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Results for "kroll"

Name: John Joseph Kroll

Birth: 19 Jul 1931 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 6 Jan 2006 Pinellas County, Florida, USA

Father: John Joseph Kroll

Mother: Anna Marie Kirstein

Name: Bernard Kroll

Birth: 13 Nov 1889 Nanticoke, PA

Death: 13 September 1963 GrandIsland Nebraska

Father: John Krall

Mother: Anna Hunt

Name: Eugenie M. KROLL

Birth: 3 January 1921 Secaucus, Hudson, New Jersey, USA

Death: 20 December 2010 Levittown, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Harry J Kroll

Mother: Georgine K Thies

Name: Edward J. Kroll

Birth: 23 September 1900 Vesta, Johnson County, Nebraska, United States of America

Death: 22 March 1998 Sterling, Johnson, Nebraska, USA

Father: Franz Krol

Mother: Catharina Graba

Name: Anthony Kroll

Birth: 5 Feb 1896 Winona, Minnesota, USA

Death: 14 Sep 1984 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: Mathias Kroll

Mother: Mariana Bartkowiak

Name: Joseph Kroll

Birth: 8 Feb 1886 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 2 Dec 1971 Batavia, Kane, Illinois, USA

Father: John Kroll

Mother: Katherine Furman

Name: Frances A Kroll

Birth: 13 Aug 1883 Banksville, PA Near or part of Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co.

Death: 25 Jun 1967 Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Martin G. Kroll

Mother: Katarina Catharine Janowski

Name: Henry Christof Kroll

Birth: 25 Jun 1887 Montague, Muskegon, Michigan

Death: Oct 1968 Montague, Muskegon, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Emil August KROLL

Mother: Johanna Lettau

Name: Anna Margaret Kroll

Birth: 23 Apr 1891 Olpe, Lyon, Kansas, USA

Death: 4 Mar 1988 Emporia, Lyon, Kansas, USA

Father: Vincent Kroll

Mother: Mary Traffas

Name: Johanna Margaret Kroll

Birth: 03 Oct 1870 Holstein Heide, Germany

Death: 16 Aug 1934 Boyden, Sioux Co, IA

Father: John Kroll

Mother: Margaret Jensen

Name: Elizabeth K Kroll

Birth: 8 December 1888 Missouri

Death: 27 Sep 1970 Brinktown, Maries, Missouri

Father: Thomas "Theodore" Kroll

Mother: Margaret LOETHEN

Name: Theresa Kroll

Birth: abt 1889 Wisconsin

Death: 1961 Dodgeville, Iowa, Wisconsin, USA

Father: Anthony "Anton" KROLL

Mother: Barbara Gessner

Name: Gustave Kroll

Birth: 10 Nov 1890 Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Death: 7 July 1982 Chalmette, Saint Bernard, Louisiana, USA

Father: Johann Krull

Mother: Louise Kroll

Name: Cecil Victor Kroll

Birth: 27 Jan 1916 Whitman County, Washington, USA

Death: 11 Nov 1989 Clarkston, Asotin, Washington, United States of America

Father: Edward William Kroll

Mother: Ellen Janke

Name: John Tony Kroll

Birth: 12 Nov 1902 Anderson, Grimes, Texas, USA

Death: 27 July 1966 Houston, Harris, Texas, USA

Father: Stefan "Steve" Kroll

Mother: Elizabeth "Lizzie" Wesolek

Name: Joe Kroll

Birth: 28 JUL 1898 Illinois

Death: August 1986 Chatsworth, Livingston, Illinois, USA

Father: William August Kroll

Mother: Tora Larsen

Name: Laura Augusta Kroll

Birth: 28 july 1913 Michigan

Death: 25 sep 2012 Montague, Michigan

Father: Frederich R Kroll

Mother: Anna Louise Fehrenbach

Name: Daniel Julius Kroll

Birth: 12 Mar 1850 Antonina, Posen, Germany

Death: 24 MAR 1929 Hayland, NE

Father: Friedrich Wilhelm Kroll

Mother: Caroline Schleusner

Name: Derrick Kroll

Birth: 1961 La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 18 Nov 2009 Onalaska, La Crosse, Wisconsin,

Father: John Gordon Kroll

Mother: Nancy A Troyanek

Name: Anna L Kroll

Birth: 07 May 1892 Hancock, Waushara, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 16 Jul 1984 Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA

Father: Jacob Kroll

Mother: Mary E. Sternberg

Name: Beatrice Elnora Kroll

Birth: 30 Dec 1908 Maryland

Death: 25 Oct 1993 Halethorpe, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

Father: Charles William Kroll

Mother: Mamie Wills

Name: Herbert KROLL

Birth: 17 Mar 1908 Charter Oak, Crawford, Iowa, USA

Death: 7 May 1994 Victorville, San Bernbardino, California

Father: Ernest Kroll

Mother: Mathilda Louise Bockelmann

Name: Amelia Kroll

Birth: 28 OCT 1889 Germany

Death: 28 MAY 1968 Portland Oregon

Father: Georg Hansen

Mother: Emilie Elise Topp

Name: Frederick Chas Kroll

Birth: 13 january 1909 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: January 1986 Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Albert Christian Kroll

Mother: Mary Therese McCue

Name: John F Kroll

Birth: 24 January 1908 Washington

Death: 23 Apr 1961 Tacoma, Washington, USA

Father: Felix Joseph Kroll

Mother: Catherine "Katie" Konopka

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