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Results for "naber"

Name: Garrett Naber

Birth: Jul 1855 Germany

Death: 27 JAN 1943 Bloomfield, NE

Father: Anton Gerhard Naber

Mother: Anna M Behrens

Name: Clem Anton Naber

Birth: May 1886 Iowa

Death: 8 May 1946 Dyersville, Iowa

Father: Henry G Naber

Mother: Josephina Noethe

Name: John Albert Naber

Birth: 21 Jun 1906 Newport, Kentucky

Death: 27 Jan 1989 Richmond, Wayne, Indiana, USA

Father: John Henry Naber

Mother: Mary Philomena Benham

Name: Marie NABER

Birth: 12 Jul 1898 York County, Nebraska, USA

Death: 17 Nov 1977 Waco, York County, Nebraska, USA

Father: Heinrich Fredrich Naber

Mother: Elizabeth STÄHR ( STAEHR )

Name: Anna Elizabeth Naber

Birth: 13 Feb 1894 Ohio

Death: 3 Sep 1965 Fort Loramie, Ohio

Father: Frank NABER

Mother: Frances Catherine Schiltz

Name: Garet George Naber

Birth: 25 Mar 1905 Kamrar, Hamilton, Iowa, USA

Death: 21 March 1990 Mason City, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, United States of America

Father: Gerit George Naber

Mother: Treantje "Kate" vanLengen

Name: Erna H Naber

Birth: 3 Sep 1907 Nebraska

Death: 18 August 2000 Atkinson, Holt County, Nebraska, United States of America

Father: John Naber

Mother: Meta Witte

Name: Francis Michael Naber

Birth: abt 1863 Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Death: 9 March 1938 Freeport, Stephenson County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Heinrich "Henry" Naber

Mother: Elizabeth Lizzie Kortendick

Name: Marian Elizabeth Naber

Birth: 23 Nov 1918 Richmond, Indiana

Death: 30 May 2007 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA

Father: Henry Bernard Naber

Mother: Elizabeth Rose McLaughlin

Name: Henry Dietrich Naber

Birth: 07 Dec 1876 Plum Hill, Washington, Illinois, USA

Death: 30 Jul 1953 Cook, Johnson, Nebraska, USA

Father: Christian Naber

Mother: Anna Maria Schwengels

Name: Mary Naber

Birth: 12 Jul 1884 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Death: 6 Dec 1918 Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio

Father: George Naber

Mother: Carrie Daniels

Name: Grace Unknown. Naber

Birth: 20 Sep 1890 Kamrar, Hamilton, Iowa, USA

Death: 31 May 1985 Charles City, Floyd, Iowa, USA

Father: Cornelius E Naber

Mother: Temkea van Lengen

Name: Emma Louise Naber

Birth: 19 Jan 1897 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio, USA

Death: 27 Nov 1975 Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry Naber

Mother: Sophia Puening

Name: Raymond NABER

Birth: 22 May 1918 York County, Nebraska, USA

Death: 03 Oct 2007 York, York, Nebraska, USA

Father: Burchard Henry Naber

Mother: Marie Staehr

Name: Louis John Naber

Birth: 13 Jul 1879 Wisconsin

Death: 1953 Illinois

Father: Heinrich "Henry" Naber

Mother: Elizabeth Lizzie Kortendick

Name: Bernard Naber

Birth: 30 September 1909 Ohio, United States

Death: 14 Mar 1979 Cleves, Hamilton, Ohio, United States of America

Father: Otto Charles Naber

Mother: Elizabeth Tallen

Name: Frank Henry Naber

Birth: 19 Jun 1862 Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 Apr 1943 Ft Loramie, Ohio, USA

Father: Gerhard Heinrich NABER

Mother: Theresa Greve

Name: Gerald Naber

Birth: 13 Oct 1908 Glandorf, Putnam, Ohio, USA

Death: 31 Aug 1996 Beavercreek, Greene, Ohio

Father: Bernard Henry Naber

Mother: Anna Mary Klippel

Name: William Naber

Birth: 27 jul 1898 Scribner, Dodge, Nebraska, United States

Death: Apr 1982 West Point, Cuming, Nebraska, United States

Father: Johann Naber

Mother: Catharine Sophie Johannes

Name: Vern Wally Naber

Birth: 25 August 1911 Ackley, Hardin County, Iowa

Death: 7 March 1999 Ocala, Marion County, Florida, United States of America

Father: Gerit George Naber

Mother: Treantje "Kate" vanLengen

Name: Harry G Naber

Birth: abt 1883 Indiana

Death: 11 Jul 1968 Alameda, California, USA

Father: Benjamin Naber or Nabor

Mother: Margaret Daugherty

Name: Rose Naber

Birth: abt 1935 New York

Death: 25 February 2013 East Aurora, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Clayton C Wittmeyer

Mother: Frances Catherine Schmitt

Name: Robert H Naber

Birth: 27 Dec 1920 Wisconsin, USA

Death: 5/1987 Wisconsin, Racine

Father: Aloysius Naber

Mother: Catherine Elizabeth Baumeister

Name: Donald Edward Naber

Birth: 4 July 1925 Wisconsin

Death: 6 JUN 2008 East Troy, Walworth, Wisconsin

Father: Joseph T. Naber

Mother: Emma Theresa Meyer

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