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Name: Waneta Edeline Nicoson

Birth: 29 MAR 1917 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, United States

Death: 28 DEC 1968 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, United States

Father: Ernest Grant Nicoson

Mother: Estella Mae Purcell

Name: Elva Nicoson

Birth: May 1864 Indiana

Death: 1955 Carlisle, Sullivan County, Indiana, USA

Father: Samuel J. Nicoson

Mother: Martha Jane Miller

Name: Hazel Leilin Nicoson

Birth: 9 Aug 1893 Indiana

Death: 27 Nov 1975 Evansville, Vanderburgh, Indiana

Father: Daniel Grant Nicoson

Mother: Florence Lilly Bernhardt

Name: Dora Nicoson

Birth: 1880 Indiana

Death: 25 Sep 1941 Benton City, Benton, Washington, United States

Father: Amos Wesley Campbell

Mother: Mahala Palmer (Campbell)

Name: Harlan Wayne Nicoson

Birth: 10 Jun 1920 Saline, Clay Co., Indiana

Death: 15 Jun 1988 Port Orange, Volusia Co., Florida

Father: Arthur Laughlin Nicoson

Mother: Marian Beulah Rogers


Birth: 1888 Indiana,United States of America

Death: 1972 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Father: Jasper Newton Nicoson

Mother: Perline E Killion

Name: Armilda Belle Nicoson

Birth: 12 NOV 1896 Brazil, Clay Co., Indiana

Death: 14 APR 1976 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana

Father: Daniel Grant Nicoson

Mother: Florence Lilly Bernhardt

Name: Henry Nicoson

Birth: 6 Nov 1900 Clay County, Indiana, USA

Death: 30 April 1970 Brazil, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: James W. Nicoson

Mother: Mary Malinda Wright

Name: Mary Elizabeth Nicoson

Birth: OCT 1845 Putnam Co., Indiana

Death: 1924 Oakland, Coles Co., Illinois

Father: William J. Nicoson

Mother: Adaline Celestine Noah

Name: Sarah Elizabeth Nicoson

Birth: 29 JUL 1900 Clay, Indiana, United States

Death: 15 Jan 1998 Vernon, Wilbarger, Texas, United States

Father: James Newton Nicoson

Mother: Ida May Whetsel

Name: Nathon Wright Nicoson

Birth: Aug 1860 Indiana

Death: 1934 Clay, Indiana, United States

Father: William Morton Nicoson

Mother: Susan Maria Crabb

Name: Margretta Christina Nicoson

Birth: 1911 Indiana

Death: 23 Jun 1967 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Father: Charles Garfield Nicoson

Mother: Helen Rockliff

Name: Edgar Lewis Nicoson

Birth: 18 May 1888 Saline City, Clay, Indiana, USA

Death: 14 Feb 1939 West Creek, Vigo, Indiana, USA

Father: George Washington Nicoson

Mother: Prudence Stonebrook

Name: Mary Louise Nicoson

Birth: 8 Dec 1925 Indiana

Death: 11 Nov 2010 Terre Haute Regional

Father: Edgar Lewis Nicoson

Mother: Mary Estella Brill

Name: Bonnie Ruth Nicoson

Birth: 28 FEB 1901 Brazil, Clay Co., IN.

Death: 01 Jan 1964 Vancouver, Clark, Washington

Father: Charles Edgar Nicoson

Mother: Dora Campbell

Name: Everett A. Nicoson

Birth: 6 Aug 1896 Sugar Twp, Clay, Indiana, United States

Death: 11 Jul 1943 Indianapolis Veterans Hospital, Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana

Father: John Nicoson

Mother: Margaret Ella Akers

Name: Mattie D. Nicoson

Birth: 08 OCT 1870 Clay Co., Indiana

Death: 13 Apr 1936 Saline, Clay, Indiana, USA

Father: Isaac Newton Nicoson

Mother: Minerva Devore

Name: William E Nicoson

Birth: 24 Apr 1919 Sullivan County, IN

Death: 19 Oct 2000 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana

Father: Ernest Clifton Nicoson

Mother: Edna Watkins

Name: Reuben NICOSON

Birth: 9 OCT 1913 New Virginia, Warren County, Iowa

Death: FEB 1973 Lyon County, Iowa

Father: Arthur Charles Nicoson

Mother: Ethel Margaret Davis

Name: Harold T. Nicoson

Birth: 30 Jan 1913 Illinois

Death: 5 Aug 1983 New Castle, Henry, Indiana, USA

Father: Clinton Roy Nicoson

Mother: Nina Fay Brunson

Name: Bernadine Nicoson

Birth: 11 Aug 1919 Clay, Indiana

Death: 03 Sep 2005 Oakland, Coles, Illinois, USA

Father: Herman Everett Nicoson

Mother: Rosetta Pearce

Name: Ester L Nicoson

Birth: 29 SEP 1898 Clay City, Clay Co., Indiana

Death: 20 Oct 1977 Centerpoint, Clay Co., Indiana

Father: John Frederick Bullerdick

Mother: Clara Knoll

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