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Name: Margaret London

Birth: 30 Jun 1856 Wisconsin

Death: 2 Mar 1923 Colome, Tripp, SD, USA

Father: Patrick Charles Langan

Mother: Bridget Hardy McCarthy

Name: Gertrude K London

Birth: 22 May 1902 Grant Co., Minn.

Death: 2 December 1985 Freeborn, Minnesota

Father: Hans K. London

Mother: Julia J. Rusley

Name: John London

Birth: abt 1850 Runham, Norfolk, England

Death: Sep 1924 Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Father: James London

Mother: Charlotte Larke

Name: Sarah E London

Birth: Dec 1845 Drayton, Middlesex, England

Death: October 1905 Brentford, Middlesex

Father: Robert London

Mother: Sarah Anne Haynes

Name: Benjamin London

Birth: Feb 1868 Canada

Death: 16 JUN 1943 Houlton ME

Father: Coles C London

Mother: Martha Esther Ducey

Name: Jennie London

Birth: 10 Jul 1905 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 7 Feb 1960 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Meyer Saltzman

Mother: Rose Silverstein

Name: Robert London

Birth: 1764 Chelsworth, Suffolk, , England

Death: July 1844 Chelsworth, Suffolk

Father: Robert London *

Mother: Hannah Haward

Name: Howard Houston London

Birth: 4 Sep 1918 Ruffin, Rockingham County, United States of America

Death: 22 Jan 2004 Eden, Rockingham, North Carolina, USA

Father: John London

Mother: Mary Ida French London

Name: Hugh J London

Birth: 11 Jun 1902 Ga

Death: 27 May 1982 Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, United States of America

Father: James W London

Mother: Della Jane Carter

Name: Rebecca London

Birth: 1814 Ohio, USA

Death: 15 November 1897 Maderia, Hamilton, Ohio, United States


Mother: Barbara Waldschmidt

Name: Wm. E. London

Birth: Abt 1832 Ohio

Death: 21 December 1891 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Father: Charles London

Mother: Anne Tanner

Name: William London

Birth: August 4, 1838 London, England

Death: 1898 Chicago

Father: William Sanford London

Mother: Elizabeth White

Name: John London

Birth: 12 Mar 1714 Warwickshire, England

Death: 18 Feb 1796 Warwickshire, England

Father: John London

Mother: Ann Godfrey Godsey

Name: Charles London

Birth: 24 May 1928 Montague, Montague, Texas, United States

Death: 09 Apr 2007 Elkhart, Anderson County, Texas, USA

Father: Leonard Earl London

Mother: Hazel Belle Maxberry

Name: Myrtle Irene London

Birth: 18 July 1921 Waverly, Humphreys, Tennessee, USA

Death: 9 Oct 2001 Dyer, Gibson, Tennessee, United States

Father: John Berlin Whitten

Mother: Tennesee Porter McGee

Name: Adeline London

Birth: 08 Dec 1887 James County, Tennessee

Death: 05 Dec 1970 Ringgold, Catoosa, Georgia

Father: John London

Mother: Mahala Adeline Edgeman

Name: James Leonard London

Birth: 30 Oct 1903 Tecumseh, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, United States

Death: 23 Apr 1977 Carson, Los Angeles, California, United States

Father: John Leonard London

Mother: Emma Frances Williams

Name: William Jay London

Birth: 9//3//1939 Kansas City, Clay, Missouri, USA

Death: 10/Apr/1970 Naha, Okinawa, Japan

Father: William Jay London

Mother: Emily Anne Allison

Name: Lucy London

Birth: Mar 1852 Burford, Brant, Ontario, Canada

Death: 29 May 1876 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA

Father: John London

Mother: Nancy Ayers

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