elizabeth Quirk

Name: Douglas Quine

Birth: 21 July 1931 Washington, United States of America

Death: 12 Oct 2007 Spokane, Spokane Washington USA

Father: Marguerite Kathryn Quine

Mother: William Henry Quine Jr

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