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Name: Grace McQuinn

Birth: 04 AUG 1843 Wigtownshire, Scotland

Death: 5 Oct 1913 Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, , England

Father: James McQuinn

Mother: Ellen Pope

Name: JULIA ANN McQuinn

Birth: 21 Jan 1849 Breathitt, Kentucky, United States


Father: James M McQuinn

Mother: Margaret Stacy

Name: Mary Jane McQuinn

Birth: 12 May 1877 Peel, Ontario, Canada

Death: 2 May 1949 Port Colborne, 1654319, Ontario, Canada

Father: Robert McQuinn

Mother: Mary Jane Lonsborough

Name: James Basil McQuinn

Birth: 9 May 1860 Athens, Menard County, IL, USA

Death: 5 Feb 1945 Buffalo Hart, Sangamon County, IL, USA

Father: Birket J McQuinn

Mother: Nancy Martha Watson

Name: Matthew Grover McQuinn

Birth: 6 Dec 1898 McPaul, Iowa, USA

Death: 7 Dec 1965 Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska, USA

Father: George Brenton McQuinn

Mother: Emma Jane League

Name: Irvin McQuinn

Birth: 04 Jun 1880 Ky

Death: 8 DEC 1960 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio

Father: James Buchanan McQuinn

Mother: Laura Belle Carpenter

Name: Charles Ellot Mcquinn

Birth: 16 Dec 1878 Clinton,,Indiana,USA

Death: 20 May 1933 Forest City, Clinton, Indiana, United States

Father: John Thomas McQuinn

Mother: Sarah Crim

Name: Mary MCQUINN

Birth: abt 1840 Missouri

Death: 24 Sep 1914 Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon

Father: Alexander Hamilton McQuinn

Mother: Rebecca Enyart

Name: Andrew G. McQuinn

Birth: 1855 Nova Scotia

Death: 11 Oct 1923 Lapeer, Lapeer, Michigan, USA

Father: William McQuinn

Mother: Mary Jane Merson

Name: Emma Mcquinn

Birth: 25 AUG 1883 Gauge, Kentucky

Death: 18 APR 1957 Chattanooga, Oklahoma

Father: Reubin M McQuinn

Mother: Elizabeth Patton

Name: James Mcquinn

Birth: abt 1915 Kentucky

Death: 21 November 1992 Campton, Kentucky

Father: Logan McQuinn

Mother: Frances Banks

Name: Daisy B. McQuinn

Birth: abt 1909 Oklahoma

Death: 8 Sep 1997 Calumet, Canadian, Oklahoma, United States of America

Father: Harrison Irvin McQuinn

Mother: Olive Brinkley

Name: Agnes Bridget McQuinn

Birth: 1874 Tobercurry,County Sligo,Ireland

Death: 27 Mar 1959 Auburn, Cayuga, New York, USA

Father: John McGuinn

Mother: Bridget Gallagher

Name: Irene Iva MCQUINN

Birth: 29 Apr 1908 Clearfield, Cambria, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 02 Feb 2003 Fairfax, Fairfax City, Virginia, United States of America

Father: James Daniel McQuinn

Mother: Dora Lillian Hollen

Name: Catherine Mcquinn

Birth: 18 Aug 1875 Bartonville, Denton County, Texas

Death: 1 Sep 1960 Collin, Texas

Father: Simeon MCQUINN

Mother: Margaret Samatha BILES

Name: Lillie Belle MCQUINN

Birth: 18 Jul 1895 Missouri

Death: 14 May 1985 Mapleton, Lane Co., OR

Father: Feldon Thomas Mcquin

Mother: Mary Ann Benner

Name: Lizzie McQuinn

Birth: Mar 1866 Kentucky, United States

Death: 5 Jan 1929 Woodford, Kentucky, USA

Father: John McQuinn

Mother: Mary McQuinn

Name: Margaret McQUINN

Birth: 23 Mar 1885 Mcpaul, , Iowa, USA

Death: 21 Jun 1922 Thomas, Custer, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Dabner Theodore McQuin

Mother: Mary Belle Pope

Name: Jeptha A McQUINN

Birth: Aug. 10, 1818 Oldham,, Kentucky, USA

Death: 20 Oct 1904 Irvington, Johnson County, INDIANA

Father: Zeleck (Ezekiel) (McQueen) McQuinn

Mother: Elizabeth COONS

Name: Lora Etta McQuinn

Birth: 26 Apr 1882 Gentry, Missouri, United States

Death: 15 August 1963 Denver, Colorado

Father: James Braxton McQuinn

Mother: Eliza Canaday

Name: Martin Mcquinn

Birth: 13 Feb 1890 Conception, Missouri, USA

Death: Sept. 8, 1956 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: Maurice McQuinn

Mother: Ruth Jane Glass

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