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Results for "maimon"

Name: Avraham Maimon

Birth: 1876 Brussa, Turkey

Death: 17 Jan 1931 Seattle, King, Washington (Bikur Cholim Cemetery)

Father: Jacob MAIMON

Mother: Cadoun Saydon

Name: Selma Hollander Maimon

Birth: 27 May 1907 Ohio

Death: 11 Mar 2002 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Henry Hollander

Mother: Nancy May

Name: Bernard Harris Maimon

Birth: abt 1929 Springfield, Illinois

Death: 28 Sep 2001 Skokie, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Morris Maimon

Mother: Yetta Kirman

Name: Rachel (Maymon) Maimon

Birth: 12 Aug 1915 Ródos, Dodecanese, Southern Aegean, Greece

Death: April 2000 Seattle, King, Washington, USA

Father: Abraham Maimon

Mother: Victoria Vida Franco

Name: Herbert Maimon

Birth: abt 1913 Pennsylvania

Death: 24 Sep 2000 Wynnewood, Montgomery, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Samuel Maimon

Mother: Lillian Schwartz

Name: Edward Norman Maimon

Birth: 04 Dec 1912 Philadelphia Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Death: 01 Nov 1991 Broward, Florida, United States

Father: Benjamin "Bennie" Maimon

Mother: Jannie 'Jennie' Frantz

Name: Harry Maimon

Birth: 30 Apr 1910 New York

Death: 4 May 1983 Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Father: Jacob Maimon

Mother: Massye Mollie Goldman Sherman Maimon

Name: Leo Maimon

Birth: 26 Jan 1906 Messina, Italy

Death: 1954 Washington DC, District of Columbia, USA

Father: Louis Leo Maimone

Mother: Josephine Abbote-Maimone

Name: Esther Maimon

Birth: abt 1909 Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Death: 1970 Maryland, United States

Father: Patrick O'Toole

Mother: Cora Lee Robinson (Great-Grandchild of DAR Patriot)

Name: Ethel Maimon

Birth: abt 1854 Romania

Death: 21 Feb 1928 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Leon Maimon

Mother: Malca Schechter

Name: Sarah Maimon

Birth: abt 1898 Romania

Death: 1953

Father: Max (Mordechai) Maimon

Mother: Sophia (Sari) Taingui

Name: Max Maimon

Birth: 1864 Romania

Death: 1906

Father: Leon Maimon

Mother: Malca Schechter

Name: Edward H Maimon

Birth: 18 Apr 1907 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: Not Available Philadelphia, PA

Father: Jacob Maimon

Mother: Regina Maimon

Name: Morton A. Maimon

Birth: abt 1933 Pennsylvania

Death: 24 March 2015 Pennsylvania

Father: Abram Marcus Maimon

Mother: Blanche Apfelbaum

Name: Joseph Maimon

Birth: 1901 Pennsylvania

Death: 10 Sep 1955 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: David Maiman

Mother: Fannie Talmage

Name: Rachel Maimon

Birth: 6 August 1923 Egypt

Death: 18 August 2010 New York City, New York, USA

Father: David Maimon

Mother: Regina Nada

Name: Joachim Maimon

Birth: 1881 Zwiahel (house number 52)

Death: 1942 Tluste Ghetto, Poland

Father: Majer (Mayer) Majman (Maiman)

Mother: Etie (Yetta) Majman (Maimon) (Weinraub)

Name: Michel Maimon

Birth: Mar 13, 1910 Samarqand, Samarqand, Uzbekistan

Death: 31 January 1989 Paris, Île-de-France, France

Father: Menashe Maimon

Mother: Genia "Yaffa" Alishaieff

Name: Rhoda Maimon

Birth: abt 1927 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 1 December 1997

Father: Benjamin "Bennie" Maimon

Mother: Jannie 'Jennie' Frantz


Birth: January 28 1912 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee, USA

Death: February 23 1984 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Father: Newman Maimon

Mother: Yita Rochel Kottler

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