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Name: Michael Mcglinchey

Birth: 1 Apr 1854 Bencher County, Derry, Ireland

Death: 7 January 1940 Philadelphia Ward 15, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Thomas McGlinchey

Mother: Mary McClosky

Name: Ellen Mcglinchey

Birth: 1847 Ohio, USA

Death: 1920 Brown, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas Ryan

Mother: Mary Walsh

Name: John J. McGlinchey

Birth: 05 Aug 1888 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 21 Jan 1947 Lowell, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Jeremiah McGlinchey

Mother: Ellen "Nellie" McConville

Name: Patrick McGlinchey

Birth: 1815 Ireland

Death: 29 APR 1888 Portland, Cumberland, Maine

Father: McGlinchy

Mother: Ann mcglinchey

Name: Charles Vincent McGlinchey

Birth: 26 Dec 1886 Whitestone, Queens, New York, USA

Death: 22 Sep 1942 Queens County, New York, USA

Father: Michael McGlinchey

Mother: Caroline Munson

Name: James A. McGlinchey

Birth: 28 Oct 1872 Pennsylvania

Death: 31 Mar 1945 Mayview, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: James McGlinchey

Mother: Margaret Burns

Name: Estelle Marie McGlinchey

Birth: 7 Jan 1915 New York City, New York, USA

Death: 19 Jan 2001 Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, USA

Father: Charles Vincent Mcglinchey

Mother: Ida M Veritzan

Name: Carmeline McGlinchey

Birth: 19 Feb 1850 Plymouth

Death: Mar 1928 Plymouth, Devon, England

Father: Cornelius McGlinchy

Mother: Mary Ann Varrander

Name: Mary Elizabeth McGlinchey

Birth: 19 May 1879 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death: 14 Jan 1960 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Joseph McGlinchey

Mother: Mary Mcglinchey

Name: Edward Elsworth Mcglinchey

Birth: 15 June 1881 Prairie, Franklin, Ohio

Death: 13 May 1963 Franklin, Ohio, USA

Father: Thomas McGlinchey

Mother: Susan Spring

Name: charles mcglinchey

Birth: 1904 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA

Death: 2/15/1982 Somerville


Mother: Isabella "Bella" Smith

Name: Robert Pawson McGlinchey

Birth: 6 Jul 1888 Whitestone, Queens, New York, USA

Death: 16 Jan 1955 Hempstead, New York, USA

Father: Michael McGlinchey

Mother: Caroline Munson

Name: Hiram Aubrey MCGLINCHEY

Birth: 16 December 1920 Presque Isle

Death: 19 May 1980 Ma

Father: Hiram Fillmore McGlinchey

Mother: Ferol Melissa MOOERS

Name: Gregory McGlinchey

Birth: 9 Oct 1918 Glasgow, Scotland

Death: 13 January 1988 Flushing, Queens, New York, USA

Father: Daniel McGlinchey

Mother: Christina Flynn

Name: Margaret J McGlinchey

Birth: 18 MAR 1852 Watertown, Massachusetts

Death: 20 Mar 1918 Watertown, Massachusetts, USA

Father: John McGlinchey

Mother: Catherine Travers

Name: Margaret 'Mag' McGlinchey

Birth: 29 Nov 1860 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1932 Richmond, Indiana

Father: Peter McGlinchey

Mother: Anna Maria Markey

Name: James Douglas McGlinchey

Birth: 8/10/1918 Maine

Death: 12 Jul 1976 Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Hiram Fillmore McGlinchey

Mother: Ferol Melissa MOOERS

Name: Catherine McGlinchey

Birth: 3 Mar 1841 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death: 22 Aug 1913 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: John McGlinchy

Mother: Sarah Ellen McGlynn

Name: Helen McGlinchey

Birth: 19 Sep 1902 Somerville, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA

Death: Feb 1979 Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Andrew McGlinchey

Mother: Mary Ellen Whalen

Name: John P. McGlinchey

Birth: 1873 Indiana

Death: Jul 1911 Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana

Father: Cornelius McGlinchey

Mother: Alice Moore

Name: Francis McGlinchey

Birth: 15 Mar 1920 New York

Death: 8 Jan 2008 Hudson, Pasco, Florida

Father: Francis McGlinchey

Mother: Edna Phanstiel

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