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Name: Henry Jacob Jelle

Birth: 07 August 1885 Beaver Creek, Rock County, Minnesota, USA

Death: 11 Dec 1930 Beltrami, Minnesota

Father: Jacob Hjelle

Mother: Lena Hansen

Name: Julius Syverin Jelle

Birth: 26 Jul 1886 Seeely, Fairbault Co., Mn., USA

Death: Jun 1966 Rake, Winnebago Co., Ia., USA

Father: Lewis J Jelle

Mother: Ingeborg Isaksdatter Flo

Name: Alma Hildegard Jelle

Birth: abt 1866 United States

Death: Abt Apr 1950 Valhalla, Westchester, New York, USA

Father: Heinrich VON JELLE


Name: Clarence Lester Jelle

Birth: 14 May 1915 Minnesota

Death: 1980 Grygla, Marshall, Minnesota, United States of America

Father: John Alfred Jelle

Mother: Theodora Moe

Name: Ann Jelle

Birth: 22 Jun 1898 Fairbault Co., Mn., USA

Death: 12 May 2002 Burnsville, Dakota Co., Mn., USA

Father: Lewis J Jelle

Mother: Ingeborg Isaksdatter Flo

Name: Theodore Oliver Jelle

Birth: 02 MAR 1901 Minnesota

Death: 8 December 1977 Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, USA

Father: Elias (Hjelle) (Hjodio) Jelle

Mother: Lena Hansen

Name: Astrid Olsdatter Jelle

Birth: 23 Feb 1850 Jelle Farm, East Blue Mounds, Dane Co., Wisconsin

Death: 2 July 1939 Daleyville, Perry Township, Dane County, Wisconsin

Father: Ole Julsen Jelle

Mother: Marie Knudsdatter Syverud

Name: Edward Jelle

Birth: 8 Apr 1892 Faribault, Minnesota, United States

Death: 28 February 1960 Pennington County, Minnesota, USA

Father: Jørgen Lassesen Hjelle

Mother: Eli Gronfur

Name: Russell Vernard Jelle

Birth: 16 February 1914 Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 10 Nov 2006 Mount Horeb, Dane, Wisconsin

Father: Norman Otto Jelle

Mother: Tilda Rosine Tollefsen

Name: Alma L Jelle

Birth: 22 May 1900 Seeley, Fairbault Co., Mn. USA

Death: 17 Oct 2003 Mesa, Maricopa Co., Az., USA

Father: Lewis J Jelle

Mother: Ingeborg Isaksdatter Flo

Name: John Cornelius Jelle

Birth: 24 Apr 1885 Seely, Faribault Co., Mn., USA

Death: 08 July 1965 Faribault Co., Mn., USA

Father: Lewis J Jelle

Mother: Anna Jacobsdatter Abrekke

Name: Ole Myer Jelle

Birth: 14 April 1887 Minnesota

Death: 09 DEC 1953 Garretson, Minnehaha, South Dakota, USA

Father: Jacob Hjelle

Mother: Inger Oliner Olson

Name: Robert Jelle

Birth: 11 May 1964 Blue Earth County, Minnesota, United States of America

Death: 8 December 2017 Dodgeville, Iowa County, Wisconsin, United States of America

Father: Lester Lamont Jelle

Mother: Althea Marjorie Hagerman

Name: Henry Ben Jelle

Birth: 1 Feb 1897 Wisconsin

Death: 08 Sep 1974

Father: Ole Julson Jelle

Mother: Berit Betsey Haakeness

Name: Anna Jelle

Birth: 20 December 1859 Norway

Death: 6 Jan 1895 Seely, Faribault, Minnesota, USA

Father: Jacob Antonsen Aabrekke Gytri

Mother: Gjertrude Andersdatter Myklebust

Name: Pearl D Jelle

Birth: 23 Jul 1922 South Dakota

Death: 02/04/1932

Father: Richard Melvin Jelle

Mother: Dorothy Johanna Nelson

Name: Leonard Clarence Jelle

Birth: 10 Aug 1906 S. D., USA

Death: 14 Aug 1987 Sherburne Co., Mn., USA

Father: John Cornelius Jelle

Mother: Ingeborg Alfson

Name: Gordon Everett Jelle

Birth: 30 May 1930 Jelle

Death: 25 August 2016

Father: Julius Henry Jelle

Mother: Olga Overby Jelle

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