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Name: Augustine Kall

Birth: 27 Aug 1863 Germany

Death: 17 Apr 1938 Wisconsin, United States

Father: John Bernard Kall

Mother: Mary Ann Kall

Name: Anna Kall

Birth: 30 Jun 1841 Indiana, United States

Death: 15 Aug 1903 St Wendel, Posey, Indiana, United States

Father: Philippus Kall Kallen

Mother: Gertrude Reiter

Name: Anne Kall

Birth: abt 1862 West Virginia

Death: 28 Jun 1932 Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Father: Johnson Kell

Mother: Margaret "Maggie" Dalton

Name: George Kall

Birth: 24 Apr 1885 Hamborg, Austria-Hungary (Brezovička, Slovakia)

Death: 2 Apr 1956 Ohio

Father: Martin Kall

Mother: Anna Kulka

Name: August Kall

Birth: 2 september 1859 Djupedal, Billingsfors, Älvsborg, Sverige

Death: 3 Jun 1926 Seattle, King, Washington

Father: Anders Andersson Kall

Mother: Agnetta Jonasdotter Anderson

Name: Walter V Kall

Birth: 28 January 1915 Moline Ill R, Illinois

Death: 3 Jul 1991 Olympia, Jefferson County, Missouri, USA

Father: Livgrenadier Verner Kall

Mother: Anna Sofia Eriksson

Name: Charles L. Kall

Birth: 21 Jan 1889 Ohio, USA

Death: 09 Nov 1966 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: August Kalinowski

Mother: Wilhemina (Minnie) Reikowski

Name: Lydia KALL

Birth: abt 1901 Kansas

Death: 1 Oct.1968 Dinuba, Tulare, California, USA

Father: Frederick Kall

Mother: Susana Zaretzki

Name: Donna Mae Kall

Birth: 1933 Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Death: 28 Oct 1999 Dubuque, Dubuque, Iowa, USA

Father: Theodore George Kail

Mother: Eunice Stacey

Name: Albertina Kall

Birth: 23 juli 1869 Bön, Torrskog, Älvsborg, Sverige

Death: 15 March 1940 Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, United States of America

Father: Eric Andersson Kall

Mother: Clara Sofia Magnusdotter


Birth: 5 Jan 1924 Verplanck, NY

Death: 20 Sep 1998 Mahopac Falls, Putnam, New York, USA


Mother: Mary Terressa Meehan

Name: Joseph Lawrence Kall

Birth: abt 1908 Ohio

Death: 17 Jul 1977 Parma, Cuyahoga, Ohio, USA

Father: Andrew Kall

Mother: Maria Polumsky

Name: Helen Mary Kall

Birth: 20 Sep 1908 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Death: 10 Aug 1986 Lakewood, Cuyahoga, Ohio

Father: George M Kall

Mother: Stephania Golias

Name: Lillian Kall

Birth: 27 aug. 1914 Illinois, USA

Death: 30 DEC 1991 Modesto, Stanislaus, California, USA

Father: GUSTAF Adolf Käll

Mother: Jenny Karolina Abrahamsson

Name: George R Kall

Birth: abt 1900 Pennsylvania

Death: Dec 1976 York, York, Pennsylvania, USA

Father: Charles Kramer Gibson

Mother: Marie Theresa Gibson

Name: Terence Kall

Birth: 29 Dec 1966 Duluth, St Louis, Minnesota

Death: 18 Apr 2010 Duluth, MN

Father: Joseph Kenneth Kall

Mother: Kay Amelia Koski Kall

Name: Laura B. Kall

Birth: abt 1878 Stevensburg, Kentucky, USA

Death: 10 Jan 1947 Jefferson, Kentucky, USA

Father: George Mack Karr

Mother: Melvina Reeves

Name: Joseph Kall

Birth: 28 Nov 1913 Philadelphia, PA, USA

Death: Apr 1978 Tucson, Arizona, USA

Father: Samuel Kall

Mother: Rebecca Zugerman

Name: Beatrice Christina Kall

Birth: March 27, 1911 Hazel Green, Grant, Wisconsin, USA

Death: February 20, 1986 Colona, Henry, Illinois, USA

Father: Augustin Kall

Mother: Wilhelmina Hartung

Name: Harold Kall

Birth: april 17 1914 New York city

Death: Jan 25 1995 Florida, USA

Father: Ysidor Kalmovitz

Mother: Emanuela Juppe

Name: Irene Kall

Birth: 09/23/1933 Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA

Death: 08/21/2014 Pinellas Park, FL

Father: John Kalinowski (Kall)

Mother: Terrie Segowaki

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