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Name: Anne Quill

Birth: 8/20/1924 Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA

Death: 9/10/2007 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Father: William Dermoth Quill

Mother: Ann Francis McTiernan

Name: Francis Quill

Birth: Sep 1875 Pennsylvania

Death: 9 Jan 1918 Wilmington

Father: Daniel T Quill

Mother: Julia Lynch

Name: William Quill

Birth: abt 1885 Ireland

Death: 14 June 1956 Jefferson, Kentucky

Father: Daniel David Quill

Mother: Ellen McAuliffe (Quill)

Name: Edward J Quill

Birth: 21 January 1865 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA

Death: 9 February 1940 Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA

Father: Timothy Quill

Mother: Sarah Houlihan

Name: Margaret E Quill

Birth: 6 Oct 1883 Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: May 1980 Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Michael T Quill

Mother: Annie M Donahue

Name: Catherine Quill

Birth: 10 Sep 1865 Kilgarvan, Kerry, Ireland

Death: 12/31/1942 Inwood, Manhattan, New York City

Father: Daniel Quill

Mother: Isabella Healy

Name: Timothy J Quill

Birth: 08 Dec 1872 Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 5 Apr 1956 West Chester, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Cornelius Quill

Mother: Mary Jane Obrien

Name: Ruth Ann Quill

Birth: 25 Nov 1924 Wilmington City, New Castle, Delaware

Death: 25 May 2007 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Father: Oscar Thomas

Mother: Agnes Harkins

Name: Mary A Quill

Birth: abt 1892 Massachusetts

Death: 05 May 1984 Rochester, Monroe, New York

Father: Dennis William Quill

Mother: Mary Josephine Guinivan

Name: Leonard John Quill

Birth: 5 Apr 1925 Indiana

Death: 6 Feb 1998 Greenwood, Johnson, Indiana, USA

Father: Thomas Edwin Quill

Mother: Margaret Henrietta Quill


Birth: Jul 12 1829 Balvourney, Cork, Ireland

Death: 20 Mar 1899 Delaware, USA

Father: Timothy Quill

Mother: Hannah Joan O'SULLIVAN

Name: Mary Quill

Birth: About 1865 Massachusetts

Death: 30 Oct 1926 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Father: Arthur Monahan

Mother: Mary Campbell

Name: Edward Quill

Birth: 21 Sep 1904 Terrell, Kaufman, Texas, United States

Death: 21 Oct 1970 San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA

Father: Daniel James Quill


Name: Dennis H. Quill

Birth: Aug 1859 Illinois, United States

Death: 27 Sep 1931 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States

Father: Maurice Quill

Mother: Mary Hickey

Name: Edward Joseph Quill

Birth: Jul 1895 New York

Death: Feb 1979 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Edward Joseph Quill

Mother: Alice Monica Desmond

Name: Daniel Francis Quill

Birth: 16 Jul 1891 Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts

Death: 17 Aug 1962 Newburyport , Essex , Massachusetts

Father: Michael Francis Quill

Mother: Florence Perkins

Name: Gardner C Quill

Birth: 15 Mar 1924 Massachusetts

Death: 13 Apr 1988 Frederick, Frederick, Maryland, USA

Father: Jeremiah John Quill

Mother: Ada Lillian Souther

Name: Jeremiah Francis Quill

Birth: 27 Sep 1879 Erwin, Steuben, New York, USA

Death: 30 Oct 1948 Rochester, New York, USA

Father: Daniel Joseph Quill

Mother: Brigid Agnes McCluskey

Name: Stephen Ronald QUILL

Birth: 26 Dec 1929 New York

Death: 16 Dec 1995 Auburn, Cayuga, New York, USA

Father: James Dennis Quill

Mother: Lillian Veronica WHIFFEN

Name: Daniel David Quill

Birth: Abt. 1835 Tralee, Kerry, Ireland

Death: 10 Mar 1899 Louisville, Kentucky

Father: Daniel Quill

Mother: Catherine Canty

Name: Abigail Quill

Birth: abt 1904 Other Country

Death: 17 Sep 1982 San Gabriel, Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Father: Patrick Quill

Mother: Bridget Cronin

Name: Geo Quill

Birth: 16 Sep 1883 Cook, Illinois, United States

Death: Nov 1968 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Dennis H Quill

Mother: Catherine Collins

Name: John Quill

Birth: September 16, 1896 Chicago, IL, U.S.A.

Death: 26 July 1981 Schaumburg, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Dennis H Quill

Mother: Catherine Collins

Name: Dennis F Quill

Birth: 1865 Ireland

Death: 9 May 1911 Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Father: Timothy QUill (mar. to Lynch)

Mother: Honora LYnch

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