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Results for "nolf"

Name: Adam B. Nolf

Birth: 30 Jul 1833 Armstrong Co, PA

Death: 10 Jan 1899 Redbank, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: John Nulph/Nolf

Mother: Sarah Reedy Nolf

Name: Lillian Isabel Nolf

Birth: 28 Dec 1880 Armstrong, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 26 Jul 1947 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Matthias Nolf

Mother: Anna Rebecca McCoy

Name: Fred A Nolf

Birth: 12 Oct 1914 Mississippi

Death: Mar 1979 Pascagoula, Jackson Co., Mississippi

Father: Alva Harrison Nolf

Mother: Nellie A Bond Nolf

Name: Alva Loretta Nolf

Birth: 1 Sep 1861 Putneyville, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania

Death: 4 Jan 1946 Driftwood, Cameron County, Pennsylvania

Father: Zachariah T Nolf

Mother: Esther Grim

Name: Matthias Nolf

Birth: 10 July 1854 Pennsylvania

Death: 16 May 1933 Venango, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: George G Nolf

Mother: Julia Ann Brown

Name: John Nolf

Birth: 30 Jun 1847 Red Bank, Clarion, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 6 Dec 1931 Summerville, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: Farion Faon Nolf

Mother: Susanna Thomas


Birth: 06 Apr 1879 Eddyville, Mahoning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 Sep 1950 Templeton, Pine Township, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: David C. Nolf

Mother: Sarah Sally Anthony- Nolf

Name: Augustus Clayton Nolf

Birth: 14 November 1891 Elizabeth, Wirt County, West Virginia, United States of America

Death: 28 June 1961 Claysville, Marshall County, Alabama, United States of America

Father: Augustus Carney Nolf

Mother: Mary Jane Schoolcraft

Name: Charles William Nolf

Birth: 1/21/1915 Somerset, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 23 Jan 1989 Ursina, Somerset, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Mark Nolf


Name: Kate Nolf

Birth: May 1874 Pennsylvania

Death: 4 Dec 1954 Fountain Hill, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Robert Nolf

Mother: Ellen M Hinkle

Name: Lavinia Nolf

Birth: 1865 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 APR 1931 Horton Twp, Elk County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: William Nulf

Mother: Matilda Ann Nulf

Name: Buford Udell Nolf

Birth: 10 July 1916 Mississippi

Death: Jan 1987 Moss Point, Jackson, Mississippi, United States

Father: Augustus Clayton Nolf

Mother: Hunter Luceina Cain

Name: John Cannady Nolf

Birth: 18 Apr 1863 Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania

Death: 23 Nov 1940 Leechburg, Gilpin Township, Armstrong, PA

Father: George G Nolf

Mother: Julia Ann Brown

Name: Peter H. Nolf

Birth: 1830 Pennsylvania

Death: 29 Sep 1912 Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Gasper Nolf

Mother: Margaretha Hetrick

Name: Floyd Louis nolf

Birth: 2 Mar 1931 Michigan

Death: 7 Nov, 1989 Cadillac, Wexford Co, Michigan

Father: Van Henry Nolf

Mother: Alice Agnes Freese

Name: Conrod Nolf

Birth: 14 Aug 1791 Nazareth, Northampton, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 2 May 1884 Buffalo, Butler, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: George Nolff

Mother: Susanna J Edelman

Name: Reuben Nolf

Birth: 30 Mar 1877 Corsica, Jefferson, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 3 January 1950 Hawthorn, Clarion Co., PA

Father: William M Nolf

Mother: Susanna Rinard

Name: Berkey Nolf

Birth: 26 Jul 1902 Eddyville, Mahoning, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 29 Sep 1965 Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States

Father: James Wilson Nolf

Mother: Lettie Fianna Wise

Name: Richard A. Nolf

Birth: 23 Feb 1920 Cuba

Death: 28 Jan 1994 Westbrook, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States

Father: Clyde A. NOLF

Mother: Edith G Bishop

Name: Benjamin Nolf

Birth: 25 Jan 1819 Forks, Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 10 Oct 1880 Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA, USA

Father: George Nolf

Mother: Lydia Dull

Name: George Alexander Nolf

Birth: 24 Dec 1879 Freemansburg, Northampton Co., Pennsylvania

Death: 18 Jun 1931 Allentown, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania



Name: Lucy Lucinda Nolf

Birth: 5 Jul 1857 Fox, Elk, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: 27 May 1928 Horton, Elk, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John Nulf

Mother: Rebecca Miles Green

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