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Name: Sidney Arthur Jamieson

Birth: 6 Nov 1883 Itawamba County, Mississippi

Death: 1955 Sweetwater, Nolan, Texas, USA

Father: Andrew Jackson Jamison

Mother: Cordelia Victoria Reed

Name: James Jamieson

Birth: Dec 1861 Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Death: 24 Mar 1921 Lanark, Lanark, Ontario, Canada

Father: George William Jamieson

Mother: Jane Rachel Watt


Birth: 23 Mar 1800 Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Death: 1874 Millburn, Lake, Illinois, United States

Father: Robert Jameson

Mother: Jean Mitchel

Name: Isabella Jamieson

Birth: 24 Apr 1816 Aberdour, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Death: 9 August 1906 Sandwick, Orkney, Scotland

Father: George Jamieson

Mother: Barbara Wilson

Name: Mary Ethel Jamieson

Birth: 18 December 1891 Punxsutawney, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania, USA

Death: 25 May 1962 Cedar City, Iron County, Utah, USA

Father: Miles Diehl Jamison

Mother: Margret Jane Hall

Name: Charles H Jamieson

Birth: May 1860 Maine

Death: 10 Sep 1931 Bandon, Coos, Oregon

Father: Hugh Jamieson

Mother: Julia Ann Dickinson

Name: Charles Alison JAMIESON

Birth: 20 Jan 1891 Maine, U.S.A.

Death: 21 April 1973 Presque Isle, Maine, U.S.A.

Father: Hugh Jamieson

Mother: Grace E Reed

Name: Charlotte Rose Jamieson

Birth: 1915 Colorado, USA

Death: 7 July 1982 Colorado, USA

Father: Ira Weston Enke

Mother: Bertha A Elwell

Name: James JAMIESON

Birth: Feb 1855 Scotland

Death: 15 Feb 1916 Akron, Ohio

Father: George Alexander Jamieson

Mother: Mary Ramsay

Name: Isabella A Jamieson

Birth: 22 Dec 1863 London, England

Death: 09 March 1912 Poplar, London, England

Father: John Burdon Jamson

Mother: Henrietta Clayden


Birth: Jul 1853 Thornlie, Renfrew, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Death: 31 Oct 1931 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA

Father: David Jamieson

Mother: Margaret Young

Name: Arloa Bell Jamieson

Birth: 16 May 1907 Fowlerville, Livingston, Michigan, USA

Death: July 1983 Kaysville, Davis, Utah, United States

Father: Albert Edward Jamieson

Mother: Florence Jamerson

Name: Alexander Wallace Jamieson

Birth: 18 Mar 1923 Evanston, Cook, Illinois, USA

Death: 10 Dec 2010 Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado, USA

Father: Alexander Jamieson

Mother: Kathleen Mary Galavan

Name: Elizabeth JAMIESON

Birth: 14 MAR 1841 Berwick, Northumberland

Death: 21 MAY 1878 Berwick, Northumberland

Father: Christopher Jamieson

Mother: Margaret Young

Name: James D Jamieson

Birth: abt 1905 Oregon, USA

Death: 02 May 1994 Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon

Father: James Bell Jamieson

Mother: Nellie Helen Hall

Name: William Jamieson

Birth: 04 Nov 1806 Dumphreeshire, Scotland

Death: 23 July 1887 Hullett, Huron, Ontario, Canada

Father: Gavin Jamieson

Mother: Jean Young

Name: Walter T. Jamieson

Birth: 1862 New York

Death: 22 Mar 1940 Orlando, Orange, Florida, USA

Father: Thomas Jamieson

Mother: Partridge

Name: Hazel Marie Jamieson

Birth: 18 Mar 1918 Wisconsin

Death: May 08, 1985 Huron, Beadle, SD

Father: Thomas Oyen

Mother: Dena Henryetta Olson

Name: Janet Jamieson

Birth: 14/02/1782 Carriden, Midlothian, Scotland

Death: 29/07/1869 Coldingham, Berwick, Scotland

Father: William Jamieson

Mother: Margaret Donald Polmont

Name: Annie Mary JAMIESON

Birth: abt 1865 Brampton, Cumberland, England

Death: 23 MAR 1934 Mytholmroyd

Father: George Jamieson

Mother: Jane Johnston

Name: Alexander Jamieson

Birth: 19 August 1867 Birkenhead, Cheshire, , England

Death: 1941 Birkenhead, Cheshire, , England

Father: Alexander Jamieson

Mother: Margaret Ogilvie


Birth: 1 Jan 1825 ontario

Death: 21 Jan 1911 Cato, Montcalm, Michigan, USA

Father: Daniel Jamieson

Mother: Elizabeth Stoker

Name: Kate E Jamieson

Birth: May 1873 New Brunswick

Death: 1951 Connecticut , USA

Father: Alexander Jamieson

Mother: Emeline Wetmore

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