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Name: John F Lamon

Birth: 11 Mar 1854 Indiana

Death: 11 Feb 1922 Gibson County, Indiana, USA

Father: William Lewis Lamon

Mother: Anna Brown

Name: Martin D Lamon

Birth: 1906 Tennessee

Death: 08 Sep 1983 Harpeth Hills Cem, Newsom Station, TN

Father: Edward Allen Lannom

Mother: Isabelle Bilbro

Name: Aaron Lamon

Birth: 22 Feb 1820 Tennessee

Death: Jul 9 1895 Eckerty, Crawford, Indiana

Father: Samuel Lamon

Mother: Lydia Boothe

Name: John Lewis Lamon

Birth: 30 Oct 1882 Alabama, USA

Death: 13 Nov 1957 Decatur, Morgan, Alabama, USA

Father: Joseph Edward Lamon

Mother: Mary Jane Martin

Name: Glenn L Lamon

Birth: 12 MAR 1913 Oakwood, Leon, Texas, United States

Death: 8 FEB 2012 Palestine, Anderson, Texas, United States

Father: Alonzo Daniel Lamon

Mother: Mary Ethel Clabaugh

Name: Charles W LAMON

Birth: 6 Dec 1853 Manayunk, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: ABT 1926 Cleveland, Ohio

Father: Isaac B. Lamon

Mother: Jane B. Abbott

Name: Gracey Lamon

Birth: 23 Nov 1912 Louisiana

Death: 14 OCT 1992 Many, Sabine Pr., La. USA

Father: Noah Solomon LEMOINE (LEMONS)

Mother: Mollie Ingram

Name: Martha Alice Lamon

Birth: 19 Dec 1841 Winston, Alabama, United States

Death: 15 July 1887 Fall City, Winston County, Alabama, USA

Father: William L Lamon

Mother: Elizabeth French

Name: Ada Elma Lamon

Birth: 20 Jun 1901 Kearney, Missiouri

Death: 11 Apr 1981 Portland, Multnomah, Oregon, USA

Father: William Jackson Lamon

Mother: Cecil Lamb

Name: John Lamon

Birth: abt 1836 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Death: 12 Aug 1888 Algoma District, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada

Father: Dugald Lamont

Mother: Margaret Watkins

Name: John Calvin Lamon

Birth: 7 Oct 1948 Lamesa, Dawson, Texas, USA

Death: 08/12/2004 Hooks, Bowie, Texas, USA

Father: John Lamon

Mother: Miriam Amanda Sinclair

Name: Ruby L Lamon

Birth: 1916 Tennessee

Death: 1986 Sevierville, Sevier, Tennessee, USA

Father: Samuel Clements Lamon

Mother: Frances Ezalee Bradley

Name: Maud Lavonia Lamon

Birth: 8 Sep 1898 Alabama

Death: 11 Nov 1952 Buried in Sardis Cemetery (Old Tuscaloosa Road) Jasper, AL

Father: William Jessie Lamon

Mother: Julia Alice Sides

Name: Rachel M. Lamon

Birth: 21 February 1829 Pennsylvania

Death: 7 September 1896 Embarrass, Edgar, Illinois, USA

Father: Daniel S Lemon

Mother: Sarah Woodsworth

Name: Lydia Lamon

Birth: 25 May 1818 Washington County, Tennessee, USA

Death: After 1880 Tennessee

Father: Jacob Laymon (Lehman)

Mother: Catharine Sliger

Name: Billie J Lamon

Birth: 27 Nov 1926 Texas

Death: 25 Jun 1990 West Monroe, Ouachita, Louisiana, USA

Father: Edward Miller Lammons

Mother: Grace Turner

Name: Henry Thomas Lamon

Birth: 24 DEC 1860 Bates County, Missouri

Death: 01 JUL 1933 Castlewood , Hamlin County, South Dakota

Father: Isaac Newton Lamon

Mother: Louisa Jane Hatfield

Name: Annie May Lamon

Birth: abt 1883 Alabama

Death: 14 Jan 1962 Morgan County, Alabama, USA

Father: John Thomas Lamons

Mother: Frances Martin

Name: Amalie "Mollie" Lamon

Birth: 1888 Texas, USA

Death: 1963 Texas, USA

Father: Joseph William Lamon

Mother: Elizabeth Bartz

Name: Lester Charles Lamon

Birth: 8 Apr 1907 Solway, Minnesota, USA

Death: 7 Oct 1997 Bemidji, Beltrami County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Raleigh Lamon

Mother: Annie Maria Wiebusch

Name: David Dedrick Lamon

Birth: 12 May 1818 Tennessee

Death: 21 Feb 1904 Meade County, Kentucky, USA

Father: Emmanuel "Manuel" Lamon

Mother: Mary Madoline French ❣️

Name: Sarafina LAMON

Birth: 1 Apr 1831 Washington, Tennessee, United States

Death: 21 Nov 1915 Appleton City, St. Clair County, Missouri, USA

Father: Jacob Laymon (Lehman)

Mother: Catharine Sliger

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