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Results for "milek"

Name: Rose Milek

Birth: 20 Aug 1886 Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 27 Aug 1977 Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Andrew Melik / Milek

Mother: Petronela Skroch

Name: Anne Josephine Milek

Birth: abt 1901 South Dakota

Death: 29 Jan 1973 Whitewood, Kingsbury, South Dakota, USA

Father: Frederick Milek

Mother: Margaretta Curran

Name: Martin Milek

Birth: 21 Feb 1866 Weisenan, Germany

Death: 07 MAY 1950 Mineola, Long Island, New York

Father: Joannes (John) Milek

Mother: Philippina Schuck

Name: John Joseph Milek

Birth: 21 Jun 1877 Siołkowice, Opolski, Poland

Death: 1950 Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Andrew Melik / Milek

Mother: Petronela Skroch

Name: Margaret Milek

Birth: abt 1880 Poland

Death: May 1979 South Windsor CT

Father: Jan Obara

Mother: Annie

Name: John Milek

Birth: abt 1906 Wisconsin

Death: 7 Oct 1968 Jamestown, Stutsman, North Dakota, USA

Father: Frank Milek

Mother: Frances Sonsalla

Name: Clifford M. Milek

Birth: 3 Jul 1915 Wisconsin

Death: 8 Jan 1993 Arcadia, Trempealeau, Wisconsin, USA

Father: John Milek

Mother: Frances Kampa

Name: Adah Milek

Birth: abt 1884 Wisconsin

Death: 17 Dec 1961 Ottumwa, Wapello, Iowa, USA

Father: Henry Riley

Mother: Sarah Garrity

Name: Theodore Milek

Birth: Nov 24, 1923 Detroit Wayne, Michigan

Death: 26 Oct 2007 Livonia, Wayne, Michigan, USA

Father: Jozef (Joseph) Milek

Mother: Anna Ziętara

Name: Mary Milek

Birth: abt 1907 Connecticut

Death: 13 July 2000 Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut

Father: Marcin "Martin" Milek

Mother: Magdelina "Margaret" Obara

Name: John Milek

Birth: Feb 1898 New York

Death: 17 Mar 1955 Mineola, New York, USA

Father: Martin J Milek

Mother: Henrietta J Baerenfaenger

Name: Arthur Milek

Birth: 29 Mar 1909 Thermopolis, Wyoming, USA

Death: 1960 Thermopolis, Wyoming, USA

Father: Francis Martin Milek

Mother: Katherine Clare Roach

Name: Hazel E Milek

Birth: 16 Feb 1891 Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Death: May 1983 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: Calvin Lewis Bonine

Mother: Lucy E Bunch

Name: LaVern Milek

Birth: 23 Apr 1939 Wisconsin

Death: 28 Apr 2017 Arcadia, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

Father: Clifford Michael Milek

Mother: Amelia M. Wozney

Name: Raymond Louise Milek

Birth: abt 1914 New York

Death: 27 Jul 2008

Father: Martin J Milek

Mother: Henrietta J Baerenfaenger

Name: Edward Milek

Birth: 1919 New Jersey

Death: abt 1950 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA

Father: Stanley Melek (Milek)(Malecki)

Mother: Rose Pych

Name: Antonie Milek

Birth: Abt. 1892 Slovakia

Death: 15 Jan 1932 La Grange, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Frantisek Malik

Mother: Franziska Malik

Name: BRENDA Lee Milek

Birth: 8 Oct 1964 Syracuse, NYDeath, Palm Bay, FLOrganizations

Death: 9 Feb 2015 Palm Bay, Brevard, Florida, USA

Father: Ernest Joseph Milek

Mother: Jeanette Ruth Fecca

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