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Name: Hannah Pilling

Birth: Abt 07/1855 Hollingworth, Cheshire, England

Death: Abt 12/1925 Ashton, Lancashire, England

Father: William Pilling

Mother: Sarah Ann Barker

Name: Emaline Pilling

Birth: Jul 1838 Keeseville, Essex, New York, USA

Death: 1904 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, United States

Father: George Pilling

Mother: Susan Camplain

Name: William PILLING

Birth: 20 Sep 1802 Finny Cote, Hawkshaw Lane, Lancashire, England

Death: 16 Apr 1883 Bury, Lancashire, England

Father: Samuel Pilling

Mother: Alice C Bridge/Pilling*

Name: Anne Pilling

Birth: 1810 Shuttleworth Bury Lancashire

Death: October 1897 Bury, Lancashire

Father: John Pilling

Mother: Betty Spencer

Name: james pilling

Birth: 1820 Ashton in Makerfield

Death: Apr 1885 Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

Father: John Pilling

Mother: Ann Cunliffe

Name: ,Ann Pilling

Birth: 18 DEC 1898 Haydock

Death: 04 Sep 1937 Lancashire, England

Father: James Pilling

Mother: Mary Dean


Birth: 25 Jun 1837 Warrington, Lancashire, England

Death: between 1891 & 1901 Chorlton, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: James Pilling

Mother: Elizabeth DELOOZE

Name: Glenn DeWayne Pilling

Birth: 16 Aug 1948 Pittsfield, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 5 Jun 2009 South Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Glenn Dewayne Pilling

Mother: Mary Frances Cahalan

Name: william pilling

Birth: 14 Aug 1837 Staley Bridge, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

Death: Jun 1915 Manchester, Lancashire, , England

Father: Squire Pilling

Mother: Mary Ann Bould

Name: Currea Pilling

Birth: abt 1869 Southport, Lancashire, England

Death: 1945 Blackpool, Lancashire, England

Father: William Pilling

Mother: Catherine Halliwell

Name: James Henry Pilling

Birth: 28 Nov 1847 West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Death: 8 September 1908 Walton, West Derby, Liverpool, Lancashire

Father: Joseph Hugh PILLING

Mother: Ellen Hargreaves

Name: David PILLING

Birth: abt 1851 Ashton in Makerfield, Lancashire, England

Death: Jun 1929 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Father: James Pilling

Mother: Mary Fairhurst

Name: Bessie Pilling

Birth: 10 Nov 1870 Darlington, Lafayette, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 9 Mar 1974 Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado, USA

Father: John Pilling

Mother: Louisa Monahan

Name: Benjamin Pilling

Birth: 17 Apr 1829 Lower Lane Ashton in Makerfield

Death: 14 Feb 1893 Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: John Pilling

Mother: Ann Cunliffe

Name: john pilling

Birth: ABT 1827 Rochdale, Lancs

Death: 28 Apr 1891 Rochdale, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Father: James Pilling

Mother: Ann Pilling

Name: Abraham Pilling

Birth: January 1850 Huddersfield, Yorkshire West Riding

Death: Dec 1917 West Derby, Lancashire, England

Father: Isaac Pilling

Mother: Edith Smithies

Name: Daisy Della Pilling

Birth: 21 May 1875 Carroll, Indiana, USA

Death: 03 Nov 1905 Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana, USA

Father: Marion F Pilling

Mother: Mary A HEINY

Name: Catherine Pilling

Birth: 01 Apr 1854 Ashton in Makerfield

Death: c. Sep 1926 Wigan, Lancashire, England

Father: Thomas Ackers

Mother: Elizabeth Haselden

Name: Arthur S Pilling

Birth: abt 1918 Massachusetts

Death: 28 May 1984 Danvers, Ma

Father: George Edward Pilling

Mother: Lois Geneva Craig

Name: Franklin Stoy Pilling

Birth: 29 Mar 1903 Pennsylvania

Death: Abt 1986 West Palm Beach

Father: Zachariah Taylor Pilling

Mother: Clara M Sharp


Birth: abt 1858 Ashton, Lancashire, England

Death: Dec 1899 Chorlton, Lancashire,

Father: John PILLING

Mother: Ellen Gorner

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