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Name: Marion Jelley

Birth: 9 Feb 1912 Pennsylvania

Death: 6 Nov 2000 Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Father: Harry Jelly

Mother: Sadie Brennan

Name: Susan Jelley

Birth: abt 1870 Dorchester, Ontario

Death: 14 Sep 1928 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Father: William Henry Jelly

Mother: Ellen Mahon

Name: James Christopher JELLEY

Birth: Sep 1883 Ohio

Death: 09 Jan 1935 Meade Co., S.D., USA

Father: Christopher H. Jelley

Mother: Eleanor Janie Garrison

Name: William Richard Jelley

Birth: abt 1841 Yorkshire, England

Death: btw 1910 & 1920 Buffalo, Erie, New York, USA

Father: Thomas Jelley

Mother: Elizabeth

Name: Vivian Jeanette Jelley

Birth: 13 Jun 1921 Woodhaven, New York

Death: 9 Dec 2005 Venice, Sarasota, Florida, USA

Father: Herbert Warren Jelley

Mother: Mildred Loretta Kley

Name: JANE Jelley

Birth: abt 1764 Surrey, England

Death: 17 Aug 1843 Leatherhead, Surrey, England

Father: James Jelley

Mother: Ann Edgeller

Name: Frank O Jelley

Birth: 5 Nov 1886 Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Death: 07 April 1965 Orillia, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Father: Edward Olander Jelley

Mother: Sarah H. Southorn

Name: Travasnih Rose Jelley

Birth: 28 June 1903 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio, USA

Death: 18 Jan 1987 Dayton, Montgomery, Ohio

Father: Edward Satyaprakash Jelley

Mother: Theodora Fisher

Name: Mildred C Jelley

Birth: 01 Jul 1905 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois USA

Death: 20 Dec 1968 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois USA

Father: Seth L Shinn

Mother: Mabel Ella McDowell

Name: Bonnie R Jelley

Birth: 21 Jan 1936 California, USA

Death: 06/03/2013 Nimbodi India

Father: George E Young

Mother: Rachel P Coffer


Birth: 7 Dec 1690 Shearsby, Leicestershire, England

Death: 7 December 1758 Shearsby, Leicestershire, England

Father: William Jelley

Mother: Mary Brookes

Name: Marie R Jelley

Birth: 15 Jun 1917 United States

Death: 3 Jun 1992 Indian River, Florida, United States

Father: Ferdinando Fred Marchitella

Mother: Carmela Menechino

Name: James JELLEY

Birth: 1813 Shere, Surrey, England

Death: 1871 England

Father: Thomas Jelley

Mother: Mary Rooke

Name: Harry Jelley

Birth: Feb 1893 New Jersey

Death: 18 Feb 1933 East Rockaway, Nassau, New York, USA

Father: Edwin W Jelley

Mother: Jessie Douglas

Name: Amos Jelley

Birth: abt 1860 New York

Death: 17 May 1915 Northampton, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Firmin Joyal dit Quercy

Mother: Eleanor Tinewater

Name: Edward Fisher Jelley

Birth: 6 Apr 1915 Indiana

Death: 16 Nov.1985 Capitola, Santa Cruz, California, United States of America

Father: Edward Satyaprakash Jelley

Mother: Theodora Fisher

Name: Late Harry Jelley

Birth: December 13,1889 Columbia, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Death: 28 Jul 1955 131 Bethel St, Columbia, PA

Father: John Hindes Jelly

Mother: Mary Ann Hall

Name: Rebecca Jelley

Birth: Mar 1841 Oakham

Death: 14 December 1901 Lincoln, City of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Father: Thomas Jelley

Mother: Rebecca Norton

Name: Frederick John Jelley

Birth: 12 Oct 1899 Illinois

Death: 18 Nov 1971 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, USA

Father: Frederick John Jelley

Mother: Ann Tothill

Name: James J. Jelley

Birth: 10 Jul 1893 Piqua, Miami, Ohio, USA

Death: Feb 1971 Ashland, Ashland, Ohio, United States of America

Father: John Harvey Jelley

Mother: Rosena Jane Mellott

Name: Joseph Rainer Jelley

Birth: 04 DEC 1808 St Johns Church, Coventry

Death: Oct 1887 Coventry, Warwickshire

Father: Charles Goodall Jelley

Mother: Sarah King Jelly

Name: Floyd Ellison Jelley

Birth: 11 Apr 1896 Glenwood, Mills, Iowa, USA

Death: 8 Jun 1927 Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri, USA

Father: Henson H Jelly

Mother: Adline Phillamce

Name: Bess Marion Jelley

Birth: 1 Mar 1893 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Death: 12 August 1986 Goshen, Elkhart, Indiana, USA

Father: Charles James Jelley

Mother: Jessie Jelley

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