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Results for "pewtress"

Name: Cyril Pewtress

Birth: abt 1898 England

Death: 22 JUN 2000 Carlsbad, San Diego County, California, United States

Father: Benjamin Earl Pewtress

Mother: Clara Elizabeth Cheshire

Name: Vance Ray Pewtress

Birth: 24 May 1918 Fillmore, Millard, Utah,United States

Death: 21 Jul 2008 Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States

Father: Harley Albert Pewtress

Mother: Isabelle Beckwith

Name: Martha Pewtress

Birth: 19 May 1847 Hedgeley, Staffordshire, England

Death: 23 Jul 1898 77 Southeby Road, Highbury Park, Islington, London, England

Father: Thomas Parkes

Mother: Mary Ann

Name: Myrtle Pewtress

Birth: Abt. 1933 Idaho

Death: 8 Jan 1979 Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

Father: Alvy M Evans

Mother: Lillian Mae Petersen

Name: Betty Jean Pewtress

Birth: 9 May 1938 Ogden, Weber, Utah, USA

Death: 10 Oct 2011 Hooper, Weber, Utah

Father: Frederick Neal Pewtress

Mother: Thelma Smith

Name: John Barber Pewtress

Birth: 15 Nov 1850 1678218, Sussex, England

Death: 24 Dec 1923 Canada

Father: Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Mary Chorley Challen

Name: John Norman Pewtress

Birth: 13 Apr 1934 San Diego, California

Death: 3 Nov 2010 El Cajon, San Diego, California

Father: Cyril Earl Pewtress

Mother: Edwina Martha Howerton

Name: Clyde Dale Pewtress

Birth: 24 Jun 1953 Ogden, Weber County, Utah

Death: 9 Jan 2011 Chino Valley, Yavapai, Arizona, USA

Father: Glen Frederick Pewtress

Mother: Myrtle

Name: Charlotte Elizabeth Pewtress

Birth: 1838 Sussex, England

Death: 8 Apr 1920 Brooklyn, New York, USA

Father: Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Mary Chorley Challen

Name: Stephen Pewtress

Birth: 31 Aug 1823 Newington Butts, Southwark, Surrey, England

Death: 1905 Islington, London

Father: Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Catherine WILMSHURST

Name: Thomas Leeson Pewtress

Birth: 03 May 1841 London

Death: 09 Aug 1920 Herne Hill

Father: Thomas George PEWTRESS

Mother: Margaret Hannah Baldwin

Name: John Barber Pewtress

Birth: 1851 BRENTFORD Middlesex England 3-28 JFM

Death: 1931 BOURNEMOUTH Dorset England 2b 247 JAS

Father: Ebenezer Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Mary Ann Norris

Name: Edmund PEWTRESS

Birth: 1820 Newington, London

Death: 21 Nov 1915 Lewisham, S London, England

Father: Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Catherine WILMSHURST

Name: josiah pewtress

Birth: 9 Aug 1846 Iping, Midhurst, Sussex, England

Death: 23 May 1912 Hertfordshire, England

Father: Benjamin Pewtress

Mother: Mary Chorley Challen

Name: Susan Pewtress

Birth: 23 Sep 1842 Newington, London, England

Death: 19 Nov 1904 Surrey, England

Father: Samuel Peach Pewtress

Mother: Susanna Elizabeth Appleton

Name: Mary Pewtress

Birth: Apr 1848 Dorstone, Herefordshire, England

Death: 1906 Hay, Breconshire

Father: William Pewtriss

Mother: Mary Ann Jones

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