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Name: James Grover Jason

Birth: 23 Nov 1917 Hopewell Township, IL

Death: 01 Jul 1976 Lacon, Marshal Co., Illinois

Father: James Grover JASON

Mother: Ellen Louisa Long

Name: Annie Jason

Birth: May 1858 Louisiana

Death: 10 Aug 1938 Evangeline, Louisiana, USA

Father: Charles Jason

Mother: Rebecca James

Name: Ellen Jason

Birth: 29 Sep 1894 Banner, Ill

Death: 29 Mar 1939 Hopewell, Marshall, Illinois

Father: Christian William Long

Mother: Ellen DONNELLY

Name: Sybil Jason

Birth: abt 1927 Cape Town South Africa

Death: 23 August 2011 Northridge, Los Angeles County, California, United States of America

Father: Hermann Michelson

Mother: Mary Jacobs

Name: B May Jason

Birth: abt 1884 Massachusetts

Death: 7 Sep 1960 Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA

Father: Manuel Bettencourt Sylvia ‘ Silva ’

Mother: Anna Gomes

Name: Lillian Beatrice Jason

Birth: 12 Nov 1902 Missouri

Death: 27 May 1985 South El Monte, Los Angeles, California, USA

Father: John William Lanham

Mother: Nancy Harbit

Name: Noel James Jason

Birth: 23 October 1924 Fiftysix Sto, Arkansas

Death: Apr 10, 2001 Fiftysix, Stone Co. AR.

Father: Jordan Edward Jason

Mother: Ina Mae Balentine

Name: Henry Julious Jason

Birth: 06 Dec 1914 Sonoma County, California

Death: 02 Dec 2012 Cowlitz, Lewis County, Washington, USA

Father: Henry Jason

Mother: Marian Roper

Name: John E Jason

Birth: abt 1907 Pennsylvania

Death: 16 Mar 1990 Pontchatoula, La

Father: Johán (John) Jaszány (Jason)

Mother: Theresa Jason (Jacen)

Name: Jesse W Jason

Birth: 5 December 1915 Massachusetts, USA

Death: 26 Jul 1982 Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts, United States of America

Father: Augusto J Pacheco Jason

Mother: Georgiana B White

Name: Bernice Bell Jason

Birth: 28 September 1908 Fisher, Champaign County, Illinois

Death: 03 May 1963 Lansing, Ingham County, Michigan

Father: Elmer Ellsworth Jason

Mother: Ella May Johnson

Name: John H. Jason

Birth: 5 Dec 1858 Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Death: 1919 Michigan, United States

Father: Sven Johan Jason

Mother: Anna Lovisa Sutherland

Name: Loretta Jason

Birth: 1896 New York

Death: 05/11/1964 East Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, USA


Mother: Clara Wood

Name: Hildegard Elizabeth Jason

Birth: 6 January 1917 Putnam, Ohio, USA

Death: 16 Oct 1993 Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Father: Herman F. Meyer

Mother: Pauline Karhoff

Name: Francis Frank Jason

Birth: 2 Nov 1872 California

Death: 10 November 1963 San Mateo

Father: Joseph (Joe/Jose) Jason

Mother: Mary Katen

Name: Frank Jason

Birth: 13 Jul 1887 Williamston, Ingham, Michigan, USA

Death: 15 May 1963 Williamston, Ingham, Michigan , USA

Father: John Herman Jason

Mother: Mary A Seigel


Birth: 1804 New York

Death: 25 Nov 1885 Lodi, Medina, Ohio, United States

Father: John Jason


Name: Forest Jason

Birth: 27 January 1912 New Haven twp Gratiot Co Michigan USA

Death: 16 Sep 1995 Carson City, Montcalm, Michigan, United States of America

Father: Elmer Ellsworth Jason

Mother: Ella May Johnson

Name: Charles Leo Jason

Birth: 1933 guatemala

Death: 2008 pensacola fl

Father: charles leo jason

Mother: María Luisa Cáceres Zavala

Name: August P Jason

Birth: 31 Oct 1873 Povoacao, St Michaels, Azores, Portugal

Death: 5 May 1950 Provincetown, Massachusetts, United States

Father: Augusto Jacintho Pacheco

Mother: maria ecarnacao pacheco

Name: Tracy Walter Jason

Birth: 18 Apr 1908 Lacon, Marshall, Illinois, USA

Death: 16 JAN 1993 East Peoria, Illinois, USA

Father: William Edward Jason

Mother: Rose Fitzgerald

Name: Florence Jason

Birth: 1919 New York

Death: 16 Dec 1973 Boston, Massachusetts

Father: Simon Jason

Mother: Sophia Clara Przestrzelska

Name: Nora M Jason

Birth: 23 Apr 1884 Malone, Franklin, New York, United States

Death: 19 Oct 1951 Malone, Franklin, New York, United States

Father: Charles Jason

Mother: Julie Lareau

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