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Results for "quigg"

Name: Grant Quigg

Birth: 24 Feb 1873 Missouri

Death: 1 April 1933 Lincoln County, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: John R McQuigg

Mother: Sarah J Wolgemuth

Name: Ruth Marie Quigg

Birth: 25 May 1909 Sopchoppy, Wakulla co FL

Death: 14 Jan 1996 Tallahassee, Leon co FL

Father: Jesse Marion Quigg

Mother: Georgia Elizabeth McKenzie/Quigg

Name: Mabel E Quigg

Birth: abt 1890 Illinois

Death: 03 APR 1963 Illinois, USA

Father: John S Quigg

Mother: Martha Lannin

Name: William D Quigg

Birth: 2 Mar 1838 Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 19 June 1904 Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Henry Quigg

Mother: Elizabeth Gunsenhauser

Name: Elizabeth May Quigg

Birth: 29 May 1887 Waltham, Massachusetts

Death: July 1973 Spring Valley, Rockland, New York, USA

Father: James Henry Quigg

Mother: Mary Ann Fagan

Name: William H Quigg

Birth: 1841 Indiana

Death: 9 Nov 1918 Richmond, Wayne, Indiana

Father: Joseph Quigg

Mother: Lydia Swain

Name: John Leland Quigg

Birth: 1906 Rossville, York County, New Brunswick

Death: feb 25,2003 Benton, Kennebec, Maine, USA

Father: Perley John Quigg

Mother: Minnie Mayfield Davidson

Name: Edward Quigg

Birth: 04 Sep 1896 Marshall, Indiana, USA

Death: 7 February 1986 Vermilion, Lorain, Ohio, USA

Father: Charles Lee Quigg

Mother: Erma May Goldsmith

Name: William Bartine Quigg

Birth: 30 May 1877 Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 17 Mar 1910 Bridgeport, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Andrew Quigg

Mother: Jane Devenney

Name: Joseph Quigg

Birth: Nov 1861 New York

Death: 9 May 1929 Schenectady, Schenectady, New York, USA

Father: James Smyth Quigg

Mother: Annie E. Norman

Name: Robert John QUIGG

Birth: 4 Apr 1847 Ireland

Death: 1913 Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James Smyth Quigg

Mother: Nancy Smitto

Name: Evelyn Quigg

Birth: 1 Apr 1923 Fulton, Oswego, New York, USA

Death: 24 Feb 2017 Fulton, Oswego, New York, USA

Father: Raymond Arthur Quigg

Mother: Eva Lula Pitcher

Name: Irvin Quigg

Birth: 14 May 1872 Pennsylvania

Death: 26 Nov 1949 Royersford, Montgomery, PA

Father: John Quigg

Mother: Elizabeth Wick

Name: James F Quigg

Birth: 22 Jun 1890 Pennsylvania, United States

Death: Oct 1979 Dewey, Washington, Oklahoma, United States

Father: James Ray Quigg

Mother: Edith Belle Detrick

Name: Catherine Quigg

Birth: 30 Oct 1888 Pennsylvania

Death: 15 May 1991 Richmond, Georgia

Father: Robert James Quigg

Mother: Jane Cameron Smythe

Name: Margaret A Quigg

Birth: 3 Aug 1909 Pennsylvania

Death: 26 Aug 2004 Cedarbrook, Lehigh Co., PA

Father: Samuel Quigg

Mother: Mantana Herring

Name: John Wesley Quigg

Birth: 1 March 1849 Hickory County, Missouri, USA

Death: 2 August 1917 Whitman County, Washington, USA

Father: John Wesley Quigg

Mother: Hannah Bartshe

Name: Buford Freeman Quigg

Birth: 15 MAY 1874 Illinios, USA

Death: 06 Jun 1933 Minier, Tazewell, Illinois

Father: John Freeman QUIGG

Mother: Harriet Sheets Quigg

Name: Catherine Quigg

Birth: 28 Jun 1805 East Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1886 East Coventry, Chester, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Quigg

Mother: Elizabeth H Rhoads

Name: Sarah Quigg

Birth: Mar 1835 Ireland

Death: 20 Nov 1913 Macon, Macon, Missouri, USA

Father: James MORGAN

Mother: Mary NEARY

Name: Walter J. Quigg

Birth: abt 1930 Massachusetts

Death: 8 Oct 2000 Onset , Cape cod, MA

Father: William A Quigg

Mother: Helen Burns

Name: Henry F Quigg

Birth: 13 Jun 1873 Waltham

Death: 24 Apr 1915 Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Father: William A Quigg

Mother: deborah elizabeth wallace

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