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Name: Claude O Pinch

Birth: 28 Jun 1882 Olivet, Eaton, Michigan, United States

Death: Sep 1960 Volusia, Florida, United States

Father: Benjamin William Pinch

Mother: Mary Alice VanGeison

Name: Gordon Pinch

Birth: 23 Oct 1922 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 16 Mar 2006 Beaver Dam, Dodge, Wisconsin, USA

Father: George William Pinch

Mother: Phyllis Gwendolyn Randall

Name: William Pinch

Birth: 30 Dec 1815 St Mabyn, Cornwall, England

Death: 9 Dec 1884 Rosendale, Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John Pinch

Mother: Mary Pinch

Name: john morley pinch

Birth: 1812 Middlesex london

Death: 1895 London, London, England

Father: Narcissus Moorshead Pinch

Mother: Elizabeth Morley

Name: Catherine Pinch

Birth: Aug 28 1853 Dent, Yorkshire, England

Death: Jan 12 1918 Kent County, Ontario, CAN

Father: Christopher Pinch

Mother: Eleanor Middleton

Name: Frederick J Pinch

Birth: Jun 1869 St Germans (dist)

Death: 27 Jun 1944 The Laurels, Ford Park Road, Plymouth, Devon

Father: John Pinch

Mother: Louisa Clara Adams

Name: Lavinnia M. Pinch

Birth: abt 1885 California

Death: 29 MAR 1956 Sacramento Co., California


Mother: Lavinia Hooper

Name: Reuben Knight Pinch

Birth: 27 February 1849 St Austell, Cornwall England

Death: 27 Nov 1911 Delaware, Iowa, United States

Father: Elias Pinch

Mother: Catherine 'Kitty' Knight

Name: Richard Pinch

Birth: 7 Aug 1833 Liskeard, Cornwall, England

Death: 4 Mar 1918 Hornellsville, Steuben, New York, United States

Father: Richard Pinch

Mother: Charlotte Pinch


Birth: 24 Apr 1867 Gray County, Ontario, Canada

Death: 17 Apr 1952 Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Father: John Pinch

Mother: Mary Ann Smith


Birth: 13 Oct 1923 Bryn Mawr, Delaware, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 28 Jun 2002 Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina, United States of America

Father: William Pinch

Mother: Florence Rosamond Abernethy

Name: Magdalena Pinch

Birth: 11 NOV 1890 Konigsberg, East Prussia

Death: 22 Feb 1979 Gibson Twp, Washington County, Indiana, USA

Father: Herrmann Friedrich Pinsch

Mother: Heinriette Auguste Kehlert

Name: Florence V Pinch

Birth: 12 Mar 1900 Iowa, United States

Death: 22 May 1978 Bellevue, King, Washington, United States

Father: Arthur Pinch

Mother: Josephine Bishop***

Name: Bessie Elizabeth Pinch

Birth: September 14, 1913 Prairieburg, Linn County, Iowa

Death: December 27, 1979 Marion, Linn County, Iowa

Father: Richard Owen Pinch

Mother: Mable B. KNAPP Pinch

Name: William Pinch

Birth: 4 Mar 1763 St Columb, Major, Cornwall, England

Death: 2 Jan 1830 Roche, Cornwall, England

Father: John PINCH

Mother: Jennifer 'Jane' Jenkins

Name: George William Pinch

Birth: 21 March 1884 Wisconsin, United States of America

Death: November 1968 Rosendale, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: George William Pinch

Mother: Martha Searle

Name: Pearse, Reverend Pinch

Birth: 24 Dec 1850 Polbrook, Cornwall, England

Death: 22 Dec 1929 Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA

Father: William E... Pinch

Mother: Jane Hamley

Name: Edward Pinch

Birth: 10 September 1864 Wales

Death: 23 March 1937 Greenville, Mercer, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: William Pinch

Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Bonham

Name: Elias Pinch

Birth: 28 Aug 1819 Woodpark, Cornwall

Death: 28 Jul 1903 Epworth, Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Father: Joseph Pinch

Mother: Ann Payne

Name: Fredrick. Pinch

Birth: 1873 Roche, Cornwall, England

Death: 07 Oct 1958 Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan, USA

Father: William Pinch

Mother: Jane Guard

Name: Elizabeth "Betsy" Pinch

Birth: Jan 1823 St Austell Cornwall England

Death: 17 May 1901 Molinnis, St Austell, Cornwall, England, Treverbyn, Cornwall, England

Father: John Pinch

Mother: Miriam Dyer

Name: Mary Pinch

Birth: 1812 St Kew, Cornwall, England

Death: 1 Jan 1894 Hope Twp, Durham East, Ontario

Father: Richard Pinch

Mother: Mary Pinch

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